chains and stripes.

whenever i run out of shows to watch on netflix, i'll browse random videos...and i happened to come across a few in which girls were applying makeup...those 'get ready with me' videos. the transformations were pretty amazing. actually, what's amazing was all the products they had to use to achieve those looks. i can't imagine having to go through all of those steps, but i guess that's why they look good!

while most of their applications wouldn't work for my single asian eyelids, these videos are a great source for new products to try. they also motivated me to go thru my products and use them. i love buying products, but then they tend to sit and never get used. i just found a bag of elf products that i bought a while ago and never used...so that was exciting. haha.

do you watch youtube videos? if so, what kind?
do you have a favorite beauty vlogger?

(Patty's Closet top (808-625-6441) & skirt (similar); JustFab shoes)

a few to try:

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  1. Oh the blue looks fabulous!
    I only watch Youtube for music references (for work) and some cute animal clips. I don't watch many makeup tutorials, to be honest. If I find someone who has similar features as me and I find that person tolerable to watch, I consider myself lucky and subscribe. ;)

  2. I never knew chains and stripes paired so perfectly! Fabulous!

  3. I have watched the same kind of videos and had the same thoughts. So much work! Makes me feel like a total slacker! I love the stripes on this skirt!

  4. as much as i love beauty, can you believe i don't watch video bloggers!?! i don't really get into it. unless there's a product i really have a question about (color, shade etc) and then I may look someone up, but no one in particular. love your outfit girl. tres chic!

  5. I love the blue with the black/white stripe!! It looks classic AND fun!! You're just the cutest!!

  6. The only 2 people I'm following on Youtube for make up are Michelle Phan and Chanel. It's great to follow Michelle as she's Asian and she tend to use products which I can relate, Chanel has some great products and I follow their videos to get those au-natural look.
    I think your single eyelid looks fab! I find people with single eyelids have character. Look at Liu Wen! I also have a best friend with single eyelid and she requires minimal make up yet look so good =)

  7. The outfit is a killer! You look stunning! Uhm, I don't watch beauty videos on youtube. Mostly I listen to music and sometimes I happen to watch the review of a product I want to buy, for example.


  8. I watch youtube video all the time. I like the outfit of the weeks, haul and tag videos.

  9. youtube videos are the only way i figured out how to do makeup! :)

    and i love your striped skirt paired with the blue. so pretty!

    cute & little

  10. love your pretty skirt and those killer shoes! i definitely turn to youtube for beauty advice, but i agree. some of these girls have/use SO many products. i don't have the patience for that!


  11. i have watched those videos, but i have neither the time nor the skill to apply makeup that well! like you said, that's why they look so good!! you don't need any of that, however, you look fabulous!!

  12. I love this outfit, so pretty...

  13. You look amazing. I love that blue on you. I don't really watch Youtube videos very often. Most of the time I only go to Youtube to see music videos.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  14. I love the skirt! You look great!

  15. Those beauty videos always made me feel like I should be going out and spending $200 on makeup hah, so I tend to avoid them. Especially since what I do wear is still really basic in comparison to the zillions of steps and applicators and products they use! That blue top is neat, I like the little chain details at the front.

  16. becks your hair looks AMAZING here! I love the subtle wave! I used to go crazzy on youtube makeup videos, but now I only watch Pixiwoo and only when I actually have time to sit in front of a screen at home. Now I read a couple of beauty blogs for inspiration.

  17. Such a cool outfit. Love the unique top and mix with striped skirt. I tried once to do make-up watching a video and I too was amazed at not only how many different products they used but also how long they spent on it. And I agree that is why those make-up's look great but I just don't have the patience for that. I do love buying products and found a way to put eye make-up on in a quick fashion getting trained by couple artists at MAC counters. They are great if you ask them to teach you.

    Also, I wanted to thank you soooo much for the heartfelt comment you left on my tribute post for my Dad. It was like we had met in person and have been friends for a while which is how I feel and I wish we would meet one day.
    Thank you so much.

  18. This is a cute look but I love you in your casual i-just-throw-this-on look the best! Whichever, you rock and I am a huge fan :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  19. Sooooo cute! I am in love with that skirt especially with the heels! Great outfit :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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