the cowl neck sweater.

turtleneck sweaters are perfect for fall's chilly weather. i love the look of them and found this sleeveless sweater to be a great alternative for our warmer weather. unfortunately, turtlenecks can be overwhelming on petite frames and can actually make us look shorter, so here are a few easy ways to make it work:

1. instead of a true turtleneck, opt for a cowl neck. it drapes at the chest and lengthens the body.
2. pair it with fitted pants that are slightly wider at the bottom to balance the fullness at the neck.
3. or, pair the oversized sweater with shorts (if you're covered up on top, it's ok to show some skin on the bottom,
and vice versa).
4. keep the look simple and unfussy.
skip the statement jewelry and let the neckline be the focus. 

are you a fan of turtlenecks?
how do you make it work for you?

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  1. Love cowl necks. If for no other reason than because they make me feel less suffocated! This is a wonderful casual fall look!

  2. You look great in your pictures. I love your cowl neck sweater. I am so amazed that you are wearing sweaters in Hawaii. I don't pull my sweaters out here until we never get above the 60s.

  3. Cowlnecks are definitely back. I need to pick up one. Love yours becks and great color.

  4. Love the structured cowl neck look. I have a jersey shirt with a cowl neck that just kinda droops and it's not as nice as this one!


  5. I'm really liking the relaxed drapey look of cowl necks for this season! You look great in that sweater.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. LOVE IT!! What a great sweater!!

  7. That looks great on you, I like it with the pants. I usually feel like turtlenecks are trying to choke me haha, so I avoid them. And I'm such a scarf fanatic that the cowl seems to just thwart my scarfy ways.


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