one down.

january is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

drink water - check! no measurable amount, but i know i have been sipping more often at work. (btw, anyone know of a widget to keep track of how many cups of water you drink?)
try something new - i had my first jello shot (more on that soon), saw wicked, and i'm trying a new face soap, conju.
be on time - check! the mini's have been getting to
school on time.
 eat breakfast with the minis - i started the month off strong, but will need to work on this next month.
simplify & declutter - check! i started off by cleaning out my files of old bills, receipts, and statements, made one pass thru my closet and filled one bag.
improve my photography skills - check! i'm starting by reading my manual and browsing online tutorials.
timely & organized posts - check! caught up on a few reviews for the uptown bag and the pearls of wisdom bracelet from JustFab.

how did you start off your 2013?


oomph-worthy [quick tip]. buttons.

you know those extra buttons that come with your shirt or jacket?
mine would end up in a pile of mess like this, and it
made finding a particular button a chore.

photo: random Google search

now, i tuck the tag into the little bags as it usually has the item name, description, or at least the brand on it which makes finding a replacement button much easier.

mason jars are great for organizing.



just dropping in to say hi.
it's a busy weekend of birthday parties for us...i'm off to run
a few errands and grab some last minute gifts.

what are you doing today?

wine and cheese from the last get together with the moms. this bottle's red label reminds me of valentine's day for some reason...maybe a fun one to crack open for the occasion?
it tasted pretty decent, too.
brie and havarti with dill.
i love dill!
(note to self: get neighbor a cheese board)



years ago, i might have overlooked a black leather bag like this one for thinking it would be too plain. now i can appreciate something as simple as this uptown tote to be polished.

two things that surprised me:
- the bag was light[er] than expected
- it has a leopard lining

all business on the outside, party on the inside.

mini-he has been sick. came home early and surprised
him with bubble drinks.
(uptown tote, justfab c/o; pacsun denim, nine west heels; f21 top)

try these:


house of fab.

i always welcome new pieces to my armstack.
a while back, i parted with a lionhead ring because it was too big. i hated to give it up, but this bracelet from justfab makes up for its loss...and it makes a nice addition to
my silver stacks.

(pearls of wisdom bracelet, justfab c/o)

speaking of justfab, celebrate tonight's launch of the JustFab reality tv series, "Kimora: House of Fab", on Style Network by joining the twitter party. participate tonight and every wednesday after that from 9-10pm EST by tweeting and following #houseoffab and @justfabonline.
check out the event on facebook here.



you either like it or dislike it.
i don't love it the way i love leopard, but i like it enough to wear it. and it's more about finding pieces in general that work for you, whether it's camo, stripes, or animal prints. this jacket is super thin (like a windbreaker), fits perfectly
(i snagged the small from the store mannequin), and is lighter in color than other camo prints i've seen (so i may even consider it neutral). all of these things make it something
i can wear year round, and that's an oomph-worthy investment.

i'm being featured today at ava grace's closet. if you want to learn more about the mama-me and even catch a glimpse of the minis, head on over and check it out here.

(american eagle camo hooded jacket, buy)

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love my boyfriends.

while we love dressing up in our tight skinny jeans and body conscious pencil skirts and dresses, let's admit...it gets exhausting holding in that tummy all the time. maybe it's the after effects of my holiday eating or maybe i'm just getting lazy, but i've been relying on my boyfriends to make me feel comfortable and at ease. with my boyfriends, my gut doesn't
have to pretend to be something it's not.
you can checkout my other boyfriends here and here.

looking forward to wine night with the neighborhood mamas.
happy aloha friday.

(double cross bracelets via oomph (buy))
(animal print necklace via oomph (buy))
(charly boot, justfab c/o)
(GAPshirt; BR belt; boyfriend shorts via oomph (buy))

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simple is my motto this year.
especially in the wardrobe area;
it has made mornings so much easier.

i have an early meeting tomorrow, so i'm off to bed.

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future is bright.

i have a few cold-weather items hanging in mini-she's closet, and since i rarely have the opportunity to wear them, i get the excitement of something new every time i pull them out.

i wore this cape before with leather shorts and ankle boots.
this time with black coated denim and tall boots.

(house of harlow ring via gilt; bebe necklace)
not a gilt member? click here.
fortune cookie keychain.
a new year's gift from one of the neighborhood moms...
love the little dice. 
(sugarlips cape c/o; pacsun denim; gea boot, justfab c/o)

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