a week of summer shorts + shoes pairings. highest heels.

school's out, summer's here!

on the weekends, i live in my denim shorts. hitting the beach, pool, or park at some point in our day is a given, and the last thing i want to worry about is getting nice clothes dirty or looking like a wrinkled mess after the beach...which is why i always resort to denim.

but it's likely that i'll also meet up with friends or family for lunch, shopping, drinks, or coffee, and i always have trouble finding the right shoes for dressing up my denim shorts. i'm kicking summer off with a week of shorts + shoes pairings for outfits that can take you from beach to wherever in the summer.

i love wearing heels, but pairing them with shorts can be tricky. i have a general rule which is the higher the heels, the longer the shorts. these knee-length DIY denim cut-offs are my faves when i want to wear my highest heels. they are fitted and cut off at the skinniest point on my legs. i balanced them out with this over-sized boyfriend shirt that doubles as the perfect beach cover-up.

what is your summer uniform?

i kicked off the weekend helping out at a golf tournament serving drinks at the 10th hole. it was a beautiful day, the sun was out, it was hot...it definitely felt like summer. 
holding mini-she in the palm of my hand.
impromptu stop in waikiki for a dip at the beach...followed by iced coffee, slurpees, and chocolate chip cookies. 
(gilly hicks top; gucci bag; ellie shoes via i love Sexy;
pray for peace denim; amazon sunglasses)

shop the look:

you can also:
pair long shorts with wedges.


  1. Perfect summer look, I love it.

  2. Great look for a summers day.

    X x

  3. The higher the heels the longer the shorts...i never knew this but it makes perfect sense!!! More classy less tart right?

  4. I never made that correlation between heel height and shorts-length but it makes sense. Thanks for the tip.

  5. my summer uniform so far this year has been skirts and dresses.

    1. skirts and dresses definitely work for summer, too!

  6. love the bermuda shorts with the slingback heels! your legs look fantastic!

  7. That top looks so stylish and comfy! I need something like that for the days I want a more relaxed look! Get your drink on! lol I am all ready for patio weather here in Toronto! I just got back from Spain and Italy and I was drinking sangria like there was no tomorrow! LOL


    1. yum...sangria! i went thru a phase...delish!

  8. Love your long shorts, and they look great with heels.

  9. Lovely summer shorts !!!!!!!!! fantastic !



  10. That length is hard to pull off! You can wear ANYTHING! Looks great Becks!

    1. it is a hard length to wear...the fit will make a huge difference. thanks, kim!


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