experimenting with extremes. lace.

happy st. patrick's day!
here's a remix of the lace shorts i promised last week. i swapped out the flowy blue shirt for this pretty, minty-green, lace top from Patty's Closet. the scalloped hem worked perfectly with the scalloped lace on the shorts. it's been a while since my last 'experimenting with extremes' post, so i'm considering this as one (even though i like to think 3+ items is extreme). the result of all this lace is super girly and a bit out of my comfort zone, but definitely fun. i truly would love to rock these shorts with a gray sweatshirt and sneakers next time.

just for fun, i've included the leprechaun names i posted last year. tell me in the comments what your name is. i'm sprinkles o'lyin! i'm a bit 'o' irish, so i love to celebrate by wearing green...and we had corned beef and cabbage last week. so yum, couldn't wait!

lastly, the east vs west coast style collaboration is back.
stay tuned tomorrow for our spring 2014 debut.

are you irish?
what's the craziest green thing you've seen on this day?

(Patty's Closet top/necklace (808-235-2924), shorts (808-625-6441);
Lulu's shoes; JustFab bag; ray-ban aviators)

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second winner gets $100


  1. I'm Bleary O'Blaze! HAHAHA I remember when you did this last year. Too Funny! I'm loving the lace on lace Becks. It looks so good!

  2. I couldn't spell what my first name was if I tried! LOL Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm Irish also (but I don't really count it since I'm every ethnicity under the sun). I love the mint and white! So springy and refreshing!

  3. The green is so pretty, and I love the lace shorts!

  4. Such a lovely outfit! I can't wait to wear my summer clothes! Loved your necklace by the way.
    Oh happy St. Patrick's Day. It seems that I'm Sprinkles O'Blaze. hehe

  5. Gorgeous look! Love those lace shorts!



  6. I love pastel looks, you look lovely ;)

  7. I'm Goldie McSmelly ahhahahaha
    Love the outfit girl! the shoes are soo cute

    hope you stop by sometime!

    xx shirley

  8. You look so cute, loving all of the lace. Goldie Mcdoodles.

  9. Sprinkles McKnob?? haha.. no signs of St. Patrick's Day in Tokyo, but hope you have a good one! the lace x lace looks very light and feminine!

  10. This is cute outfit! :) My name is Rusty McMuffin! :) Cool screename to use :D

  11. I like femine outfits. I really like lacely clothes too.

  12. Sprinkles Mctavern. You outfit is so girly. I love it

  13. absolutely loving the double lace. these two pieces flow so well together!


  14. I too think that too lacey would be too girly for not at all girly me. I bought a lace dress last year and I have yet to wear it.. I thought it was a good idea back then but now am not too sure. I actually love the scallop shorts and even with that top it looks good on you (that's always the case, right? Always good on others) but I would probably wear it with simply a tee..

    Mrs Jack O All Trades

  15. I got Bleary ha ha! I love the lace on lace btw. Great look from head to toe!


  16. Loving the lace!! The minty-green and white colors together go very well. I haven't worn much lace, but am going to check out Pattys Closet! Maybe I'll find something! My Irish name is Sprinkles McSmelly. HAHAHA.

  17. Love this outfit, it's so pretty and feminine. And that necklace is gorgeous too. You look wonderful :) I'm just going to live vicariously through your warm-weather outfits until that weather shows up here!


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