christmas shopping guide. JustFab.

our christmas tree usually arrives the first weekend of december; we're picking it up tomorrow. and usually once the tree is up, it starts to feel festive and in no time, christmas is here. i haven't started my shopping yet...haven't even made my list. as i do that this weekend, i'll definitely be turning to some of my trusted friends and blog partners for gifts i know friends and family will love, from places that i trust.

throughout the weekend, i'll be sharing some of my favorite picks from my favorite places in case, like me, you're still in need of gifts.

first up is JustFab. i'm a huge fan of their bags and shoes, but they also have apparel and jewelry. and with most items at $39.95, how can you go wrong? scroll through my blog, and you'll find that i'm sporting at least one Just Fabulous item in every outfit! here's a few you might remember:

clockwise from top left: gallerista + ambrosia, hudson;
pearlescent mint signature denim; valletta

below are a few current faves:
clockwise from top right: gallerista, entice, uptown lace

i am currently carrying around the gallerista in tan. it's the perfect size to carry evvrything! i recently ordered the entice clutch because jeans + tee + heels wouldn't be complete without it, and i think the boxy uptown lace would be such a fun addition to a holiday outfit.

clockwise from top left: lakshmi, zion, bowie, marina

get festive with lakshmi and bowie. even moto boots sparkle with fun embellishments...and how cute are these marina flats? all of these would be perfect with jeans, dresses, or shorts.
clockwise from top left: frost, keenan, palmer

JustFab recently launched their LUXE line described as genuine leather, rich embellishments, and pure luxury. all the same great designs made with supple fabrics and adorned with striking embellishments, these beauties cost only a fraction of the prices you might pay elsewhere.

happy shopping!


  1. This is cool, that you will pick up your Christmas tree already tomorrow! Here in Bavaria it is usual to decorate the tree in the night of the 23th December, but maybe we will do this also earlier this year.

    Thanks for the great picks!

    Wish you a happy advent weekend :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  2. If I wasn't already in the holiday mood, these pretty items would put me there. Gorgeous stuff. Glad you're getting a tree and starting your festive season. Enjoy!

  3. I haven't started my shopping yet either. I really like those grey boots

  4. I've been avoiding the mall cause I know there's a lot of shoppers so I went online shopping last weekend. Now I'm just waiting for Mr. Postman. :)

  5. i know becks! there's something about a Christmas tree that is so nice. Waiting on mine. i have most of the ornaments. hahaha

  6. All of those shoes are awesome!


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