yesterday, i came across yet another blog going on hiatus.
this is the fourth one announced in the year i've been blogging, not to mention countless others that have just quietly disappeared. and although we've never personally met, we've connected on some level and saw each other on a weekly basis. i can't help but feel a little sad. kinda like when your favorite lip color is discontinued. sure, new [blog] friends will be made, but the ones that leave us will be missed.

so, it got me thinking...what are your plans for your blog?
do you have a time frame or are you just going with the flow? maintaining a blog is hard work....do you ever feel
like quitting?

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weak link.

i was in banana republic on black friday checking out the jewelry when a lady came by holding a beautiful tortoise shell + gold chain link necklace. i told her it was pretty and went off to look for it. i couldn't find it. next thing i knew, she was at the counter next to me asking the sales clerk if they had another one because she wanted to hook it together to make a long necklace. there was one more behind the counter (darn, i should have asked), and then the lady proceeded to hook them together and try it on. she kept humming and hawing in front of the mirror. i mean, just get it already. or give one up.

while picking up some earrings for mini-she at claire's, i found this necklace on the clearance rack with an additional 75% off. came out to $1.75 or something crazy like that.
who's the weak link now? not me.
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baubles and layers.

things i'm loving as of late...
big bauble-y necklaces.
chain links.
a great arm party mix.
thin oversized sweaters.
candy colored nails.

hope you had a great [thanksgiving] weekend.
i enjoyed my four-day weekend which consisted of eating and shopping and a bonus movie. in a theater. and it wasn't a cartoon. black friday went well. it started at 3:45am and ended around 5pm. seven of those hours were spent shopping, and i was literally a walking zombie by noon. waking up that early has just as much consequences as staying up late. but, i did score a few things that were on my list and a few things unexpected...like this necklace. $10 after sale price and additional black friday discount.  

(black stretch bracelet, express (buy)(similar))
i've been stalking these word bracelets online forever,
so i was ecstatic to find them locally.
of course they were excluded from black friday sales.
oh wells...at least i saved on shipping.
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a successful black friday...even got a few gifts!
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gobble gobble.

just wanted to wish you all a happy thanksgiving!
thanksgiving will be at my house this year, so tonite will be spent prepping food and cleaning the house. tomorrow will be an all day food fest with the usual holiday fare...turkey, honey glazed ham, baked yams (with the marshmallows on top),
green beans, and lots of pumpkin pie.
on friday, i'm braving the crowds. this is the first time i actually have the day off, so i'm meeting up with my friend bright and early. it's been years since i've been black friday shopping early in the morning. hopefully it's not too crazy. yeah, right!

other than my gold tory burch flats, my shoes are either slippers or five-inch heels. i needed to find another pair of casual flats, so i got these etienne aigner hank moccasins from ideeli. $15 after using a credit i had earned. i also had an orange tank top on until it got dirty. this one doesn't have as much contrast with the rusty blazer, but oh wells...sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

pumpkin crunch from mini-he's thanksgiving luncheon at school.
(shoes, etienne aigner (buy black/brown))
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i'm not sure how to describe these pants, but parachute is the first thing that comes to mind. you know the baggy kind with the elastic band on the bottom? these tend to have way too much material, but this one was slim, and the length was perfect. i pulled them up a bit here with a chunkier heel, but also wore them down with stilettos and an oversized sweater.
$15 at pacsun.

with black friday fast approaching, i've been scouring the web to see what kind of deals are going to be available and what's up for grabs. some of you mentioned that you don't recognize black friday in your city/country, but there's always the web! i've started to put some of my favorite links in the
sidebar for easy access. check them out.

wide silver bracelet, f21.
turquoise necklace used as belt, gift.
stretch beaded bracelets c/o jackie's mark eboutique.
(top, local boutique; pants, pacsun (buy)(similar); shoes, aldo;
fedora, joe boxer (similar))


a bull market.

pacsun bullhead black denim.
the best skinny jeans ever.
i know i'm a huge advocate of flares and bells, but we all have to have some skinny in our wardrobes, and these are it. they are the perfect length with just the right amount of bunch at the bottom, they keep their shape throughout the day...no bulging knees, and the best reason is that even though they are super fitted, the waist is cut loose so there is no muffin top. you don't have to size up and compromise the skinny fit.
they have colors, prints, and destroyed varieties
for $49.50 each or two for $69.
put these on your black friday wishlist.

who's going to brave the black friday crowds?
you can't be in several places at once,
so what place is at the top of your list?

(denim; pacsun (buy)(colors); sweater, f21 (similar);
wristlet, coach (similar); shoes, nine west)


morning dew.

every once in a while i like to play around with my camera, learn a new setting or two, and there's no better place to practice than my yard...especially in the morning when everything is still covered with dew.

warning: objects in lens are closer than they appear.
so i'm looking thru my camera zoom lens at a lizard on the fence, trying to steady my hand and focus. i was already in close proximity, so with my zoom lens, i was right up against that lizard. i was watching him intensely and he was intensely watching me...or so i thought. in a split second he disappeared behind the fence and came back out with a HUGE cockroach in his mouth. scared me to death. blech. yuck. i almost dropped my camera. it's safe to say i didn't get the shot.
it was a little too close for comfort.

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