one down eleven to go.

january is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - at least once a week. it's a start.
exercise - check! meet with the gang once a week then light exercise at home the rest of the week.
girl time - check! met up twice.
read - finished a book i started months ago.
one-on-one mini time - nope.
try something new - check! yoga.
fix laptop - nope.
organize posts - nope.

how was your first month of 2012?

iced coffee and a chocolate chunk cookie make
the afternoon traffic bearable.
(shirt, j crew; vest, old navy; denim, abercrombie & fitch (similar);
boots, nine west (similar))


pretty bird.

just showing off these beautiful earrings that i won in a recent giveaway hosted by teresa at delightfully darling. i've always loved the rich, vibrant colors found in peacock feathers. these shoulder dusters add just enough oomph to this simple outfit.

met up with the gang this morning for a yoga session at the beach park. it was my first ever experience with yoga. i stretched muscles i didn't know existed, i twisted my body in ways...well, you get the picture. as someone who never saw yoga as a worthy form of exercise, i may have to eat my words.
i'm hurting, i did break a tiny sweat, and best of all...
i was challenged.

have you tried yoga?

(earrings, express (similar); bag, h&m (gift)(similar);
bracelet, lee angel via ideeli)
this picture wasn't from today, but this is where we had our yoga session...facing the ocean.
(top, local boutique; pants, ann taylor (similar)(similar),
slippers via ideeli (similar))

links a la [oomph.] 04.

i came across these cards in a recent issue of martha stewart and was attracted to its handsome packaging. there's something appealing about the simplicity of things wrapped in brown paper, don't you think? but more importantly, this eco edition deck, made from sustainable forest papers and vegetable inks, is fully recyclable from the cards to the case. a fun way to go green and a great gift idea for those eco-conscious friends.

we love to play cards around here...frustration, speed, rummy, crazy eights, poker, solitaire...you name it, we play it. not only is it fun, but it's a great way to keep your brain healthy and active. engaging in card games, crosswords, and other puzzles stimulates the mind, helps it to function properly, and even wards off illnesses like alzheimer's disease.

$4.99 for a single deck.
buy here.


on the fence.

i've never been one to schedule appointments at set intervals ahead of time. instead of getting that trim every six to eight weeks, i end up calling in desperation eight months later. especially with long hair, it's easy to throw it up in a bun everyday and not realize it's out of control.
this is where i'm at today.
i have a long overdue hair appointment on sunday, and i'm once again faced with the dilemma of what to do...go short or just get a trim. years ago, i worked at a salon and had many styles of bobs...blunt, asymmetrical, shaved up the back, graduated, with bangs, without bangs...and, i loved it. it was addicting. i kept wanting to go shorter. but, my hairstyle tends to influence the way i dress, and i feel there's a certain attitude and style that goes along with those styles. possibly a bit more...polished? i'm not sure i'm ready to give up the carefree boho vibe of my wide-leg flares and denim cut-offs just yet.

what do you think?
does your hairstyle affect your clothing choices?

whole macadamias covered in chocolate.
(jumpsuit, INC; vest, old navy (similar); boots, f21; ring, blue vanilla)

some possiblities that compromise a bob and my current long layers:

hair photos: random google search


[oomph] eats. poke salad.

come to any local gathering and you're guaranteed to find poke...among many other local favorites. while poke (po-keh) is usually associated with fresh cubed ahi, you can make it with almost anything today...tofu, lobster, fishcake, octopus, and one of my favorites, crab. all you need is a few ingredients to get that signature poke sauce, and you're minutes away from a healthy dish.

i had some leftover (store bought) imitation crab and fishcake poke from this past weekend and it was the perfect topping
for a fresh green salad.

greens from our garden.
i added sliced cabbage for crunch, then drizzled with olive oil.
top with your favorite poke.
a healthy lunch.

most recipes will be some version of this:

1-2 lbs. fresh ahi tuna (or your favorite seafood), cubed
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 cup chopped green onions
toasted sesame seeds
hawaiian salt to taste
red crushed pepper flakes, optional
chopped ginger and/or garlic, optional
chopped macadamia nuts, optional
toss ingredients, chill and serve.


orange dreamsicle.

this is the probably the one coat that i own, and i've had it for over ten years. i'd love to wear it more often, but our weather just doesn't allow for anything like this.
it's black velour and quite heavy.

this weekend my friend got me hooked on a drink that i now call the orange dreamsicle. it's a screwdriver (orange juice + vodka) made with pinnacle whipped vodka. the flavored vodka makes the consistency seem creamy and thick. the following day, i ran out and got two bottles...one to replenish my friend's stock and one for me. i've been indulging in orange dreamsicles all week.

(coat, xoxo; denim, pacsun; shoes, victoria's secret; blazer, xoxo)

professional sportswriter, pj, has difficulty finding love in her world of sports and boys. her tomboyish approach to relationships and her inability to separate from her predominantly male group of friends often intimidated potential suitors. the show mostly took place in her apartment or at their favorite neighborhood bar where the gang chit-chatted over random nothingness. it was a pleasant show with eccentric characters and its share of good laughs. for my ability to relate to having best guy-friends, this gets a:



the lovely danielle of danielle celeste sent me one of her beautiful, handmade originals...this asymmetrical burnout cardigan. the lighting in my photos doesn't do it justice, but it's a beautiful ivory color, and the lightweight material makes it a versatile piece for this warm-weathered state. i look forward to working it into my current wardrobe.
thanks, danielle!

by the way, this is the package that took over one month to get here. i included a picture of the postage date for proof.
have faith in the postal system, my friends.

so blogger finally added a "reply" button to our comments. it's nice to have the option to respond to your comments directly. but, i'm curious...do you re-visit posts to read replies? do you subscribe to comments? or do you prefer a response via email or on your blog?

arrived january 18, 2012.
carrot cake...mini-he chose this because of the "white stuff".
the boy loves his frosting.
(cardigan, c/o danielle celeste (buy); dress, american apparel (similar);
shoes, nine west (buy))

find these and more favorites at currently obsessed.


kung hei fat choi.

today's workout: alternating beach runs and stand up paddling.
the weather and water conditions were perfect,
but i'm feeling the pain in my shoulders and legs now.
how did you start off your week?

last weekend we went downtown for chinese new year festivities.
several blocks of chinatown were closed off allowing people to roam the streets lined with food and vendor booths. it was crowded making it difficult to take photos, but it's everything you would expect to see...chinese lanterns, lots of jade, red paper goods, and good food. and, of course, it wasn't complete without the lion dances. plus, i just love the architecture and character of the buildings.

last week, it seemed many bloggers were asking some form of the question, "what is your go-to outfit?", and my comments were all the same...denim flares, heels, and a sweater + shirt combo. when i'm running late, i reach for some version of this combination and always feel good. 

(top to bottom: bracelets, f21 (buy); bcbgeneration (similar); banana republic;
ring, erica anenberg via ideeli (similar)) 
love the loft spaces upstairs.
jade jewelry galore.
the iconic hawaii theater.
this is all mini-he wanted.
the crowds.
red lanterns and good-luck paper goods.
(sweater, old navy (similar); denim, express (similar); shirt, hollister (similar);
bag, gucci; shoes, jessica simpson (similar))

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