egg or eos.

it's a bird.
it's a plane.
it's an egg.
it's an eos.
can you tell the difference? haha.

these eos lip balms were on mini-she's wish list, so i eventually bought her one for girl's day. when i saw this 5-pack at my local costco, i knew it would make the perfect "egg" for her easter basket.  i mean, a teen-aged girl would be thrilled to get an easter basket full of eos lip balms instead of jelly beans...don't you think?

happy easter.

do you celebrate easter? if so, how do you celebrate?

for mini-she.
for mini-he.
my butter london nudes finally arrived.
every once in a while i come across a nail polish color that i absolutely must have, and i go on a crazy mission to find said color (last time it was a concrete gray; here and here). i've been looking for a nude polish and didn't hesitate when i saw this collection from butter london. plus their 'buy 2 get 1 free' promo (at the time) sealed the deal. this is my first time using butter london polishes, and i'm interested to see how long they will last on my nails. so far i am loving tea & toast.
the color is just what i expected.
egg or eos?
(shandy, crumpet, tea & toast)

in case you want to try them:

(silverspeck ring c/o)


spring break day.

after working for a couple weeks straight on a project at work,
i managed some time off and surprised the minis by spending the last day of their spring break with them. i woke them up bright and early to eat breakfast, then we threw on our shoes and headed to ko olina resort. we took a cool morning walk on the path along the five lagoons, then took a dip in the water and soaked up some sun. the weather was beautiful, and the water was crystal clear. 

after, we headed to a nearby shopping center, had lunch at subway (mini-he's choice), and picked up some much needed shorts
for the ever-growing mini-she.

after being home all week, mini-he was so happy that i spent the day with them. he kept saying over and over what a good time he had...doing all the things we did...with me.
good times.

what's on your agenda for the weekend?


pearlescent mint + hoop earrings.

pastels and florals...it doesn't get any more spring-y than this.
even though i already have a pair of mint cargos, i liked that these denims had a pearlescent sheen to them.
you can see it in the detail shot below.

i just wanted to drop in and say hi again. things are still busy at work, but i'm slowly catching up around here. i never really pay attention to the seasons because it's pretty much summer year-round where i live...but it's been rainy for the past few weeks. there's even a flash flood warning for 6pm tonight. guess this is what you might call spring showers.
hopefully they bring may flowers.

(SilverSpeck 18k gold plated diamond accent hoop earring c/o)
i love that the diamonds are on the inside of the hoop since that's the part we see. makes sense, right?
the minis had some QT of their own...
i brought out these rocks [in the yard] so that mini-he could drive them around in his dump truck, but it started to rain. so in the house they came and out came the paint. on sunday they painted one side and let them dry. monday, they painted the other side. TWO days these rocks kept them busy. who knew?!  
(JustFab signature skinny in pearlescent mint c/o; old navy vest)



just wanted to say hi.
it's been a busy work week for me with a deadline fast approaching on friday. yet, i had to take time off to take mini-he to the doctor and help out at his school yesterday, and tomorrow i have to work at mini-she's school fun fair.
so...it's all business this week with the time I have left. miss you guys and will catch up on your blogs this weekend.

today's casual mix.
bear all up in my business.

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whites and brights.

i have always loved the look of a crisp, white pantsuit.
unfortunately, they are difficult to buy. the pants need to fit perfectly, and the proportions need to be just right. since i recently found some white jeans that i love, i've been pairing it with my white blazer to create a makeshift pantsuit. i'm wearing it here with bright colors...a pink sweater and these awesome blue marne heels from JustFab.

black is always a classic, but white is forever fresh.
will you be rocking black or white?

cupcakes we make last weekend for a friend's party.
hamburger cupcakes...
yellow cupcakes cut in half for the buns, chocolate cupcake slices for the burger, and colored frosting for the ketchup, lettuce,
and mayo.  
sundae cupcakes...
marshmallow halves for the scoops of ice cream, then decorate.
popcorn cupcakes...
mini marshmallows snipped at the top. you can brush with yellow food coloring for "butter" or torch lightly for a toasted look, but we ran out of time.
(guess denim; justfab marne heels c/o; rampage blazer; inpink necklace)

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the bold cuff.

bold cuff bracelets are all the rage this year.
this 2013 trend works with my resolution to simplify,
using a single cuff to accessorize my outfits.
one is all you need to make a statement.

dressing for work is a piece of cake with this black sheath dress.
it's an instant outfit and one that i always feel good in. plus, it transitions easily from day to night simply by swapping out your everyday bag for an evening clutch.

will you go bold with a statement cuff?

took a day trip to kauai for work on friday.
i always look forward to reading the airline magazine...it highlights hawaii businesses
(and individuals) and the inspirational stories of how
they got their start.
happy hour drinks at the airport while waiting for our flight home.
"jack & coke, please!"
(f21 dress; nine west shoes)

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leprechaun sprinkles o'lyin.

just dropping in to say happy st. patrick's day.
you may o'may not have seen this floating around the web o'sphere but i thought it was a bit o'fun. tell me what your leprechaun name is in the comments!

i believe i wore this dress in a previous st. patty's day post, but it's because this is one o'the few green things i have. o'well.

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