where it all began.

i was in elementary school when my dad took the family to germany on what was probably our last vacay together. i remember the shopping...one store in particular that was really narrow, but like six or seven stories tall. on the first floor there were baskets and baskets of these canvas-type shoes with straw-like soles in every color of the rainbow...and i hadn't seen anything like it before, but i knew i liked them. i wanted one in every color, but mom said no...so i chose one with a yellow and blue pattern on it. they were so comfy, i think i wore them every. day.
and that was how my love for espadrilles began.

a few pictures below from last weeks golf tournament.

setting up our drink station, waiting for the tournament to start. we didn't really have a nice view...if only we were facing the other way, we could've been looking at the hole below.
the hole right behind us.
what we were serving up...vodka + cranberry; margaritas, and bloody marys.
no room in the cart, so mini-she had to jump on the back. she kept getting whacked in the head by the trees! 

*     *     *

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  1. That's a cute story! And you still wear espadrilles well lady :) I'm the same about mary janes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. These are so cute and they look comfy. With all the traveling I do in the summer I love shoes that are flat yet trendy and easy to do a lot of walking in. I also love the ankle straps!

  3. What a cute story and some cute shoes to boot! I remember almost all of my "first fashion" memories. They explain so much . . .

    This denim dress is so cute with the shoes!

  4. I love hearing the story behind the story Becks! So much is based on childhood experiences. What a lovely story! Love your outfit and sandals. Hey, thanks for the hearts girl! :)

  5. Last vacay together? =(
    Sometimes what we can remember since young never left us. You sure had the eye for fashion since young. I like your choice of espadrilles. Especially the one you're wearing. It's definitely not the ordinary like a slip-on.

  6. Nice combo !!! lovely espadrilles !!!!!



  7. Beautiful look, love this dress. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  8. loving those espadrilles, honey! I would love to go to Germany one day, er, all of Europe! haha

  9. Cutest! Love the shoes.
    And I was in Berlin in March - LOVE.


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