sequined skirt.

i survived.
the weekend, that is. saturday morning downpours cancelled our hike, so we ended up grabbing coffee and catching up. although i missed out on the workout, it probably was best. my head was stuffy and i had a lot of sinus pressure...probably would have pushed myself too far, especially with the six hour shopping marathon i did after that. but happy to say that i've finished 98% of my shopping. yes, still not done, but the remaining are gift cards. tonight i'll be wrapping presents and getting ready for our office party tomorrow. i may be wearing this sequined ensemble for tomorrow's work festivities. the skirt is from Patty's Closet. if you need a last minute party outfit, Patty's Closet has lots of cozy sweaters, dresses, and sparkly sequins, all of which are appropriate for the holidays. and, for more ideas on what to wear to your parties, you can check out the latest East vs West Coast series here.

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my new 50mm f/1.4 camera lens. if you are a self-photographing blogger without a lot of working space, this may not be the ideal lens. you'll have to set up far, far away from the camera to get full length shots like these, and you risk focusing on everything between you and the camera. but still an amazing lens (can you tell the difference?!) that works wonderfully for portraits, cropped bodies and general photography.

are you ready for christmas?

(Patty's Closet skirt c/o (808-235-2924); coach wristlet; Lulu's shoes (buy); ON top)

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  1. That skirt is gorgeous. And I love my 50mm lens. But it is really annoying if I don't have much space, especially for casual pictures like at restaurants.

  2. I didn't know you are a self-photographing blogger (I guess that has to be a compliment). I am ready for Christmas. Wish you an amazing time with your beloved ones!


  3. You look really elegant in this skirt!
    Yes, the 50mm doesn't work really well with cropped frame cameras...something I realized after I bought mine. You have to be really far away from your subject to take full body photos! :( I have the 1.8 though. But it will work great with full frame cameras...For cropped frame ones it's better to go with the 35mm.

  4. omg, a six hour shopping spree! you're a trooper. i finally finished all of my shopping yesterday too. love your sequin skirt -- the pattern is so original! hope you have a merry merry christmas!


  5. Becks you are superwoman! HaHaHa You always get it done. Love that skirt! It's so pretty!

  6. Congrats on the new lens!!!! I also do my own photos so I totally understand. Mine has the auto focus so it is a bit easier, but it did take me a while to get used to using it! Love the skirt!

  7. beautiful skirt you should be a model


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