[not] just for guys. the 5 panel cap.

mini-he and i have been on a hat kick lately.
between the two of us, we have acquired eight new hats in the last month (#sorrynotsorry). the latest is this floral 5-panel cap from The Union. while most hats are constructed of six panels, each panel of a 5-panel cap is made to fit the shape of the head for a slim and sleek fit. over the past few years, it has been gaining popularity and has gone from a niche market to a necessity in every guy's (and girl's) closet.

you can find 5-panel caps in a plethora of prints and textures. rock them forward or backward, up or down, curve the bill or keep it straight...but main thing? keep it casual.

The Union was started a couple years ago by three young entrepreneurs. the company releases new products every season, and they sell out fast. if you want to support a small business that appreciates each and every one of their customers, head over to their website and grab one of these hats for the guys (or girls) in your life. christmas will be here in no time!

what's your hat style?
have you heard of the 5-panel hat?

*this is NOT a sponsored post.

(The Union 5 panel floral cap;
JustFab boots (similar); Ray-ban aviators)


  1. this is a really cute hat - I love the subtle floral design that makes it so stylish :)

  2. you look so cute in hats and i love the sleeve cutouts in the top!

    cute & little

  3. Sounds cool! I actually bought a new baseball cap this weekend too. Woops. They are so fun to style! I love the cutout details on your sweater!

  4. Becks your cap is too cute! I love the floral design accent. Loving your top! Cut out heaven!

  5. Cuteness!!! I've been collecting snapbacks for a couple months now. Not really sure what my motivation is, lol.

  6. I like to wear caps too but never tried these. Gotta check them out!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. I wear panel caps too, definitely not just for guys. I love the floral print on this one!

  8. Super cute hat. I have been getting more in to baseball hat lately.

  9. Adore this outfit and your smiling face! Those booties are a nice autumnal touch. :)

  10. I love your hair in this post!

    Trending In Fashion

  11. That hat looks great on you. I am really really trying to get into wearing more hats but it is so hard to find hats I feel comfortable in.

  12. I like the florals, nice feminine twist to a cap hat, and it looks really cute on you. Finding a hat I like is a rarity and it tends to just come down to necessity - if I'm out in the sun all day I need to wear a hat - so I just grab something practical since I can't seem to find something that actually looks good on my noggin. So much so that I spend most of winter in ear muffs because I can't find a tuque or beanie to please me hah. I feel like too much of a dork wearing brimmed hats either. You can rock a good hat though!

  13. this hat is super cute -- i love the floral pattern on the brim. i've been wanting a cap like this for a while. i'll def check out that brand!


  14. It looks so great on you! I'm always scared to wear baseball hats because I have such a small head...you, on the other hand, look fabulous in yours!

  15. I like the floral on the hat, very cute :) I have a big head, so finding hats is always hard!

  16. Love the hat. The floral part is so subtle. Never noticed about the number of panels in hat construction!. :)


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