five down seven to go.

may is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - check! at least twice a week.
exercise - bad news is that work won't allow me to meet up with the gang anymore [totally bummed!]. good news is that i was able to meet up after work a couple times to hike and paddle.
girl time - check! wine with the neighborhood moms and
beach picnics with the girls.
 read - almost done with live wire by harlan coben. for realz!
one-on-one mini time - nope, but we did
a lot of activities together.
try something new - check! hiked aina haina valley, paddled in
a two-man canoe, visited ho'omaluhia botanical gardens.
fix laptop - nope.
organize posts - check! got in a few reviews for

(abercrombie tank worn over this dress with aldo shoes)
june brings us beach, sun, refreshing drinks, and lots of outdoor get togethers.

how was your may? any exciting plans for june?


quack quack.

our long memorial day weekend began with mini-he's school graduation. he still has one more year of preschool, but we were there to congratulate his classmates who were moving on to kindergarten. i'm still very proud of the progress he made this year...as one who had a difficult time transitioning to preschool, he's come a long way.

on saturday, we visited ho'omaluhia botanical garden for the first time. it's a huge park tucked up against the mountains on the windward side of oahu. i love coming to this side of the island because it is so lush and green. there's a lake full of fish and ducks to feed, small hiking trails, picnic tables, and lots of lawn space so you never feel crowded. on weekends, you are even allowed to fish (catch and release). the area in my photos is just one part of the garden. according to the map, there are several more areas like it if you keep driving back. with a permit, you can even camp there. on this day, i met up with a friend and his kids, but i brought my parents back a couple days later. more photos from the rest of the weekend
to follow.

mini-he said, "mom, i'm not a graduate. i'm an undergraduate."
don't forget your bread for the ducks and fish!
every tree/plant is labeled.


quick note.

just dropping in to say hi.
it was a relaxing weekend, and
i have some pretty pictures to share
as soon as i wrap up a couple of projects
at work...feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.
see you soon!

(necklace, bobby glam)


tennis match.

when you invest in a great piece of jewelry, like a diamond engagement ring or diamond stud earrings, you want to make sure you are buying exactly what you want and not just what's in stock at the store. this is one of the benefits of purchasing online with Anjolee. i was hesitant to purchase fine jewelry online, but with all of their customizable options, you know exactly what you are going to get. you can choose the type of metal you want, the total carat weight, the diamond quality, and the length of your item. in addition to getting exactly what you want, you only pay for what you get. i selected the wavy hood link diamond tennis bracelet and was able to size down to fit my tiny wrists perfectly. less stones can mean a lower price.

my bracelet turned out beautifully.
it also shipped quickly and was well-packed.

my experience with the Anjolee website was definitely a
positive one, and it has changed the way i feel about shopping online for fine jewelry. if you are in the market for diamond and gemstone jewelry, i would recommend taking a look at what Anjolee has to offer.

*i was provided one bracelet to review. all opinions are my own.


bit of a bad ass.

you know when you wear leopard and a black choker with a cross you're bound to feel like a bit of a bad ass. i won this necklace a while back from a giveaway hosted by andrea of
always say grace. congratulations will be in order as
she will be having a baby real soon.

i'm not joking when i say that all of my [good] watches have stopped working within the last couple of weeks. i kind of go thru phases with my watches. this white one was my favorite for a long time. then i wore my gold walmart one that mini-she bought for me one christmas with her own money. ok, that one was more sentimental. so now i'm thinking of getting a
black watch or maybe another gold one.

do you rely on a watch? what kind are you rocking now?

a picturesque day at the beach this past weekend.
with a great spread, of course.
(tee, metropark; skirt, DIY; shoes, nine west; clutch, f21)


bobby glam jewellery.

cats, owls, bears...it's a menagerie of animals, and i'm loving each one. the cute mini bear [ring], the cat [ears ring],
and ollie owl [necklace] have all nestled quite nicely
into my jewelry collection.
bobby glam, well known for their hair extensions, also has a charming collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories at reasonable prices. i like the gold, vintage-style of the pieces i selected because it works well with my current favorites. take a peek at their selection...any piece, worn alone or with your current jewelry, would add a bit of whimsy to any outfit.

cat ears ring.
mini-she already has her eyes on this vintage bicycle necklace.
cute mini bear ring and beautiful bow ring.
ollie owl necklace.

*i was provided these pieces of jewelry to review. all opinions are my own.


two faced.

when you get to be my age, you kinda stop counting the birthdays. you actually count backwards and start repeating birthdays. but acknowledgement and celebration are important to the minis. i woke up to a handmade card from mini-she. she wants to surprise me all the while asking, "where's the construction paper? where's the tape? what's your favorite kind of cake?
what do you think you'll want to eat for dinner?"
mini-he sees her card and says, "mama, can i draw you
a flower for your birthday? or a heart?" so sweet.
just for these moments, i want to keep having birthdays.

my day continued with fresh baked cookies from a work neighbor and friend, S. they were warm and chewy, just how i like them. then i had a wonderful lunch with good friends, good food, and good conversation at a restaurant i've been wanting to try. thanks, L & S! and when i got back to the office, i was greeted with the prettiest lillies from my friend, D.
if you guys are reading, thanks for the bestest birthday!

bre asked me if i was a taurus. may 21st actually falls on the cusp...most times i'm considered a gemini. once in a while i fall under taurus. guess that makes me a two-faced bull?

(bicycle necklace c/o bobby glam)
chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.
blackened ahi chopped salad.
vietnamese coffee flan.
the best-smelling lillies.

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