a week of summer essentials. hydration.

*oops, we were having too much fun enjoying summer last week that these never made it to the blog...so i'm continuing last week's a week of summer esssentials this week.

now that we've covered protection from the sun and are out having a great time, it's important to stay hydrated. the sun, salt water, and chlorine eventually take a toll on our bodies, drying out our skin and hair. i'm always on the lookout for good products, so feel free to share some of your favorites. here is what i'm currently using to combat dry skin and hair this summer:

my hair stylist scolded me for not using a leave-in conditioner, so i went on a mission to find one. i had a sample of this suave professionals natural infusion with awapuhi ginger strengthening leave-in cream and loved it enough to purchase it. you can apply it to wet or dry hair, and i love the convenient pump. for best results, i apply it to towel dried hair at night and wake up with super silky hair. did i mention it smells amazing?

you can sample the suave natural infusion products here, and if it's the same thing i had, they are generously-sized foil packets.

my hands take a beating with all the hand washing i do, so i always follow up with hand cream. this mary kay peach hand cream really does make your skin feel satiny smooth. it's light, not greasy, and did i mention that it smells delicious?

lubriderm daily moisture moisturizer with sunscreen is my go-to everyday body lotion; i've been using it for years. with our warm weather year round, i'm extremely picky about my body lotion because i hate feeling sticky or greasy throughout the day. lubriderm is absorbed easily, doesn't feel heavy or greasy, and the SPF 15 is perfect for protecting my skin during the drive to and from work.

i wasn't sure what to expect from a hydration spray lotion. i was hoping for the convenience of a mist/spray-and-go [without having to use my hands to rub it in], but st. ives hydration lotion is a heavier spray that needs to be rubbed in. it's on the greasy side, which is good for my skin, but not for my hands since i have to wash them after each application...and then we're back to dry hands and my peach hand cream. but, i've found a way around it by applying it as soon as i get up in the morning, rubbing my arms together (crossing them over) to spread the lotion, and same with my legs. that way i don't have to get my hands greasy, and it has time to soak in before i get dressed. it does give your skin a pretty shine, and did i mention it smells amazing? has anyone tried other brands of spray lotions?
my face is already extremely dry and eczema prone; add to that the effects of summer sun, and now i'm desperate for a good hydrating mask. so i picked up glam glow thirstymud hydrating treatment after hearing some good reviews. it can be used as a 20 minute mask or left on overnight. at $70 a jar, i couldn't see washing this product down the drain after 20 minutes, so i use it as an overnight treatment. my glam glow conveniently arrived right after i spent a weekend in the sun...my sunburned forehead and nose were just beginning to show signs of peeling. after two overnight treatments, the peeling didn't progress...in fact, i forgot that i had even started to peel. i am enjoying this mask so far, but i'm sure there are less expensive alternatives. if you have a fave, let me know. oh, and did i mention how good this smells?

products can only do so much...make sure to also keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. but if you need some extra help like me, do try some of these great-smelling products. the lingering scents will have you day dreaming of summer fun. scroll down to enter the ulta beauty giveaway where you can win a $250 gift card to stock up on all your summer necessities.

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  1. Great choices, I'm adding that Mary Kay lotion to my wishlist, I love anything peach scented. I hear so many good things about Glam Glow, I'm going to have to try their products soon.


  2. Great product suggestions!


  3. Loved the product review… I should switch to a body lotion with built in spf during summer.

  4. it's pretty humid where we live so i don't use as much moisturizer in the summer but it's still important! when i use hand lotion during the day, i actually put a little on the back of my hand and then just rub the backs of my hands together so my palms aren't greasy. it works!

  5. I need to get me some of the Mary Kay peach hand cream! my hands get so dry too because I wash them so much... I've been wanting to try spray on lotion - glad to know that they work well!

  6. Ooo that Glam Glow has me interested. Yes it is expensive but cheaper then a weekly facial.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. Dying to try that Glam Glow! I have used the mask and the undereye treatment and both are amazing.

  8. I have the Mary Kay Sating Hands line, I love the cream!

  9. Great! Love the Glam Glow :)


  10. Glam glow is a lifesaver

  11. That Mary Kay peach cream is fabulous! I had totally forgotten about it Becks. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. I love Mary Kay Satin Hands but was not aware that they had the scent in peach. I have a friend who sells it so will have to get in touch with her to get some of this much needed hand cream.

  13. You are sure to stay hydrated. I have fair skin and must take care of it constantly.

  14. I heard a lot about Glam Glow too and I almost bought it but I Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme took over instead =D I love the scent and also how it hydrates my skin. I usually use it twice a week after scrub and it works great! Maybe I should try Glam Glow next =)


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