black white and red.

this is one of those dresses that looks better on than on the hanger. i have a lot of striped mini dresses, so this longer length was a nice change. i love the uneven hem, the side slits, and the fact that this feels like a cozy oversized tee. rocking a bold red lip, because why not?

we have been having a slew of rainy days here with all the storms passing thru. this weekend i was at lanikai beach; it was beautiful one minute, pouring the next (if you missed it on periscope, you can still see it on katch)!
part two of kauai pics below.

how's the weather in your area?

(Rocksbox necklace; Avon lipstick 'eternal flame')
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Kauai Shores Hotel, Kapa'a
our next stop was the hotel to check in. the grounds were decent with two pools and access to the beach below. an xbox console was provided in the room, DVD rental booths, and (good) wifi on the grounds. free parking (although very crowded at night when everyone is home), free outdoor yoga, and coffee and tea service in the mornings (actually, there were donuts, fruit, toast/cheeses as well!). an excellent place to stay for under $100/night.
Waimea Pier, "the landing"
i practically grew up on this landing. my mom flew us to kauai every weekend to visit my grandparents, and we would fish and cast crab nets...and take our catch home for dinner. this is a black sand beach.
Hanapepe Swinging Bridge
they have fixed this bridge since the last time i was here. it used to be a rope bridge, but wooden planks have now replaced that. it doesn't swing as it used to, but it certainly does shake...did you catch it on periscope?!!
(Patty's Closet dress c/o; Lulu's shoes; JustFab bag; Rocksbox necklace)


  1. such a lovely dress! you look stunning! and your bag is so gorgeous! love the color :)


  2. Really? I think the dress looks great on you! And I love the lip color and bag!

  3. sounds like a great hotel


  4. This dress makes you look even more statuesque and leggy if that's possible. Very pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Great outfit and lip-color. I'd love to visit your part of the world some day.

  6. Looking fab girl! A friend in the office is headed to Hawaii on Friday (I think she's doing 3 islands...) and couldn't be more excited. I am envious. Sigh.

  7. It looks fabulous on you Becks and I love the belt you paired with it. Gorgeous place you visited.

  8. Lovely outfit!
    I really like the length of the dress. It makes the dress much unique. :)

  9. Great looking outfit, I love the length! Our weather has been hot and humid, I am ready for fall :)

  10. Weather here has been pretty hot and hazy due to the forest fires in some of our neighbouring countries.. plus the Chinese Ghost Festival has started so lots of paper burning!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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