egg or eos.

it's a bird.
it's a plane.
it's an egg.
it's an eos.
can you tell the difference? haha.

these eos lip balms were on mini-she's wish list, so i eventually bought her one for girl's day. when i saw this 5-pack at my local costco, i knew it would make the perfect "egg" for her easter basket.  i mean, a teen-aged girl would be thrilled to get an easter basket full of eos lip balms instead of jelly beans...don't you think?

happy easter.

do you celebrate easter? if so, how do you celebrate?

for mini-she.
for mini-he.
my butter london nudes finally arrived.
every once in a while i come across a nail polish color that i absolutely must have, and i go on a crazy mission to find said color (last time it was a concrete gray; here and here). i've been looking for a nude polish and didn't hesitate when i saw this collection from butter london. plus their 'buy 2 get 1 free' promo (at the time) sealed the deal. this is my first time using butter london polishes, and i'm interested to see how long they will last on my nails. so far i am loving tea & toast.
the color is just what i expected.
egg or eos?
(shandy, crumpet, tea & toast)

in case you want to try them:

(silverspeck ring c/o)


Shybiker said...

You find the neatest stuff. I like your aesthetic taste. You're like the cool girl I wish I was friends with in high school. :)

Unknown said...

I love that Butter London nail colour - it's gorgeous! I'd not heard of that brand before.
Happy Easter, I've just had a lovely Easter dinner.


Reaction said...

How cute is eos!but I have a question can you push it outside when it comes to the end of its surface?

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to try butter london nail polishes but they are a bit pricy for me. The shades are really cute though


Call me M said...

I'm sure mini-she will love them! I really loved the nude nail polishes you bought!
We celebrate Easter, but as Orthodox Christians we do on May 5th this year.

Yvonne said...

ooh i've never tried butter nail polishes before. do they last long? my nails seem to chip really easily.


Unknown said...

Yes, I do want to try that nail polish! I need something closer to my skin tone, since I can only wear complementary nail polish colors when I'm in uniform. Hope you had a Happy Easter! And I didn't "celebrate" Easter, but I would have loved to get an Easter Egg with eos lip balm in it. -Jessica L

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Happy Easter. I love EOS balls. I would take them over eggs


happy easter to you too! omg i love butter nail polish!!


♥ Ellen
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Butter's crumpet colour is one of my favourites! I love the toast colour on you! The lip balm is the cutest, I've not tried this one. Happy Easter! /Madison

welldressedmaker said...

what a cute idea to use the balms as eggs! I LOVE eos and wish I had all the flavors! :) Also, I really LOVE that butter shade! Must look for it now!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

welldressedmaker said...

ps. I can definitely make a flower pin! Just let me know what color :)

Harija said...

Really cute =)
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Elle Sees said...

i keep my eos in a champagne coupe glass! i instagrammed it, lol.

susan jakovina said...

Completely obsessed with the eos lip balms! They are so cute and love the way they go on.
I haven't tried butter polish yet..keep us posted on longevity! xo

J. said...

I haven't tried Butter but I like the colors you chose!
And Eos...Such a great idea for any gal's Easter basket!

jackie jade said...

love these nail colors! never tried eos before, but i might have to :)
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

SpryOnTheWall said...

I love EOS, but I quickly discovered I'm allergic to something in them. Stinks because they feel and smell so good! I still want to try some Butter polish!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

The toast shade looks amazing on you Becks! You know I love my Butter London. I was quite pleased with all 3 shades. I've never tried EOS! Will definitely put that on my list. Glad everyone had a great Easter.

Loves Happy Hour said...

OMG! I Just got these for my niece and put it in her Easter basket too! She told me that she had 1 and that she really liked it, so it was an automatic Easter treat for her! I tried it and I'm thinking of stealing hers or going back to costco and getting my own! I hope they still have it!! I love the nail polish!!

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