mini-he started preschool this week...again.
he went to preschool last year and absolutely hated it. he's going to a new school this year and i was feeling apprehensive about the transition...not just for him, but for me as well.
as i expected, he certainly put up a fight.
it's a struggle to get his clothes changed, then to put his shoes on, then to get into the car, then to get inside the preschool gate, then for me to leave...GAH.
as for me, i'm having to plan and make lunches the night before, and trying to get to bed sooner so that i can wake up two hours earlier than i have been.

that said, something had to give, and it's my prep time in the mornings. with only 20 minutes to get myself ready, i've been reaching for top + bottom, relying on the "toppings" to add oomph to my mundane wardrobe this week...
kind of like the icing on a red velvet cupcake.

(pants, urban outfitters; top, f21; watch, YoT via ideeli; purse, nine west (gift))

check out more pictures from my blogger meet-up:


  1. Your toppings are amazing. You've got a nice stash of accessories to brighten up your amazing wardrobe!!! :) That necklace is gorgeous, and I love the color of that watch!

    I love red velvet cupcakes. I'm not a pastry person, really, but I have a special weakness for red velvet cupcakes. Have you had red velvet froyo? SOOOO delish.

    Sorry to hear your son's having a hard time adjusting to preschool. I'm sure the unease will subside soon :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. LOVE THE LOOK!!!!! very chic
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  3. Hi! I loved the swap lots of fun! it would be nice to do it more often! I love your outfit for a mother on the go you are doing an amazing job!



  4. love how you refer to your accessories as toppings! so cute. xx

  5. i love your "toppings" and they really make the outfit! the sequins on that clutch are so pretty!

    cute & little

  6. The leopard sequins clutch is adorable and the red velvet cupcake is now making me hungry! I don't know how you do it...blog and be a mom! You certainly look fantastic and hopefully the school year will get better!

  7. Beautiful outfit and pretty accesotyies!! ^^

    God bless you!!


  8. that watch is awesome...so bright!!



  9. haha- is the cupcake the way you bribed mini-he to school?

  10. I'm not sure how it is to be a mom, but I have a pretty full load with four dogs and work and yes it's like you have to prep everything the day before. That's why I said blogging is my savior away from the real world... love the pants and the accessories! Hope mini-he starts to enjoy pre-school even though he has no choice lol

    Have a good week love!

  11. seriously such a chic outfit, i love the trousers. and omgg, i want red velvet cupcakes noww!! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  12. I love this necklace with the white button up, and those pants are so fabulous. I wouldn't have known you had less time to get ready, because you still look wonderful. I really hope he likes his new school, that would be stressful!

  13. Your outfit still looks 'oomph'-worthy even in 20 minutes time. And that red velvet cupcake looks delish!

  14. Great photos!

  15. love those pants......and of course who doesn't love red velvet?! just gotta say thanks so much for alllll of your awesome comments. you totally rule. much love!!

    ash <3


  16. You look fantastic! I really like those pants!
    And that cupcake looks sooo yummy! I wish I had one right now!

  17. I always love your accessories :) I hope mini he likes his new school :)

    Love, Vanilla


  18. Aww, I hope he settles into his new school better. Its would make your life and his much happier. I love that watch, so cool! xoxo

  19. aww so sweet hope he likes school this year :)i like the breezy feel of ur top, and the neon watch!! yummy red velvet!

  20. You look fab for only having 20 minutes to get ready! Those pants are gorgeous.

    When Miss M started preschool it was the opposite, she just smiled and waved goodbye. I was the one who cried and had a REALLY hard time! I also cried when both girls went to kindergarten.

  21. Aww, he doesn't want to be away from his mom :) Sucks it's such a tough thing to do though! I really missed my parents in preschool and kindergarten, I carried a teddy bear around with me for comfort XD

    That red velvet cupcake looks sooo good!

  22. The basic!

    One White shirt!

    Perfect Look

    Xoxo Chipless by Dave

  23. You look so chic! :) Happy Friday xxx

  24. Your "toppings" are perfection! My girl started preschool full time at the end of May and she loves it. Of course she never was one to have separation anxiety, which is nice but kinda hurts my feelings sometimes :o) Oh well, we are switching preschools in a week (to a new one that's a 1/2 mile from our house as opposed to the one 15 miles away that she goes to now) so the transition period could be good or bad, you just never know. Either way mornings can be tough - especially now that she's almost potty trained, she loves to sit and read on the potty in the mornings - lol!

  25. Even with only twenty minutes, you still look amazing!! Love the slouchy look of your blouse and cuffed pants. Seriously, I just love your style!

    Your poor little guy. I'm dreading when we have to switch my Little Guy from his current preschool to the one he'll be in for K-5. It must be hard on them to be thrown into a new place with new faces. =( But I think they adjust quickly! I bet yours will be making friends and loving it soon!

  26. super chic look! and my little man is starting his first year of preschool too this fall and I'm not happy! lol ;)


  27. For only having 20 min to get ready you look damn HOT! I really like your colorful watch. Oh and if you wanna send me part of that red velvet cupcake who am I to say no?!

  28. My wedding cake was red velvet! Now I want some...

    You look great, especially for getting ready on the fly. Love the pants especially....

  29. I love how you wear this look. The cropped pants look amazing on you and the sheer lightweight shirt is such a pleasant contrast to the tweady pants

  30. I like how you've rolled up the pants and front-tucked the shirt. Styled to perfection!

  31. i love the symbolism! what a fun way to look at fashion and getting ready. it also sort of makes me hungry. :) good luck to you and your little one! i used to teach preschool and kindergarten, so i know how difficult it can be. just know that often times kids get distracted and have fun after you leave, even though you as the parent won't get to see it. i had one little boy who was very much against going to preschool. it took him a little over a month, but he eventually began to adjust. by the end of the year he was begging for school not to be over. i hope you can find ways to help yourself in the meantime though! it's so hard to see your kids upset like that.

  32. Love the trousers! You look really great for only having 20 minutes to get ready :-)

  33. love the look! the handbag is amazing and that cupcake looks so delish

  34. I'm loving that necklace. I love large statement pieces, but that one is very unique. And the watch gave it the right pop of color!

    Good luck with mini-him. That seems pretty rough. I'm sure you guys will get back into the swing of things in no time!

    I can't wait to see more of your Hilo meet up! One day (soon), we will have a O'ahu one! Whoop-whoop!

  35. And now I really, really want a cupcake. And maybe that gorgeous watch.

    Hope things settle down for you soon :)

  36. Gorgeous outfit & that's so stupid for mini-he...

  37. Love your bright colored watch and the red velvet cupcake looks delish!


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