skater dress.

yes, i'm still wearing red shoes.
have i convinced you that they go with everything?

spent some QT with mini-she this past weekend, lunching and shopping as girls do. been wanting to try this place that opened up near my office, so our first stop was fresh cafe. the food was delicious, but i was most impressed with the coffee. we spent the rest of the afternoon trying on swim suits for mini-she, and i happened to find this dress on the clearance rack at a local boutique. it was a good day.

have a productive and healthy weekend,
and i'll see you all after the color run!

best iced coffee i've had in a while.
turkey + cranberry sandwich on a croissant and chicken ceasar salad.
(dress via local boutique; enzo angiolini shoes; thrifted jacket)

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rocking feathers in my hair.
a fairly neutral outfit with some splashes of orange-red throughout. this clutch was a gift from my friends over at sisters marie, the creators of Because I Shop Too Much. do check out their amazing site if you are looking to swap or sell your clothes, or if you are interested in some great deals on new and pre-loved items. with summer coming to an end, this is the perfect time to update your closet for fall.

i haven't done a FLIXology in a while,
so scroll down for a must see.

do you swap, sell, or buy second hand clothes?
if so, which app or site do you use?

(gap jacket; f21 denim; enzo angiolini shoes; top via local shop)

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this series follows a seemingly normal, young, white woman imprisoned for a crime she committed over ten years ago. there is so much emotion, comedy, and drama as the story of each inmate unfolds. there are characters you love and ones you love to hate, but they are all an integral part of the story line. my reaction to the season finale? holy, holy $hit! OMFG! the question still unanswered...does prison change a person, or does it make them realize who they really are?


striped maxi skirt.

an almost wordless wednesday.

a casual outfit that i will likely be living in on the weekends.
heck, i might even wear this to work.

on labor day, i'll be doing the Run or Dye 5k;
it will be my first color run.
suggestions or tips from any veterans? what to wear, etc.?

spoiled again by a co-worker...almond float.
(JustFab Gallerista bag c/o; steve madden slippers; tank and skirt via local shop)

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red + leopard.

red + leopard is one of my favorite combinations.
not sure if red makes the leopard pop, or if leopard makes the red pop...either way, the two always seem to work nicely together. after realizing that all my pencil skirts are black,
i picked out this red one from Foymall. i particularly liked
the detail at the waist.

a few things to consider when shopping at Foymall:
- read the descriptions carefully, and research the materials. familiarize yourself with some of the blends in your own closet so you will know exactly what you are purchasing.
- always check the measurements provided. i assumed "free size" to mean one size fits all, but this skirt is tight. i'm a size 0, and this skirt fits like a 00-0 or XS/S.
- when in doubt, just ask. drop them an email or
use their live chat feature.

tell me one of your favorite combinations.

thai coffee + blueberry cream cheese bread pudding.
(skirt c/o foymall; ON shirt; JustFab bag c/o; enzo angiolini shoes via nordstrom rack)

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an [oomph] review. kiwi crate.

i was provided one kiwi crate to share with mini-he.
all opinions are 100% his. and mine!

if you have kids in your life, whether your own, or nieces and nephews, or your friends' kids, you'll want to read on. subscription boxes have been popping up like crazy, and this is one you will want to subscribe to. it's called Kiwi Crate.

kiwi crate was created as a way to 'celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity'. each crate contains 2-3 age-appropriate projects with all the necessary materials.
your child provides the imagination!

the theme of our Kiwi Crate was Wonders of Water,
and the activities included:
Floating Sailboat.
assemble a colorful sailboat, then learn to steer it
in the tub or pool
Watercolor Animals.
created vibrant sea creature art with color diffusing paper
and your own spray bottle
Water Experiments.
investigate surface tension and buoyancy with
included bonus materials

here's mini-he making watercolor animals.
our plant was perfect for drying our animals!

view this on you tube here.
check out the second part of this activity here.

our thoughts:
we absolutely loved this.
the best part was that the crate included all the necessary materials needed to do each project. (sometimes we were asked to provide water or pennies, things anyone would have at home.) the graphics were cute and simple, and the instructions were easy to follow. my son loved the two activities we did so far, and coincidentally, the water experiments lined up perfectly with
the science he was learning in school! 

crates start as low at $16.95/month.
you can buy 6-12 month subscriptions or purchase single crates; these would make great kids' gifts.
visit their website for more information.

have you tried kiwi crate?
if you have kids, would you consider kiwi crate?


a week of red heels. stripes.

i'm ending this week of red heels with stripes.
i was worried red stripes would be too matchy with red shoes, but i think bringing in a third color, the camel [bag], nicely balances the red + white. so what did i learn from this week of red heels? i learned that bold red shoes are very versatile!

can we talk about this bag? isn't it JustFab?
no, really, it's JustFab's Gallerista. it's another fave for two reasons...it's soft, and more importantly, it's not heavy. it also comes in black and burgundy which i'm considering for fall.

have a great weekend.

(enzo angiolini heels; JustFab Gallerista bag c/o; top via local boutique)

try this look:

in case you missed it:

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a week of red heels. sweatshirt.

i love the idea of a casual sweatshirt paired with dressy heels.
i envisioned a longer, knee-length, DIY denim cutoff (higher the stiletto, longer the hemlines in my book), but i never got around to that DIY. i made do with this pair, but you get the idea behind this casual / dressy juxtaposition.

did you hear about the elementary school clerk in georgia who persuaded a gunman to turn himself in? i'm sure she was hella scared, but she kept her cool and protected the lives of 800+ children. i literally teared up listening to the 911 recordings. kudos to that amazing woman.

what is your favorite fashion juxtaposition?

my favorite is the dark chocolate dipped coconut cookie.
(zara sweatshirt; enzo angiolini heels; JustFab bag c/o;
aeropostale shorts; ray-ban sunglasses)

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