leopard romper.

turquoise necklace and a leopard romper.
belated birthday gifts from a friend who,
obviously, knows me all too well.

who goes swimming in the midst of a tropical storm?
apparently, we do. we tried, anyway.
long story short, we promised mini-he swimming at the pool.
and if you have kids, you know they will hold you to every promise you make...despite warnings of a storm. we drove to two pools before he accepted that they were all closed because
of the storm. then came a flood of questions:
who created lightning?
did god create lightning?
can't you just hide under the water when lightning comes?
will your head fall off if the lightning hits you?
will there be blood if lightning hits you?
and you have to go to the hospital?
so, WHY, then?
WHY did god create lightning if it's no good for you?


(f21 sweater; nine west shoes; JustFab bag c/o)

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crochet and cargos.

sandwiching olive cargos between brights.
and, pardon the crooked necklace.
it was hot. i was sticky.

a super weekend was had...birthday parties, swimming, football games, and potlucks, all before the storm hit. woke up this morning to stormy weather.

how was your weekend?

evening swim in a heated pool.
mini-he's final game at the real stadium, followed by a fun picnic. i filled 100+ water balloons that, of course, was gone in a matter of seconds. plus, the kids (and adults) danced and sang the evening away...
(JustFab shoes c/o; honey love necklace; cargos via oomph; ray-ban sunglasses)

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double denim + summer layering.

it's been uncomfortably warm lately, even in the mornings and evenings when the temperature tends to cool down. as someone who usually prefers the sun on my skin and wind in my hair, i've even had to resort to using ac in the car. lightweight jackets come in handy during the summer. paired with a paper thin blouse, i'm able to continue layering throughout these warm, summer months.

mini-he just finished a week-long kindergarten readiness class at his new school. i'm happy to report that he loves his new school and friends and had no problem separating. (whew!) 
his big concerns? how come we aren't napping? i'm going to be tired. and, where's the playground? i think he'll do just fine.

what's going on in your neck of the woods?

after 18 months, our pineapples are finally ready!
i missed out on the first one since the kids gobbled
it up, but they said it was sweet.
(american rag jacket (buy); JustFab Mini Icon bag c/o; aeropostale denim shorts;
sam edelman shoes; top via local boutique; ray-ban sunglasses)

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mini style + small feet.

it's not often that i stalk websites.
until i want something. badly.
and right now, i'm wanting shoes. shoes that fit
[begin rant]
as someone who wears a size 5 shoe, it's frustrating to find that more and more companies are not making or stocking size 5s. if they do, it's a very limited section of crap. small-footed women want cute shoes, too! so while my closet may be filled with shoes, you'll notice that i wear the same ones often...because they fit. for once, it would be nice to wear cute heels that aren't stuffed with inserts or boots that don't have to be double or triple socked. for once, i'd like to give my toes and heels a break from all the toe-clenching and rubbing i put them through just to keep my shoes from slipping off.
[end rant]
last year, i got lucky and found a cute pair at zara, so i've been frequenting their site in hopes of finding another one. nothing yet, but i did find this cute tee for mini-he. they have great deals on their spring/summer items, but they're going fast.

anyone else out there with small feet? holla!
where do you find cute shoes that fit?

i'm done.
(zara kids tee (sale! buy); nike shorts (similar), osiris shoes (buy))

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gray black and camo.

i'm calling it a wordless wednesday,
because i have no words today.

except that i really, really, really like these kale chips.

a friend brought back these zesty nacho kale chips
from trader joe's...so good. i need more!
(ae jacket; pacsun denim; JustFab shoes c/o; mossimo tee; efoxcity claw bracelet c/o)

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a summer tank top.

we're dog-sitting bear while my sister is away, and while he's normally a spoiled house dog, he's now staying outside with foxy brown. i know he's miserably hot, because he's been loving the water and is right there every time i turn on the hose. i ended up putting a sprinkler on for everyone, but bear was such a sprinkler hog (see instagram clip). not even foxy brown
could get a paw in.

i'm guest posting over at Sisters Marie today showing you how to get the most out of summery items, like this beachy tank top, when fall comes around. check it out here.

mini-he was upset because bear kept hogging the sprinkler,
so i filled up a cooler and let him color the water
with food coloring. he was satisfied.
(hurley tank; aeropostale denim shorts; thrifted jacket;
etienne aigner shoes; efoxcity bracelet c/o; gorjana ring)

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pink queen. swimwear.

shopping for swimsuits is a daunting task. the pressure of finding one that you are comfortable in...i mean, one that you are comfortable being seen in is huge. especially here where the beach is a big part of our lives. so when i do find one,
i buy several no matter what the cost.

i was excited to find this v-neck fringe monokini at Pink Queen. similar suits retail for $99+ at other stores, but at Pink Queen? $20. i was sold on the style and price, but what would the quality be like? more importantly, would it fit?

the quality of this v-neck fringe bikini is excellent. it has a nice stretch to it, and i didn't find any flaws in the stitching. sometimes one-piece suits are too long for me, but this one fit perfectly on the top and bottom. plus, it provided the right amount of coverage for my troubled areas (stomach and rear!). 

one of my favorite beaches, semi-secluded enough to work
on these unsightly shorts tan lines.

if fringe is not your thing, Pink Queen has over 800 swimsuits to choose from. in addition, they have denim shorts, costumes (halloween will be here in no time!), and cute leggings, skirts, and dresses in the popular galaxy print...
all at affordable prices.

have you shopped at Pink Queen? tell me your favorite item.

*i was provided one swimsuit to review. all opinions are my own.


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layered white.

wearing a white on a hot day will keep me cool, right?
the idea that white keeps you cool is somewhat of a myth, and i tell you why on mobile morsels. i mean, ever wonder why many arctic animals are white? certainly makes me re-think my summer whites. in any case, it just looks cooler, wouldn't you agree? plus it makes the perfect backdrop for a colorful necklace like this one.

(honey love necklace)
(gorjana merced ring via gilt)
(JustFab New Orleans shoes c/o; mossimo tee; rampage blazer; ray-ban aviators)

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