lost and found.

those who follow me on instagram know that [my sister's dog] bear gave us quite a scare the other night. he ran away from home. if you met bear, you'd know that he is the sweetest, friendliest dog. he comes to the office every single day and, in a way, has become everyone's pet. there were reports that he was picked up by a brown van, and with no collar, tag, or chip at the time, we weren't sure he'd return. still, we combed the neighborhood till dark and posted fliers at 11pm. a sleepless night and many of my sister's tears later, she got the call. someone found bear walking around a nearby school.

i've been trying to find a classic red flannel for some time now. this one may not be the classic one, but it has studs...which make it even better.

mini-he pointed out that my spikes were missing their tips.
bear...home again.
(shirt, gojane; leather shorts, urban outfitters; jacket, thrifted)

try this look:


  1. Ooooo Becks, I LOVE THIS LOOK! You look fabulous! I want to try to recreate it... I may have to "steal" a plaid shirt from the Pirate. hehehe. :)

    So glad that Bear was returned to you guys!!! I can't imagine how I'd feel if Pooma ever went missing. I'm be a wreck.

    Well, girl, I hope you're enjoying your Friday!! Yippee the weekend is here. Any fun plans?

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Glad you were able to find Bear. He his a beautiful dog.
    Cute outfit. And hey, who says studs aren't classy?

  3. Thank goodness you found him! It is so nerve wracking when a pet goes missing! Love those shorts--I have 'em in brown! ;-)

  4. I nearly cried when I saw your instagram post. I'm so glad he's home safe!

    xo Jackie

  5. Oh, those leather shorts! I'm swooning. And pairing them with the beautiful red plaid is perfect.

    Nothing scares us more than a lost puppy. Been there.

  6. OMG Becca, loving EVERYTHANG about this outfit!! I'm so into studded flannels, military jackets and pleather!! My mom said she loves your flannel :P

    Btw, super glad Bear came back! :)



  7. glad you guys found Bear :) i love your flannel top love the red and your leather shorts are so cuteee and your shoes!! love this outfit Becca :D

  8. Aww what a cute dog! I'm glad bear was found! Love your red top! :)


  9. I am so glad you guys found Bear!! I would be devastated if Mr. Duke ran away, soo scary!!!
    I love the outfit, the plaid and leather is perfect together!!! What a great fall outfit

  10. OH Bear! Thank goddness he was found. I was really worried. I wished I could've done more, but I'm glad that he was found. I bet he had a blast. Well, I'm not hoping for a next time, but if anything happens, I'm willing to canvas with you guys. Just lmk and I'll be there!

    I'm loving the flannel with the leather pants. Very chic! Well, you are always chic!

  11. I'm loving the flannel and leather shorts. Sorry to hear about the little scare with your dog. Glad to know you found him again. Cheers to the weekend! =)

  12. Yay. So happy you found Bear. He is super cute. Shame on him for causing a scare.

    Lovely shirt and shorts. Very casual and fun.

    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  13. Absolutely love the outfit. So glad to hear you found Bear and he's safe, such a cute dog!

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  14. So happy to hear you found Bear! :) You look great btw.


  15. Very cool look, love the shorts.

  16. love your boots and shorts,so cute combination! xooo

  17. un look espectacular! tas guapisima

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

  18. This outfit is just fantastic. Your flannel shirt is awesome and I am in love with the leather shorts. Such a cool edgy look! I wish I had a flannel shirt like yours!

  19. Glad bear came home safe!

    I love the outfit. It's cool and laid back. The leather short takes it to another level

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  20. I'm glad you found him in the end.
    You look great in this outfit! Love your booties.

  21. I'm really glad you found Bear.:) That red top is a beauty.:)


  22. So glad to hear that you found bear!! I can just imagine how crazy the fam must've been!

  23. i'm so glad they found him! such a pretty dog! cute shorts becks :)

  24. I did see that on instagram! So glad you found him.
    Know that if I had your coloring, I would wear red every.single.day

  25. Flannel with studs! How cool!


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