hello longer legs.

ok, we're all guilty of this...right?
tiptoeing to lengthen our legs? or tiptoeing just to look taller than our friends in that reunion picture? i mean, let's be real. i love wearing heels, but sometimes i have to give my legs a break. but when i do [wear flats], i can't help but feel short and stocky...so i tiptoe. a few guilty photos below.

check out this product i recently discovered. it's called invisible heels. just pop these inserts into your shoes, and you've instantly lengthened your body, lifted your butt, and slimmed your figure. no need to tiptoe.

are you guilty of tiptoeing?
have you tried shoe inserts before?

tiptoeing...guilty as charged.

three heights are available: 3/4", 1.5", 2"

oops, i did it again!
made of memory foam cushioning that's lightweight,
comfortable, and sturdy.

what? not again!

*this is NOT a sponsored post.


the perfect white shorts.

wow...it's been a while!
last we spoke, our office [of 15 years] was transitioning to a new location. it was a long process, but we are finally moved in and slowly getting settled. unfortunately, i spent most of my time in jeans + tees while packing and cleaning...nothing quite blog-worthy. now that there is some kind of normalcy, it feels great to get dressed again...although we are in a much different environment. while the old office was close to the beach, the new office is literally on the beach warranting much more casual attire.

i love the crispness of white. these shorts from express were the right length and fit that i wanted...paired with my favorite button-down + summer slippers = my perfect summer look.

what's your summer look?

(J.Crew Ikat Shirt; Express shorts, Franco Sarto slippers via Nordsrom)

get the look here:


Nikko Hendi Fine Art Photography GIVEAWAY.

happy monday...let's start this week off with a bang! i'm excited to introduce you to one of my periscope friends, Nikko Hendi, a talented fine art landscape photographer based out of southern california. Nikko started his professional career as an architect and lighting designer and recently set off on a journey to pursue his passion for photography.

Nikko takes us along on his photoshoots and location scouting via periscope giving us front row seats to the experience. while we are often surrounded by darkness...only left with the sound of crashing waves, he produces beautiful photos like these.

Nikko is generously giving four lucky readers a hand signed 12x18 print.

(laguna - victoria beach)

"his images are captured during the final minutes of the sun's farewell kiss on horizons and the invisible light trailing behind it, gently pulling the blanket of night sky."

(woods cove)

"in order for your image to invoke the emotion of the scene's soul, the photographer must reach deep within and feel the soul of the scene that is often misunderstood as violent."

(laguna - aliso beach)

"...Nikko has been able to render the hidden beauty of storms, captured into a dramatic, yet peaceful scene."

(divers cove)

keep in touch with Nikko Hendi Photography here:

*     *     *

to purchase prints, you may contact Nikko via his social media accounts
enter to win one below.

*     *     *

4 winners will receive a 12x18 hand-signed print.

giveaway ends 12/13, open to US residents only
enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

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