trending. straw bags.

if you want in on the straw + bamboo bag trend, i've got you covered. in my quest to find one for myself, i came across so many cute ones that i'll share with you here. happy shopping!

i don't give in to many "trending now" items, but once in a while something comes along that really piques my interest. we [in hawaii] have been carrying straw bags and baskets around for ages, so this trend just fits in with my beachy lifestyle. this particular bamboo bag that i chose reminded me of 1) a bag my older sister used to have, and 2) those plastic jelly bags i used to have. 

fyi, this bag comes in small and large; i may have been ok with the small as the large is quite big.

this display at my local store grabbed my attention!

find these cute styles and more here.

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did you find something you liked?
let me know if any of these piqued your interest!


the sherpa.

if you didn't already know, i'm obsessed with sherpas. i purchased this one on a whim on christmas eve, totally raving about it to everyone i knew. long story short, i ended up giving it away on christmas day to a friend's daughter who really wanted it. in the end, i went on a mission to find and replace the one i "lost" and have been obsessed ever since. 

yes, this is hawaii, but we do have chilly months. this sherpa is so soft and kept me so warm. i take it everywhere with me and keep it handy in the car.

hotel spa collection hooded sherpa robe, ross $16

i can't find this exact one anywhere online, and i think i purchased every single one of them on the island. i finally found a few that are totally oomph-worthy, and all of them are under $100!

what do you think about the sherpa?
do you own one?



[i was given a free download to try out the app, all opinions and inches lost are 100% mine.]

if you're like me and enjoyed summer a little too much...ate well, drank well (who can blame us?)...you're probably feeling like it's time to get back on track with exercise and healthy eating. with POPSUGAR's Clean Eating App, it's easy! you get a two-week clean-eating plan - five recipes a day, complete with photos, ingredients, and directions.

i thought, ok, it's going to be complicated recipes of things i don't eat or don't have in my kitchen already. i was surprised to find some simple recipes including some of the foods i already eat. for example, these mini tuna cucumber sandwiches were right up my alley. i eat tuna anyways, all i had to do was swap out the bread for cucumber. it was such a refreshing lunch, and so simple.

do you have to do some prep work? yes. do you have to cut out everything? no. there's ice cream recipes, pudding, chocolate, and yummy smoothies! will you have to go out and find ingredients? maybe. you don't have to stick to the plan or recipes exactly. if it's less intimidating, ease into it by trying one of the recipes per day, then increase each week. revisit recipes you love. i came across a couple of recipes i knew i wouldn't make, so i just swapped them out for ones that i liked and were easy for me to make. i use the app as a guide to help me through the week. it not only provides recipes, but inspiration to want to eat healthier.

create a shopping list, see step-by-step directions, and view nutrient totals.

these were a hit in my house!

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are you ready to clean up your act...er, eating?
i'm giving away a free iOS download for the POPSUGAR Clean Eating App to one reader who wants a jump start on eating clean and healthy. to enter, simply leave a comment with your email so that i can notify you if you win. winner selected at random end of my day tomorrow, 9/26.

let's do this!

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