day to night.

if i know i'm going to be out all day, sometimes all i need is a pair of shoes to take an outfit from day casual to nighttime appropriate. and a jacket in case it gets chilly.

a few [oomph.] updates...
earlier this month, shareaholic partnered with rafflecopter to bring over 500 new bloggers and eight new categories to its channels. if you've never heard of shareaholic, it's a site that brings together content via blogs in topics from sports to food to technology to family to fashion. do check it out. you may even see some of your fellow bloggers there. you can find [oomph.] in the fashion and beauty channel.

and, to find out what i've been doing in my free time,
click here.

actually bought these little mugs (filled with hot chocolate) for the minis for valentines...but it's perfect for a few sips of coffee in the morning before i run out of the house.
(french connection top, joe's jeans, f21 jacket)

thanks to terry for featuring one of my recent looks here.


  1. Sounds like a cool channel Rebecca! I love your black and white today--perfect for going from day to night!

  2. You know I love the leopard shoes with the stripes in the night outfit. Being busy moms, outfits that can switch from day to night are a necessity! Heather

  3. Ha! yes, you illustrated it better than anyone else. Both day and night look very cute. Love your leopard heels and your shades .... you look very pretty.
    Thanks for link, checking it out right now.

    ** Style Id Net **
    ** Style Id Net on Twitter**

  4. This is so sharp. I really love these shoes.

  5. gotta check out the site. I love seeing new things in this whole blogging world. I also like that top.

  6. lovely! love your hair style! xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Thanks a lot for your comment and following, we´re following you back! ;)
    We are black and white girls although Miriam plays with color more than me in her outfits we´re basically black gals!! jajaj So we love your outfit! And the details in leopard print!


  8. So pretty, your outfit is so chic.

  9. That top is GORGEOUS. And the cup is cute. I love coffee but need to limit my consumption: a small cup would make perfect sense.

  10. Perfect transition outfit from day to night! I had done a similar post some weeks ago...

  11. i just love black & white! great tee and sunnies becks!

  12. Love this! You are so right... shoes and a jacket can easily make the switch from casual to flirty!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  13. This is my favorite hair on you EVER! like all time! you look so chic, love this look! xo

  14. I love the easy change! The switch of the shoes and the jacket really change up the look.


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