the white jumpsuit.

not gonna lie. kind of having a love affair with white. 

i've always loved whites...the crisp white shirt, the structured white shorts, the summery white dress, the basic white v-neck (even white nail polish!)...all which usually end up in my wardrobe anyways. but now i find myself actually seeking out all things white. 

hence, the white jumpsuit.

a long-sleeved jumpsuit is a whole lotta white, not to mention a huge canvas for food or red wine stains! but i survived a night out with friends listening to a friend play music at o bar in the alohilani resort. food and red wine were involved, but i my jumpsuit made in home unscathed.

are you team white or black?

the o bar is located where the oceanarium restaurant used to be near the lobby of the former pacific beach hotel.

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