the denim vest.

what's the perfect counterpart to all of your spring and summer dresses? a denim vest. to get the maximum use out of your vest, look for one that is a medium to dark denim, tailored (vs boxy and oversized), and falls below the waist (vs cropped). distressing and embellishments are optional, but make sure it's not overly decorated, and stay away from raw edges which can be too casual.

this weekend, we went to the grand opening for one of our projects, little sheep, and were treated to a delicious hot pot meal. if you've never had hot pots (chinese) or shabu shabu (japanese), you basically get a big pot of broth plus your desired ingredients that you throw in and cook at your table. i love hot pots, so i was glad this one opened up near my office. it was so good, i went twice in three days. pictures below.

how was your weekend?
do you have a little sheep near you?

original and spicy soup base.
veggies & noodles.
(didn't get a picture of the meats)
sake + goose island IPA beer (not pictured) that was really good.
top right: sesame pancake for dipping
bottom: yam mochi w/mango ice cream
(Patty's Closet vest (808-625-6440); AE dress, Lulu's shoes)

here's a few to try:

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  1. Love the vest, really adds a punch to the outfit. I love hotpots, wish we have a little sheep near us, cuz the food looks delicious. I'd go there several times a week too if it was nearby.

  2. I looove Chinese hot pot! warms the soul and so healthy!! nice studded detail in your vest! hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Great vest. Almost looked leather like but lighter in denim.
    The food looks soooo yummy.

  4. pretty chic look
    and those food totally tempting

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  5. I really need a vest like that...I'm sure it goes with everything!

  6. I really like you vest. You weekend sound nice. I went out and brought an area rug over the weekend.

  7. Love the vest paired with the dress! Unexpected but lovely

  8. I saw the outfit in Insta and I was like "Whoa!" Truly love it!

  9. Super cute outfit! You look amazing!
    I don't think we have these kinds of restaurants in my country, but they do look lovely.

  10. I love your pictures. Your vest look great on you. I think I currently only have 1 vest hanging in my closet. Now I am kind of wanting to add a denim one.

  11. I totally concur with your denim vest theory! I love throwing one over a dress (until it is way too hot of course). I have never had a hot pot, but it looks great!

  12. We don't have A Little Sheep near us but I wish we did. The food looks amazing. Also, that denim vest your wearing looks really good with that dress. I think I might have to invest in one to compliment a few of my outfits this Summer.

  13. I love that outfit! So cute with the jacket and the white dress.

  14. that denim vest is awesome, and i love how you styled it with the white dress! and ooo looks like fun!


    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
    Facebook + Instagram

  15. the stud embellishments look great! love the white dress.

  16. You look so fresh and sweet, I like it.
    And you've made me hungry! ;-)

  17. The outfit is really cute, but I was taken by the pictures of the hot pot meal. That looks incredibly good. We don't have any good restaurants in town and especially anything resembling Japanese food. I spent a month or more in Mt. View, CA many years ago working on a project for the company I was working for and I found a little Japanese restaurant that was incredibly good. I miss the days when I was travelling on a company trip and finding really good places to eat.


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