[oomph] adventures. kolekole pass.

last weekend we ventured just a few miles from home to this gem of a location. kolekole pass is located on a military base in central oahu. this hike is short and quick (15-20 minutes) with rewarding views of wai'anae valley. since the trail is only open on certain weekends, we took advantage and came back a second time. all of these photos were taken with my iphone6 using a hitcase waterproof/shockproof case and a trueLUX™ super wide angle lens.

do you have any hidden gems near your home?

first lookout facing north.
the trail isn't supposed to be open when there is live fire, but we heard live fire when we were there!
the steepest part of the trail, a couple short flights of stairs.
we took a wrong turn and ended up here...
...but later found the real spot!
day #2, late morning.
day #1, evening sunset.



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