weekend in photos.

sunny saturday.
they recently changed the fence at my mom's rooftop pool. it used to be a super high, slatted fence that you couldn't see out of. now it's this beautiful glass railing that lines the entire perimeter of the roof. i love to go up there and just look out...
  • coffee
  • found the greenish polish i wanted for spring
  • lots of denim
  • grocery shopping
  • recycled for a new m.a.c. lipstick, "lovelorn"
  • tennis with my 8yr old niece
  • reading "The Host" 
essie "turquoise & caicos"
(dress, arden b; jeans, roxy)

*UPDATE: lipstick color is lovelorn, not forlorn...duh.



ain't no hobo.

i had big plans for these pin-striped sailor jeans....big plans.
was excited to show them to you.
got ready, ran out the door...only to remember the reason why i haven't worn these brand new jeans yet is because it is missing a button. crap.
no time or energy to rethink a new outfit, just grabbed something, anything long to cover the missing button.
ran into an acquaintance on the way to the office:
him: you don't work today?
me: i do.
him: wow, you can dress all hobos to work?
me: *insert weird beavis & butthead laugh here...uh-huh-huh-huh*
him: nah, i go to work like this too (pointing to his baggy cargos and t-shirt)

um, excuse me...this is my good t-shirt. lol. so i threw on this vest, which i had in the car, and my huge round sunglasses to complete my hobo look.
sailor pants will have to make its debut another day. ahoy.

(jeans & tee, f21; vest, gift)



someone commented a few weeks ago that
i had reached my 100th post.
guess i wasn't paying attention...
so, thanks for recognizing that.
here's a mini giveaway to celebrate this mini milestone.

csn stores is offering one of my readers a $20 gift certificate good toward any product on any of their sites (excludes shipping). with over 200 stores, you can find everything from bedding, to kids' furniture and toys, to modern bar stools, to lighting, to fitness equipment, and even shoes!
i already have my eye on a few things to clean up my out-of-control closet.

as always, i appreciate all who follow and i use my giveaways to get to know you better. to enter, simply be a follower here and leave a comment with the following:
1) i love having a signature accessory. currently, it is my "lone star" cuff which
i now have in silver and gold.
what's your signature or go-to accessory?

2) your email address

ends friday, february 4th. one winner picked at random.

*this giveaway is for u.s. and canadian residents only*
for the rest of you, not to worry....i have something for you coming up right after this.
stay tuned!


the half of it.

a fitted, knee length pencil skirt is a staple in my work wardrobe. along with well-fitting slacks like these here, it's what i feel most comfortable in at the office. and some super high heels give it just the right amount of oomph.

i was thrilled to get this tiny little package in the mail today. again, in a record three days. the box, which isn't much bigger than my hand, contained a couple sunglasses and a necklace. if only everyone could ship as economically and efficiently as this. yes, i'm still bitter about my lost asos package.
i suppose these glasses are inspired by chanel's half-tint glasses, but i first saw them on a blogger and thought they were quite comical. in a good way.
i couldn't resist.

(top, local boutique; skirt, bcbg; shoes, jessica simpson)



i'm not your grandma.

i'm ever-so-slightly obsessed with these silky pussybow tops, but i can't find them anywhere. finally found one and it's in the wrong-est of browns. if only i had cream or lighter colored pants, the brown would seem less muddy. but i don't.

good news: my new danys, in gray snake, and leopard floppy hat from jessica simpson came in record time, as promised.
three days to be exact.

bad news: my would-have-been-first-purchase-ever-from-asos officially got lost in the mail. they are refunding my payment. argh. can't they just re-send the stuff?!
good-bye, knuckle ring.
so long, platform studded boots.
guess we were never meant to be.

(pants, bebe; top, nordstrom rack; shoes and floppy, jessica simpson)


got my 45 on.

no outfits this weekend.
with the sun high in the sky, it was all about the kids.
and all we wanted to do was play.
morning coffee at the park.
frolicking at one of my favorite beaches.
wahoo's for lunch.
movie night.

(swimsuit, vix; fedora, joe boxer; floppy hat, jessica simpson; sweater, f21)
#11 banzai bowl w/flame-broiled chicken and a side of
chips and salsa, please.
totally high-larious. great family movie.
(photo: random google search)



baubles + bangles.

this sweater and this skirt were two lukewarm purchases, bought solely for the purpose of adding florals and color to my wardrobe. guess this outfit kills two birds with one stone.

i have yet to set foot in an h&m store, but my sister bought me this ring while on vacation. great thing about gifts is that you sometimes receive things you wouldn't normally buy...and it's fun to work these into your own style.

and my daughter bought me this gold "lone star" bracelet. she wanted to pay with her own money. so sweet. i bought it in silver a while back and it has since become a default. you'll see it in almost evvvry post, like here and here.

(sweater & skirt, f21)
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