food truck mania.

food trucks have been gaining popularity ever since food network's show [the great food truck race] debuted. in fact, season 4's winner was a team from hawaii. food trucks even have their own event here, eat the street, that pops up in different cities throughout the month. i've been wanting to check it out but was always turned off by the parking and crowds. last week, on a whim, we finally went...the minis wanted to go, it was summer, and we were hungry. details and pics below.

i grabbed this super cheap tee so that i could change out of my work clothes before heading to eat the street. and what did i do? dribble bright yellow [nacho] cheese all down the front, haha.

do you like to eat at food trucks?
are they popular where you live?

the wow wow lemonade lines. this is the one thing the minis wanted, so...
20 minute wait for $10 lemonade in a mason jar.
$6 refills (save that jar for next time!)
*click to enlarge*

the crowd. must get there early. the lines were ridiculously long by the time we got there, so i didn't get to try everything i wanted to.
wow wow lemonade strawberry/classic lemonade | pop pop donuts, $5/doz. w/salted caramel & spicy nutella sauces | hawaiian twisted tater, $10 tater tray w/ kahlua pork, chill, cheese, green onions & ranch dressing.

 this is what we came away with plus a couple bentos, ribs, poke bowl, and macarons not shown. the twisted tater is spiral cut potatoes with toppings. it's essentially like a baked potato, but nacho style. it was pretty good; i'd eat it again. can't say the same for the pop pop donuts. 

(tee via local store (similar); DIY denim; gucci bag (similar);

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  1. Food trucks are not that popular here in Kentucky yet. They just started allowing them on a pilot program recently so they are just starting to pop up. I love your tee.

  2. We have a couple food truck in Germany. When I see the mini donut truck out. I will get the donut from them. Don't it seem every time you wear white stuff get on it. I know it happens to my husband and me.

  3. That sounds like such a fun event! I love food trucks and I fully support them as they are obviously usually family run. Your tee and shorts are really cute too.

  4. i'm definately a fan of food trucks. your food trucks sound amazing! i would love to get kahlua pork and poke from a truck :)
    xo jac

  5. I've never tried anything from a food truck! {other than fries as a kid if that counts...} Sounds sinful! And also, how gorg are you in these photos girl? Ummm, hello!!

  6. That tee is so cool Becks! Aloha!!! Food trucks are huge in Texas and NYC. They're trying to come to New Orleans, but restaurants are fighting them (and city government). I say the more the merrier. Love that mason jar!

  7. Aloha! I love your top. If I visit Hawaii someday, I would try to get one too =)
    I visited SF last Sunday and had my very first food truck experience. We had a picnic at the park and bought tonnes of food such as fried chicken (which was really yummy), Indian food and BBQ ribs burger. They were all delicious =D


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