six down six to go.

june is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - check! at least once a week.
exercise - walked a lot with foxy brown and the minis,
hiked twice.
girl time - check! class reunion with the girls and
lunch with a friend.
 read - still working on the hunger games.
one-on-one mini time - check! hiked with mini-she,
beach with mini-he.
try something new - check! hiked makapu'u lighthouse trail,
ate at koa pancake house, tried hair extensions.
fix laptop - nope.
organize posts - check! caught up on a few reviews for
lash genius, bobby glam hair extensions, and see and be seen, BUT this recap is late...oops!

haven't had a pop tart in years!
(shorts, guess (similar); top, old navy; cardigan, f21; shoes, nine west (buy))

how was your june? what's up for july?


  1. Okay, for one your cardigan is absolutely adorable! And two, I haven't had a pop tart in forever either... and now I'm craving one like crazy!

  2. Sounds like you were able to stick to your resolutions which is awesome!! I absolutely love the leopard and stripes together in your outfit. The bright yellow is unexpected with the leopard print but I realllly like it!

  3. Oh WOW! Your second picture is full of a good vibe and I'm loving it <3
    Nice colors and nice resolutions of the month.

    See you :)

  4. Love your cardigan! SO bright and summery. I've been wanting to buy some Pop Tarts for a while now, haven't had them in years! Maybe that will be one of my July resolutions :) Well done with sticking to yours.

  5. I really need to set some goals for July! The months are just flying by and I feel like I don't get much accomplished. This is the perfect way to cross some things of my list!
    And those brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts... yuck! Eric loves that kind!

  6. Awesome resolutions hon! Love the combo! Have you watched Hunger Games or waiting to finish the book first?


  7. Congratulations on sticking to your resolutions!
    I love the mix of stripes with leopard print.

  8. Super cute Rebecca! I really love the yellow stripes and leopard blouse! And it sounds like you are moving through your resolutions splendidly--good for you! I don't know that I've fully kept even one. Woops.

  9. what a nice outfit! I love the jewelry.. I actually posted yesterday a look with a leopard print as well!

  10. Yellow stripes with leopard--unexpectedly awesome! Love the second photo of you. Beautiful.

  11. OMG leopard & yellow stripes!!!!!! So in love & I love your sunglasses

    xo Jackie

  12. Aren't you all movie-star-ish! Can I have your autograph, please?!

  13. Ironically, I was chewing on a pop tart as I read your post!

  14. Love this look! I've been seeing some cute animal print tops at jeans warehouse, i usually don't shop there because i find that the sizing is smaller, but i might give some a try on.

    looks like you're on track with your goals! keep up the good work!!

  15. Adorable as always! I heart the yellow and white striped sweater! Hey, good job on the NY's resolutions! I need to check up on mine! -Jessica


  16. I'm going to copy the leopard + yellow stripes look. Hope you don't mind :O)

    1. please do...i'd love to see it!!

  17. Love the leopard with the stripes! Great combo!

  18. That leopard top looks amazing with the stripes! Love it! Great look!

  19. Gorgeous cardigan :) Glad your resolutions are going well! :)

    Love, Rachel

  20. you look great! July is the best month and your leopard printed shirt totally shows off the mood of this time of year!

  21. Wow, you look amazing. Love that great leopard top. I've been doing pretty good at my resolutions too. Still have a few that could use some work though.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  22. You are on fire with those resolutions, Becks! And this outfit is AMAZING. I love the bright stripes + leopard!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  23. ooooh I love the leopard print on the white shorts. really cute!


  24. Looks like you are doing great on your resolutions.
    Stripes + leopard = adorable...Love your blog, following!
    xo Annie

  25. The pattern clashing is great! Well done on keeping your resolutions!

  26. The cardigan is beautiful! i like how you styled it :))

    Big kiss,

  27. it's so cool that you are keeping up with/keeping track of your resolutions! and great outfit :)

  28. You did well with your resolutions, and the post is not at all late!
    Love your cardigan! :)

  29. I love the leopard print and stripe combo! That cardigan may be one of my favorites, ever...

  30. You are doing so good on your resolutions. It kinda makes me sad that I didn't have any. Keep going girl!
    Loving this look! The leo print with the bright stripes is fascinatingly awesome!

  31. love you in yellow! i so cannot wear it and just love it. and pop tarts. yum

  32. ok, this maybe my favorite EVER! loving the combo of prints and the second photo with the wind blowing you hair?! AMAZING!! Love this outfit!


  33. I enjoy everytime I read your resolutions checklist. Good to know you're still on the track.Love how you incorporate your yellow stripe cardigan to a leopard top, you've done a good result.:)

  34. Love the leopard and yellow stripes together! So much fun!

  35. you did great! i love the pic of the wind blowing in your face. Fabulous leopard top! :D


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