fringe on the fritz.

many of you had kind words for the baby bird.
sadly, it died.

i'm not sure what possessed me to buy this blanket sweater last year for those winter months which never came. it looked good on the 5'-9" model. but then again, what doesn't look good on a
5'-9" model? i wore it out of the house a few times, but it's just too hot here.

on this day, i was just playing around with my camera and the fringes, but you can see how i actually wore it here.

what were you suckered into buying just because it looked good on the model/mannequin?

(sweater, shae via ideeli.com)
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the ups and downs of it.

sometimes we just blitz through life without stopping to appreciate...life.
we forget to look up.
we forget to look down.
we forget to look around us.
or maybe we are looking, but just not seeing

we hastily blow bubbles and pop them, but do we ever look up
to see the ones that got away.
i walk past this fence everyday to feed my dogs, but never look around to see the things that are probably seeing me.
the tree in our backyard.
we never looked up long enough to see that the birds were nesting...until it was too late and the branch fell down, injuring the babies.

me: the bird is hurt. he needs to rest.
mini-he: he's just going to read the paper?

what did you see today?


crisis in disguise.

keeping it short today as i'm dealing
with a crisis at the office.

this used to be one of my favorite striped dresses.
it has cute diagonal insets at the waist...but
i've slacked on exercising and have become too self conscious
to wear it.

found an unexpected solution with this crochet top.
it hides camouflages just enough but still allows
the stripes to show thru.
and, of course, i had to throw in some leopard.

confessions of a mirror.

 these colors make me think of white sandy beaches,
crystal clear waters, and sorbet.
nothing like the kind of weekend we had here.
the rain put a damper on our plans, but i was finally able to tackle the jewelry/junk drawer i've been meaning to clean out. pictures to follow.

on another note, i received a super sweet "just because" card from one of my besties this weekend. to my friend, "L"...
if you're reading, love ya and miss ya.

first layer, essie sand tropez 
 second layer, jordana lemon tropic # 905
third layer, essie tart deco
(jade bracelet, gift; others, DIY)


you are what you eat.

there once was a person in my life who
used to always buy me t-shirts.
not sure why, because i never used to wear t-shirts.
i'm pretty finicky about my tees, but i generally like them oversized or at least loose-fitting.

anyways, this tee kind of says it all.
it's scary all the crap junk food we've been eating lately.
and the rainy weather has not been conducive to
our work out schedule either.

happy aloha friday!

apple juice ice pops
at some point between this picture and the one below,
i lost one of the little nubbies on my ring.
you can see the middle piece kinda hanging below.
sad day.
air popped popcorn and kakimochi with lotsa buttah
mom's chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
(jacket, american rag; denim, express; tee, junk food (gift); bag, zappos)


experimenting with extremes. stripes.

put stripes on something and it's likely to catch my attention.
my love for stripes goes beyond clothing, though.
i love muscle cars and big trucks.
throw on some racing stripes and it'll bring me just as much excitement as finding a pair of gucci shoes...
on sale...
in my size...
with an additional 75% off...
and a free gift with purchase.
now, rev that engine and it's sure to make me go gaga.

eleanor was the 1967 GT 500 in the movie gone in sixty seconds.
{photo: random google search}

click here to see danielle celeste's extreme stripes. 

in case you missed it:


green tea and gemstones.

i love this cool palette of greens + blues.
i was just experimenting with my nails last night as i wasn't sure how many blue and green polishes i owned. luckily, mini-she had a few, so there was enough to play around with. i may get rid of the dark blue on my ring finger and replace it with the green on my thumb for a more consistent palette.
you can check out my red + coral nails here.
the rest coincidentally fell into place...the green sweater which fell off the shelf a few days ago and was sitting on the ground in my closet, the green bag i had in the car, and the green tea kit kats a client brought back from japan. so yum.

thank you...
for the sweet comments and encouragement on mini-she's guest post; she was ecstatic and even wrote up another post already.
for voting for my photo in the previous post.

on the nails: claire's green; essie turquoise and cacois;
hard candy aqua; jordana blue
(sweater, gap; denim, express; blazer, f21; satchel, urban outfitters)


so...i submitted these clouds to a photo challenge over at twisted fate photography.
if you like it, will you vote for it?
it'll only take a few seconds.
i'll love you forever?

"v" formation


words well traveled.

earlier this month, i won a book in a giveaway hosted by juanita of there can be only juan. the front of the package was practically covered with stamps, 14 to be exact, and one end of the package was completely torn open except for a tiny corner piece. this corner piece is probably what saved the book and juanita's little note from falling out during its
journey from south africa.

one aspect of blogging that i've come to appreciate is being able to connect with people from all over the world.
while we may have originally connected over fashion and food,
i have learned of other cultures in (some) places i've never heard of, and have even traveled the world thru your photos.
so, thank you.

in other news, the weather has been ridiculously random.
we have sunny periods throughout the week, but for the most part, it is still rainy...in june. this is my excuse reason for the pasty white legs.

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