healthy market CBD cooling lotion.

all my life i've slept on my back, hands on my chest and barely moving throughout the night. for some reason, probably a combination of cold overnight temperatures + bad pillows, i've been curled up in the fetal position on my side. as a result, i'm experiencing tension in my neck and aches in my shoulder.

CBD is known to help alleviate pain by calming inflammation, so i was excited to finally try a topical lotion. healthy market's products are non-gmo, gluten free, lab tested, cruelty free and have no pesticides, plus test results for each batch are available on their website...all super important when it comes to the quality of your CBD.

this zero thc hemp extract cooling lotion does just that...cools and soothes your tense muscles with a slightly addictive mint smell. but don't let that soothing scent fool ya...soon enough you'll start to feel the heat. i can imagine this cooling lotion would feel nice on the leg muscles after a long run or workout.

you can rub in 1-2 pumps depending on your level of discomfort or pain.

(400mg cooling lotion, gifted)

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