the confession.

casey at blonde bargain babe commented that she was glad i was getting so much wear out of these shoes. i do love them, but truth is, i haven't had the guts to take them in the house. a certain family member likes to keep track of my purchases, and these blocks of wood will not go unnoticed no matter how hard i try to hide them. so, they have a semi-permanent home in my car. that said, i sometimes leave the house in slippers hoping that the danys will match whatever i'm wearing. and sometimes i change into them just because.

still figuring out this top. i love its details - the big collar, the rear buttons, and the gathering on the sides.
tried it once as a shirt here. left it open like a jacket today.
(dress, f21; top, eden in love; shoes, jessica simpson via endless.com)


  1. How funny, I totally can relate. My mum always wants to know whats in my shopping bags when I get home, so I find them in my hand bad if they can if, lol. You look lovely as always x

  2. The outfit is sooo cute! I also have those same shoes and love them!

  3. It sucks when someone is always keeping the track of wherever you bought! I also hide things haha you look so cute I love it! Mua!

  4. Great shoes...oh, what we do for fashion :).

    *** luckynumber3.com ***

  5. If I could walk in those... I'd show them to everyone (even people who turn their nose up) lol
    Unfortunately, I suck at heels :(
    Oh well... I'll admire yours!! <3

  6. hahaha I have to hide purchases from my husband! I love those shoes, they look great on you!
    <3 Kastles

  7. Love ur style!
    And exactly, i also love animalprints and it'll never get out of fashion.


  8. Love LOVE those shoes!! I'd steal them if I saw them. :P
    I have a pair of leopard print wedges and I'm scared to show them to my mom. She'll get scandalized. :D

    You look great, like always.

    Thanks again for the blog award!

  9. I can relate to hiding purchases! haha :) but yeah, those platforms are killer- I don't blame you!


  10. Thanks for your comment (: I really like your shoes, they're gorgeous!

    Happy newyear,

  11. I had someone who was always keeping track of my purchases too. So I divorced him! HA!
    Those shoes are awesome and they make your legs go on forever. I'm jealous. :)

  12. such a great cardigan! love the heels as well

  13. beautiful dress! Happy New Years! ^-^


  14. Hi hun, can you please tell me your name so I can mention you when I thank you for passing the stylish award on to me. Thanks, x

  15. Great outfit, I love your shoes! x

  16. great shoes, wish i could wear them 8->

  17. Great outfit! Love the pattern on your dress!

  18. Can relate with that.:) Most of the time if I've noticed I have frequent purchases I will keep in my closet for a week or so then when using it, my husband will tell me oh your wearing is new and I will told him..ah hmm no I purchase it long time ago...haha it's not that he will hold me to shopping but sometimes I find myself guilty shopping too much as I required to myself..but sometimes can't resist the temptaion..Oh that's gurl stuff!


  19. Damn those shoes are high! You are a brave woman.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  20. Lovely outfit :-D and thanks for the comment!
    PS: you have amazing legs, you're very lucky LOL


  21. What fab shoes, I love them! I love the dress too.


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