if i'm lounging at home with no concrete plans, you'll probably find me in jeans and a tee with my hair thrown up. i love the idea of a sophisticated bag that adds structure to my otherwise casual outfit. should i need to leave the house for a lunch or store run, i instantly feel pulled together with the right bag. added a vintage scarf for color.

if you follow me on instagram (@rockoomph), you'll know that i participated in our great aloha run, an 8.15 mile race traditionally held on president's day. i literally "decided" to do it a couple days before, no training whatsoever. man, am i feeling it today. and even though i wanted to sleep the rest of the day, i packed up dinner and took the kids to the beach. after all, it was their holiday, too.

one of the most comfortable jeans i own...
several years later, worn to perfection.
trying to get to the start line.
approaching the finish line.
post-run swag.
post-run breakfast...savory crepes, ham, and coffee.
tradition of collecting sea glass. yesterday's finds. 
evening sky.
(people for peace denim via local boutique; justfab bag c/o)


  1. I would die if I tried to run a race ha ha! Good for you for doing it. I love the simplicity of the white tee and worn in jeans. You look great. Heather

  2. Congrats on doing the race. your dog is beautiful, Started following you on IG

  3. Good for you, Becks!! Seriously?? 8.15 miles without any training?? It would kill me! I love the pop of color from your scarf! =)

  4. Love the arm candy and such a pretty dog!


  5. The right accessories definitely make me feel more put together, I love this purse, it's perfect with the vintage scarf. Good for you doing that run and then hanging out with the kids on the beach, that sounds like a lovely day!

  6. Wow congrats on completing that run.

    You look so pretty. I love your jeans and the scarf on your handbag.

    I love sea glass. I always look for it whenever I make it to the beach. Which is very very rare due to living in Kentucky.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. Congrats! on the GAR! I've done it 3 times when I was younger, I keep telling myself that I will do it again,but who knows when that will be? I also keep telling myself that the Honolulu Marathon is on my bucket list! I love the laid back look, that's me most of the time too and the weekends! Comfy and easy!! I totally agree about the bag, I am a bag lady to extremes.

  8. So now I have three reasons to envy you:
    1. You look so fab in that casual outfit (I tend to look better "dressier")
    2. You actually get to FIND sea-glass... it's so lovely, but I'm in "fly-over country" where we BUY it.
    3. You are in good-enough shape to run an 8+-mile race on a whim....

    It's a good thing you're sweet, or I could really hate you! :)

  9. so Awesome that you did that run! I definitely wouldn't be able to!

    xo Jackie

  10. I love your hair up like that! It looks so super chic! And congrats on completing that run! You go, girl!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  11. congrats for all above! I couldn't imagine that you can run for such long distance after getting your getup above and it's really can make anyone crazy. Your glasses and the tag on your back are gorgeous and expressing for your amazing thoughts. Keep it up!

  12. WoW - congrats on completing that run! Amazing thing!
    I love your dog <3<3<3

  13. that dog is adorable! running for me is so hard!



  14. I need a studded bracelet like this !!!

  15. I love the "casual" you. Love!
    Can't believe you could run that without training. No way I could.

  16. I just LOVE your jewelry! Where did you get it?

    Congrats on the run! I've done two half marathons and sleep afterwards is always a must! The hubby can take of the kids on run days ;)

  17. Congrats on the race, love the bag and scarf together, you dog is cute :)

  18. Those jeans look really comfy!
    Kuddos to you for doing that race with no training. That would be zVERY hard.

  19. you look stunning just lounging around. i love a white tee with jeans and you managed to make it look glamourous!! congrats again on the run! what an accomplishment!

  20. I adore simple dressing with punchy accessories! That scarf is my favorite part of your outfit :)
    And congrats on the race! That's quite the feat, doll.


  21. I would have been dying at the end of that race! Well done you.

    Love those jeans!

  22. cool outfit, those pants fit you like a glove! xx

  23. great bag becks! you're in good shape and exercise regularly. so i'm not surprised that you did well in the marathon. keep it up girl!

  24. How cool to run. I love it!
    You look great in whatever you wear. those jeans look Fab! for me there is nothing better than an pair of light denim aged jeans <3<3. love the close up shot.
    ** Style Id Net **
    ** Style Id Net on Twitter**

  25. Lovely post + pictures! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx



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