[oomph] eats. a first for the last.

i said goodbye to one of my favorite places last week...

brasserie du vin was my go-to place for drinks downtown. it was right across hawaii theater, and we'd always start or end our night there after a show. other times i'd meet up with friends there just because of the cool european vibe of their little outdoor patio.

i was bummed to hear that they were closing their doors for good, and i figured i wasn't going to make it down there with only a few days til closing. but then...

...uh, yes!

cabernet + crab cakes.

of course, it was super crowded as everyone was trying to have their final drinks and bid that little slice of europe goodbye. a bunch of us had to squeeze around a tiny table, but it was worth getting to sit in the cobbled alleyway outside.

they were known for their wide selection of wines and accompanying cheese platters among other yummy things. they sold out of their delicious baked brie, so we filled up on pommes frites, pan-seared scallops, and crab cakes. and while i never had a chance to try one of their cheese or charcuterie platters, i did experience something new that night...escargot.

with visuals of huge african snails in our garden and crawling all over our fence, the thought of eating snails never appealed to me. blech.
but i figured, what the heck.
and you know what?
it wasn't that bad.

it was a great first for the last night.

have you tried escargot?
what's something you hesitated trying?


  1. escargot is a nigerian delicacy i love eating it!! but its so expensive!! it seems so gross but we clean all the slime before cooking it so its never slimy tasting. I've had it cooked in an italian restaurant and i didnt like it though lol i prefer the nigerian way!

    Ore :)
    Photodiary January 2015 | Pristine's Bliss

  2. I hate when a favorite hangout suddenly closes. So sad. At least you got to have one last visit. I have never tried escargot and don't plan on it! But I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. It's nice you got to enjoy one more meal there before they closed. I'm Chinese so I've definitely tried escargot and many other things... LOL

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I'm glad you got to enjoy a meal there before they closed. Looked like a great place.

  5. My fav restaurant downtown closed their doors a few months back! I was soooo sad. They had the most flavorful, healthy selections at awesome prices....a rare combination! I can definitely sympathize....

  6. Sounds like a place that is well loved by the public, then why close? Anyway, escargot is not my thing too, I can eat it but it is not something that I will go and look for :) Well, at least you've tried ;)

  7. Looks really good :)

    Happy Weekend ,lots of Hugs

  8. I have to admit I never tried it - honestly I heard about it the first time in my life :) It's always a pity to say good bye, especially if this is a place where we loved to be. Hopefully you have some replacement!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  9. Hate that your fave spot is closing! And no to the escargots. Just because. Ew.

  10. I hate when awesome places like that close. That's ashame. Well glad you got there and celebrated Becks. Nahhhhhhh I don't do snails, or anything slimy or with tentacles. HAHAHAHA Well, I do eat crawfish! So i guess never say never. LOL


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