printed denim.

tribal print kicks these denims up a notch and adds oomph to an otherwise simple outfit combination. minimal jewelry and basic heels give the printed denim the spotlight, while the bag
adds a touch of fun color.
by the time you read this, i'll be on a plane to kona...
see you back tomorrow.

how was your weekend?

(f21 denim; express sweater; JustFab hudson bag c/o; nine west shoes)

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a week of stripes. archives.

i'm finishing off this week of stripes with some
looks from the archives. this 'a week of' series is a great way for me to assess my wardrobe. i can see what i have enough of, where my voids are, what were worthwhile purchases, and what combinations and styles i tend to repeat. here's what i learned:
1) i have way too many striped dresses.
2) i like to wear stripes with leopard.
3) i have mostly black, white, and navy stripes.
4) i like to wear stripes with cargo vests and military jackets.

hope you enjoyed this week of stripes.
have a great weekend.

in case you missed it:


a week of stripes. weekender.

stripes and cargos for a casual day strolling around town.
a chilly, early morning trip to the farmer's market followed by a hot cup of coffee is what i envision for a nice saturday activity. now, if only we had saturday mornings free...

if you had a free saturday, how would you spend it?

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a week of stripes. workout.

how much do i love stripes?
enough to take them with me on walks.
in the past, i'd take every opportunity to wear my
tiniest tanks when i was out exercising because:
1) for obvious reasons, it's hot.
2) more importantly, i wanted to tan at the same time.
now i'm a little more cautious. we get plenty enough sun around here, and with skin cancers and sun spots, prevention is key. not only do i slather on the spf, but i'll now wear long sleeve tees when doing light exercise, like walking with the kids or walking foxy brown. i grabbed a couple of these from express, one size up so that they are loose-fitting. they are thin enough to stay cool, but provides some coverage when i'm out in the sun. i'll keep the sun-tanning for when i'm actually at the beach. 

three new flavors are being tested, only one will remain on the shelves. cheesy garlic bread was just ok. i would eat it, but probably wouldn't buy it. yvonne said definitely not the
chicken & waffles, so that leaves sriracha.
have you tried any of these? which is your fave?

try these:

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a week of stripes. extreme.

 today it's all about extremes.
nowadays, it seems like anything goes, as long as you are comfortable wearing it. i've mixed stripes of different colors and sizes, and the mix i like best is one where the stripes are close in size and run in the same direction. this provides some uniformity and is easy on the eye.

are you comfortable mixing stripes?
if so, what's your mix?

cute earrings made by my neighbor.
had lunch with a friend at inferno's wood fire pizza. at her recommendation, i ordered the guava smoked pork pizza: guava smoked pork, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, maui onions, and kilauea bbq sauce. normally i don't go for sweet, but the flavor wasn't overwhelming. it was pretty good.
(f21 top, eight sixty skirt)

try these combinations:

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a week of stripes. details.

it's no secret that i love stripes...
and it's been a while since i've done a week of,
so this week it's all about stripes.
 a basic, black and white, long-sleeved tee is a great wardrobe staple. it's a nice layering piece, but also works well on its own. i have several that are very similar, but sometimes a fun detail is what sets one apart from the rest.
think zippers, bows, cut-outs, or elbow patches!

check back this week for more stripey goodness.
how much do you love stripes?

(jcrew shorts; franco sarto shoes; JustFab bag c/o; kangol hat; libi&lola bracelet c/o)

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purple satchel.

it's the bag you never knew you needed.
i kept coming back to this purple hudson bag from JustFab and finally decided to go for it. it exceeded my expectations of a suede-like bag. the quality is great for its price, the color is vibrant, it's lightweight, and the size is perfect...big enough to fit all the essentials, yet small enough to be considered a purse. i was worried about its versatility, but i've paired it with peach, blue, black, and now green and pink...it just works.

this is another crazy weekend for us. tomorrow, after our usual saturday classes, we're heading to my niece's school fair. this is when i let mini-he eat all the cotton candy he wants before letting him jump to his heart's content in the bounce houses. after that we have my daughter's athletic banquet,
and we finish off with mini-he's [flag football] championship
game on sunday.

what's going on in your neck of the woods?

to finish off last weekend's events, we spent two nights helping our neighbor make pasteles, and let me tell you, it's no easy task! from peeling green bananas, to grinding them, to chopping the meat, assembling them, and cooking them, a lot of work goes into these things. and after all that, i forgot to ask for
one to try! have you tried pasteles?
(JustFab Hudson bag c/o; express denim; jcrew shirt; ae jacket)


fur and tassel.

my shoedrobe is in need of a major overhaul. i have black,
brown, gray, and tons of leopard, leaving me with two voids to fill...nudes and brights. those are the colors i'm always wishing i had when i get dressed in the morning. this shanghai wedge from JustFab is nude and has lots of oomph-worthy details. i love the stacked wood detail, the lace-up, and the tassels.

have you showed your support for boston?
scroll down for an opportunity.

foxy brown modeling her fur shoes.
yesterday mini-he turned 5...the orange jello wedges i made for his class were a big hit with the kids (and teachers), and here's the lego cake mini-she made for him.
(JustFab Shanghai wedge c/o; aldo bag; dress, local boutique)

here's a win-win situation.
purchase this red Latrice shoe from JustFab, and 100% of the proceeds will go to one fund boston to help those in need after the recent boston incident.
april 18th, 2013
9:00am PST - 11:59pm PST

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