east vs west style. boots.

boots, boots, boots! another fall favorite that needs no introduction. i love the mix of styles here from stiletto booties to knee high boots.

when i selected this outfit weeks ago, we were experiencing unusually warm and humid weather. so i opted for shorts instead jeans. then on the day of shooting, we were hit with hurricane ana's non-stop rain. perfect weather for the outfit (and the would-have-been-jeans), not so much for photographing it.

Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
Meaghan / District Sparkle / Virginia
Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Danielle / Envision Pretty / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

this mixed media sweater is the second basic black sweater i added to my wardrobe this fall. i have been wearing it constantly because it is thin and slightly oversized, perfect for throwing on over denim like these Dittos misty cutoffs.

and this cozy beige infinity scarf kept me super warm. it was like being wrapped up in a blanket.

photographing in the rain was a total fail...the umbrella was not a wanted and intentional prop! plus, my hair was starting to frizz, haha.

luckily, i happened to snap a few photos of the outfit last week as part of my 'week of' series. i hadn't received the scarf and shorts yet, but at least these photos are clear and free of rain!

love the mesh details at the shoulders.
wearing from Sole Society:

wearing from NYDJ:

wearing from Lulu's:

wearing from Taudrey:

in case you missed it:


a week of high-waisted shorts. monochromatic.

the high-waisted short is something i usually steer clear of. i have a shorter torso, and high-waisted bottoms usually accentuate that. i bought these high-waisted denim shorts for mini-she (she wears them well), but decided to take them for a spin before passing them on. i'll be styling these shorts for this 'week of'.

this look combines textured and patterned blues for a seamless transition through the waist. while i like the clean look of the front [of the shirt] tucked in, leaving the back untucked helps to elongate my torso.

luckily, i took these photos last weekend. this weekend we were hit with another hurricane-turned-thunderstorm, and it has been raining non-stop since friday. last night i was able to step out for a little me time to go to a fun wine tasting party. the cool rainy weather was perfect for this outdoor get together.

how was your weekend?
do you wear high-waisted bottoms?

(BaubleBar ring; Capwell & Co. necklace)
we tasted four reds and four whites, guessing the aroma, body, taste, etc...
...and my friend and i won. love the cool merlot bottle.
(Deb Shops high-waisted denim shorts (on sale!);
J.Crew shirt (on sale!); Sole Society boots; JustFab bag)

*     *     *


funny story.

yesterday i went to Kona for work. i was wearing my new favorite earrings - the pearl 360 studs from BaubleBar.

after i got off the plane, i went to the bathroom, and as i was walking out, a guy grabbed me and said, "miss, are you wearing pearl earrings?"

i wasn't sure where he was going with this question, whether he was inquiring about them or what, but i instinctively reached up to feel my earrings and said, "yes, i am."

he went on to explain that he had found an earring on the plane ramp and left it with the agent at the gate. i realized that my left earring was indeed missing, so i thanked him and headed back to the gate.

when i got to the gate, they presented me with the (smaller pearl) earring only, and i thought (but actually said out loud), "awww, only one?" i tried to explain to the guy that the backing (the bigger pearl) was missing and asked if he could take a look around since i couldn't go back on the tarmac. 

mind you, there were tons of onlookers waiting for the next flight, and i had two agents looking for my earring! but it wasn't just any backing; it was the big pearl! i could hear the two agents saying how it could have fallen off anywhere, that they'd never find it.

so i thanked them and left, pouting inside...bummed about my short-lived earrings.

i went on with my day, finished work, grabbed lunch...

yummy oriental chicken salad from Buns in the Sun.

...went to the bathroom to wash up before heading back to the airport.

i noticed in the mirror that my shirt button came undone. i looked down to button it, and what did i see nestled in my cleavage??? the big pearl backing!

those agents were certainly right...
they were never going to find that backing!

moral of the story:
missing something? check the cleavage.

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