two down ten to go.

february is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - nope. blame it on netflix.
exercise - check! met with the gang once a week, light exercise at home the rest of the week, koko head twice.
girl time - check! wine and good eats with the neighborhood moms.
read - started live wire by harlan coben.
one-on-one mini time - check! koko head & shopping with mini-she.
try something new - check! crepes restaurant.
fix laptop - nope. but we did get a new home computer.
organize posts - check! stuck to a few key post dates including some valentines themed posts.

how was your february?

near my sister's house, there's a gas station-turned-restaurants. the turnover is fairly quick since the location isn't ideal, but it is currently occupied by a pizza parlor, a mexican restaurant, and a crepes place. not sure if this place even has a name, but their tiny space is quaint and the owners nice. they offer savory breakfast type crepes and sweet crepes.
romeo et juliette for mostly mini-he and a latte for me.
(dress, local boutique (similar)(similar); shoes, nine west (buy))

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the hunters hunted.

the box was huge, which had me a little worried. i teetered between the short and tall thinking the tall boot might swallow my short legs, but they fit like i expected...a bit roomy, but still absolutely comfortable. i had to throw on a pair of leg warmers to fill up the boot and to keep my legs from slapping the sides, but with jeans tucked in they'll be just fine. the bigger problem will be finding opportunities to wear them.

do you have hunters? how do you wear your rainboots?

cake pop.
(hunter original tall gloss (buy); vest, old navy (similar);
dress, saks off 5th (similar))

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mean girls.

boy, what a weekend.
wore this to mini-she's school banquet on friday night. it was a buffet dinner preceded and followed by tons of raffle ticket giveaways. right off the bat, our family won a jamba juice gift card and a box of girl scout thin mint cookies. the best item was an ipad2 prize pack...and the contest? five people were selected for a temple run play off. mini or i would have
killed it! sadly, we weren't selected.
the banquet was bittersweet. mini-she's been experiencing some tween drama at school. one girl is trying to turn everyone against her, has been spreading rumors about her, and plays nasty jokes on her. in the process, she has lost a few of her good friends and got kicked off a certain table that night. this mama was so ready to confront those mean girls at the banquet and give them a piece of my mind, but thanks to terri and some family members, i kept quiet. so hard to see them go thru this.

saturday was a full day of tournament softball games. mini-she's team played three games, won one. we were in the hot sun from 7am - 3pm. i was secretly glad they lost the last game otherwise we would've had to stay for a fourth game at 5pm.

met up with the gang this morning for our beach workout. we did the beach run four times with resistance band exercises in between each one. i needed to work off all the thin mints i ate, but my legs are not happy.

(dress, local design by gillia via local boutique (similar)(maxi); shoes, nine west)


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black white and bright light.

woke up with a stuffy head, scratchy throat and body aches.
ugh. can't. get. sick. now.
so far it's been manageable and i'm still functioning.

been breaking in the new 'love fury' pumps, and they are quite comfortable to walk in. they must run slightly big because my heel slips once in a while. normally nine west fits me perfectly. nothing a couple of inserts can't cure.
now if only there was a cure for this throat.

by the way, i'm now on google +. anyone else? let's connect.

finally had a chance to make those valentines cupcakes.
(shoes, nine west (buy)(similar); coated denim, pacsun (similar)(similar);
top & jacket, f21 (similar))

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boot-iful shoes.

my apologies for the lack of outfit posts recently.
we've had a bunch of rain in the last couple of weeks which left me in a bit of a slump...resorting to comfy, non-presentable outfits and lots of repeats. fortunately, there have been several additions to the shoe-drobe.
i'm hoping these will walk me out of this rut.

enzo angiolini "alessi" boot in black suede
via ideeli.com (not a member? click here) (buy)
i usually buy tan boots or something close to skin color, and this left a void in my shoe-drobe for basic black shoes. these are the perfect ankle height and the rubber soles are super comfortable. plus, these are actually my size. i rarely find boots in small size 5s...my feet are usually sliding around in size 6s. check out jenn in hers.

hunter original tall boot in navy
via gilt.com (not a member? click here) (buy)
i have been wanting a pair of hunters forever. i couldn't justify buying them knowing they wouldn't get much use here. but you know how you get an itch for something? i had to scratch it. especially when they were $79 at gilt. if only they came
in time for last weeks rain.

nine west "aroundtown" in black suede
as i mentioned above, i am lacking basic black shoes...including a basic plack pump. funny how basics are hard to find. i wanted something with a platform and a chunkier heel. i came across these and thought they were the next best option, and they proved to be very versatile. i later found the love fury below.

nike "air pegasus 28" shoes
it's funny how one person can make up your mind. i wouldn't have given these colorful shoes a second look...until i saw a girl trying them on. she was already dressed in workout clothes, and the shoes looked so good. it was a couple days before i was able to go back and get them. thankfully there was a coupon for $10 off and one size left for me. the flash makes them look really bright. ok, they are really bright. and i'm ok with that.

nine west "love fury" pump in black leather
finally, a great basic black pump. the love fury has a slight platform and a pointed toe that is wide enough to give your toes room to breathe. it does have a stiletto heel, but it was comfortable enough to not be an issue.
this one looks really good in nude, too.

even the minis got new shoes.

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clipix. an [oomph.] discovery.

 when i browse the internet, i use bookmarks to save pages of interest. my list of bookmarks is literally endless, and pages are saved in no organized fashion. i have to scroll through my list every time i want to get to a particular favorite.

enter clipix. a free, new and useful tool for organizing the things we see online everyday. using clipix, i can save anything that i want to come back to from photos and videos to recipes and crafts to even blogs.

what i love is that it's easy to use. after signing up, you add the "clip" button to your favorites bar, then clip away. every article or photo that i clip is stored on a clipboard that is customized and organized by me. privacy settings allow you to share your boards with everyone or keep them just for yourself. you can even search public clipboards and re-clip something you like to your own board. there's even an iphone app so you can take your clipboards with you.

install the "clip" button for easy clipping.

keep clipboards private or visible to all.

i can see myself using this for projects at work. i am constantly surfing the net for furniture pieces, artwork, and inspirational photos. clipix clipboards could keep everything organized by furniture or by rooms or by schemes. mini-he loves to watch videos of bounce houses. he has his favorites which i search for every day. i could clip all his favorite videos on one clipboard for easy access.

if you need help getting organized, clipix may be your answer.
how could clipix help you? what would you use clipix for?

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a somewhat of a repeat outfit...

...seen in a different light.

(shirt, old navy (buy)(similar); skirt, f21 (similar);

what do you think of black and white photography?

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the deets. 02.

as in details.

[1] cute packaging
[2] perfectly worn-in boots
[3] toning shoes
[4] daily essentials
[5] a good sweat
[6] stopping to smell the roses
[7] tall boots + socks
[8] current favorite [silver] necklace

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nature's stairclimber.

the koko crater stairs follow the track of an incline tram system that used to transport supplies to a lookout station in the world war II-era. there are approximately 1,100 steps to the top. it attracts unsuspecting tourists who have no idea what lies ahead (or above, i should say), and has become a popular workout for many locals....hawaii's natural stairclimber.
i did this a couple of times in 2010, and when my workout group said that they wanted to include this as a regular activity, i knew i had to get prepared. so i took mini-she early saturday morning. this was her first time.

driving in, you can see the trail.
it's quite a hike just to get to the trail.
all smiles at the start.
it begins.
400...this is when you ask yourself WHY you're doing this.
mini on the verge of throwing up.
after resting for a while, she pushed on.
the bridge.
after the bridge begins the super steep incline to the top.
the section i call...death.
1,000...the light at the end of the tunnel.
the natural air conditioning and views make it all worth it.
view of hanauma bay.
view of hawaii kai.
looking down.
can be tricky coming down when your legs feel like jello.
look at this cute guy blazing down!
 woohoo! feeling good.
next stop? lunch!
poke salad.

as luck would have it, the gang chose the
stairs for our tuesday workout.
twice in one week.
no, twice in four days.
01 09 10