three down nine to go.

march is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - nope. must really work on this for april.
exercise - rain cancelled a few meet ups, but met with the gang once for a hike, light exercise at home the rest of the time including just dance on the wii.
girl time - check! wine with the neighborhood moms,
 met up with the girls at the beach house.
read - making progress on live wire by harlan coben
one-on-one mini time - check! beach with mini-she.
try something new - check! hiked mau'umae ridge trail,
 instagram (@rockoomph) and pinterest.
fix laptop - nope. but i did get an ipad.
organize posts - check! got in a few seasonal posts including spring nails and st. patrick's day.

 april brings us mini-he's birthday and easter.

how was your march? anything exciting happening for you in april?


fat guy in a little coat.

remember chris farley in tommy boy?
i always think of him in this scene whenever i put on something smallish. i actually gave this shrunken blazer to mini-she to use, but she gave it back, and i'm liking it again. i'm wearing it over one of my favorite dresses. i always feel comfortable when i'm wearing it...it's loose fitting but still has
a shapely bodice, it feels like a slip,
and has just enough lace and frills.

also been looking for an ipad case and can't believe how expensive they are. it's giving me an excuse to use this coach messenger bag that i received years ago to hold my (now outdated) macbook. it's a lot of bag for just the ipad,
but it works for now.

i'm off to mini-she's softball scrimmage, then having wine with the neighborhood ladies. have a wonderful weekend.

(gillie frilly dress via oomph (buy); blazer, max studio (similar);
bag, coach (gift)(similar))

have any ipad case recommendations?
what are you up to this weekend?


seeing double.

yesterday, i showed you a beach look with this dress.
by simply adding a pair of leggings and heels, i'm ready to hit the [beach] town. it's still casual, but at least i won't feel uncomfortable walking into a restaurant. plus, leggings don't wrinkle and won't take up too much room in your packed bags.

this italian wine was recommended by the store when i asked for a reasonable red wine. supposedly italian wines give you the most bang for your buck...so to say. it wasn't my favorite, but not bad either. i used to be able to drink anything, but i may be getting spoiled by my friend's aerator and my neighbor's wine refrigerator...neither of which i have at home!
brie...my favorite cheese. i especially love the outer layer.
what are your favorite cheeses?
if you eat brie, do you like the outside?
(demi drapey dress and leggings via oomph (buy); shoes, jessica simpson)


double duty.

beach. shave ice. shopping. tv. wine...in that order.
spent yesterday with mini-she and her friend since they are on spring break. it's days like these when i need pieces that can carry me throughout the day with just a few minor adjustments. this tunic/dress is one of those versatile pieces. with a few straw accessories and pretty sandals, i'm ready for the beach.
check back tomorrow to see how i kick it up a notch.

i finally convinced myself that i needed an ipad of my own. we have the original one floating around our house that everone shares, but the ipad3 with camera and video is pretty awesome. so, i've jumped on the instagram bandwagon and found that
it's photography on a whole new level. help me find you by
leaving your username. i can be found at: @rockoomph
and, as if that wasn't enough to keep me busy,
i finally registered on pinterest.

i still have no clue as to what i'm doing in both places,
but i just keep pinning and taking pictures.
hope to find you along the way!

(lips, revlon lip butter in #070 cherry tart - applied and blotted (buy))
(demi drapey dress via oomph (buy); neon belt, old navy (similar))


easter candy.

 the result of my recent revlon nail polish purchase combined with the other pastel polishes in my collection. these pretty colors remind me of easter, and smell like it, too. the revlon polish is scented and smells like candy when dry. it was weird (in a good way) at first...everytime my hands came near my face, i could smell it. i caught myself sniffing my fingernails while driving, and it reminded me of that seinfeld episode where jerry was scratching the side of his nose when the girl he was dating pulled up on the other side. he tried to explain that
it was just a scratch, not a pick.
if anyone pulls up alongside me, it's just a sniff...really!

essie turquoise and caicos (buy)(similar)
revlon #325 gum drop (buy)(similar)
essie poppy art pink (buy)(similar)


wish you were here. a video.

 earlier this year, i introduced you to the Wish You Were Here! set from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. this limited edition set includes the Pacific Coast Illumin8 Palette, the HydraFull Gloss in Guava, and the Clear Brow Gel...everything you need to create warm-like-sunsets and cool-like-water beach inspired looks. check out this video to see just how easy it is.

the Wish You Were Here! set ($82 value) retails for $44.
click here to buy.

tell me your thoughts on this video!
have you tried the Wish You Were Here! set?


mini fun + mini haul.

mauka to makai.
(towards the mountains / towards the sea)
last summer, a classmate kept us updated, via facebook photos, on his mauka to makai themed summer in which he took his kids hiking one day, to the beach the next. i thought it was a great idea because it's taking advantage of the two best places here. on sunday, i had a quick meet up at the beach where my friend was renting a beach house. it was perfectly overcast and mini-he had fun playing in the water and sand. monday, i hiked with the gang. if i can go mauka to makai at least once a week,
i'm a happy girl.

where are the best places to be where you live?

one of my favorite [striped] weekend dresses by fighting eel.
my friend's son built this teepee for mini-he.
tons of great driftwood for building forts.

mini drugstore haul.

my two favorites, lovelorn & up the amp, running low.
i hit the drugstore to get some new lashes at 25% off. they turned out to be a steal at $0.63 each...i stocked up. everything revlon was on sale, too, so i decided to try the revlon lip butters in hopes that they might replace my current mac favorites. i also wanted a lilac polish, and revlon's #325 in gum drop was the exact color i wanted.

have you tried these lip butters? and for those who use lashes, can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive ones?
do they last longer?


pb & j + c.

growing up, mornings were always a rush to get ready and on the road for school. in an attempt to give me something nutritious, my dad would at least make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. one day, i remember biting into something unexpected. it was peanut butter and jelly with a slice of cheese. it wasn't horrible, but i was mad...mad that he messed with my pb + j. mad that he messed with my taste buds. when i asked him why he put cheese in my pb + j, he said it was for calcium since i didn't drink milk. i couldn't argue with that.

anyways, i'm loving this tank top.
it's a sweater. it's a racerback. it's super bright.
unfortunately, it had to compete with the bright sunlight in these photos, but the closeups are pretty accurate.
also comes in lilac and white.

have you ever had a pb & j + c? did your parents throw together any weird concoctions for the sake of nutrition?

pb & j + c...
(sweater, old navy (buy); skirt f21)

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just like life.

i met up with the gang yesterday for a morning hike. after three weeks without exercise, this was a great way to jump back in. the mau'umae trail is a ridgeline trail that starts right on the mau'umae ridge at the top of wilhelmina rise. typical of a ridge hike, this trail is a series of narrow, rocky ascents and descents. even as a novice hiker, i thought this trail was fairly simple. however, we only hiked an hour in, and i read that the end has more complex areas. sunny or rainy conditions would certainly heighten the challenge. still, the ups and downs and distance were enough to give me a good sweat. as one of the guys was [jokingly] grumbling about the ups and downs, another chimed in and compared it to life's ups and downs. guys can be so deep sometimes.

these first two photos are from a random google search.
the start of the trail.
looking ahead...
the trail is very narrow. in rainy conditions, it's not advised to go around puddles as the trail literally drops off in certain areas. you spend most of the time looking down, watching your step, that you miss out on the scenery.
one rest stop...the view of palolo valley behind me.
looking back...
some of the rocky areas.

do you like to hike? what's your favorite way to get exercise?
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