spring has sprung.

just a quick hello.
seriously, where does the time go? i intended to take just a few days off, but two weeks of spring break for the minis and a few days of stomach flu later and it seems i've been m.i.a. for a while. as things return to normal around here, i hope to catch up with all of you soon.

today i'm being featured on Yen's blog, Diva in Me, for the debut of her new travel series called #whereareyoufrom. if you are interested in learning about where i live, head over to read more...then stay and browse Yen's impeccable style and travels. 

have a great weekend.

a spring break sunset.


endless jewelry with Rocksbox.

as i sit here looking up a my jewelry board, i'm reminded of all the necklaces i once loved but simply outgrew. i'm reminded of money spent on jewelry i liked but didn't love

if this sounds familiar to you, i'm about to introduce you to the best $19 you'll possibly spend every month. $19 a month with Rocksbox gets you access to unlimited designer jewelry. after taking a style survey, you'll receive a Rocksbox with three designer pieces to try before you buy. wear them as long as you like or return them as often as you like for a new set of three. if there's something you can't live without, simply keep it, return the rest, and you'll be billed a discounted price for being a Rocksbox Shine Insider! 

in addition, you'll also get a monthly $10 Shine credit that you can use toward the purchase of items you wish to keep. score!

if you are interested in building up your jewelry collection with quality pieces, Rocksbox is a great way to try out different styles from established and emerging designers, then purchase the pieces you truly love.

if you're the non-committal type and just love having new jewelry to wear, Rocksbox gives you access to an endless rotating jewelry closet. your friends will be envious of all your "new" goodies.

visit Rocksbox and enter code: rockoomphxoxo to get your first month FREE.

wearing the perry street maddie crystal necklace
from my first Rocksbox.
in my style profile, i asked for a mix of statement and delicate pieces. loved the mix i received.
(abercrombie sweater; patty's closet skirt)


jail bird.

striped dresses used to be my thing. i couldn't get enough of them. maybe because they were simple and didn't require much else...a pair of sneaks and a crossbody bag + simple jewelry and you're set for a day of running around. have a great weekend!

what are you running around in?
did you have a thing?

#FBF to this yummy gelato from via gelato. 1/2 strawberry cheesecake, 1/2 snickerdoodle. the snickerdoodle was so yummy!
(dress via saks; nine west shoes; gucci bag;
sole society sunglasses; laqa & co. lips)

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snip snip.

the shorter do and yummy donuts for this wordless wednesday.

happy hump day.

see what's inside the box here.
(eshakti dress; paula & chlo necklace; laqa & co lips)


hair today gone tomorrow.

last year i started to take hawaiian astaxanthin while training for the marathon. it is a powerful antioxidant that supports joint and tendon health, among other things, recommended for helping muscles recover quickly after long runs. what i didn't expect was hair growth.

since my hair was always up while running, i never realized just how long it was getting. but, seriously, look at all this hair. this growth together with my ability to majorly procrastinate on scheduling [hair] appointments meant constant headaches from my increasingly heavy locks.

i have been know to chop off my own hair out of frustration, and oops, i did it again. here today, gone tomorrow.

(blessed project top; lips, LAQA & Co.)

you can learn more about BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin here.

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