both ends of the spectrum.

when it comes to finger nail polish, i'm sort of an extremist. i either rock black nails or barely there nudes. i have strayed a bit by including shades of gray and some super dark browns. i do wear brighter color on my toes, but for some reason, i just like a clean hand. i recently bought sally hansen's complete salon manicure in shell we dance. it's supposed to have all five steps in one bottle - base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and topcoat. at two coats it's just enough color to cover the natural nail with a slight pink tone, although three coats would be best. it's supposed to have a top coat, but the finished result was a little flat and i'll probably add a clear gloss on top of that. best part about this is the brush. it covers my nail in one sweep, and it's rounded...which makes sense.


  1. Very pretty :) I tend to go for bright colors, but I might try this one out!

  2. That's a gorgeous colour. I've been attracted to the nail polish colours sold by American Apparel... their colours are really mute, but pretty =] Check them out if you haven't!

  3. Love the colour!! I'm like you, pretty neutral on my hands and bright on my feet (except that i never tried black nails hehe)

    x x


  4. @ cicy - didn't know AA had polishes! i'll have to check them out!

    @ gertrude - it all started with black nailpolish on halloween, which never came off after that!


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