our weather has been a mixed bag lately making this Patty's Closet romper a welcomed addition to my closet. with an item like this, i don't have to worry about unpredictable weather since the t-shirt material and long sleeves are cool enough/warm enough for whatever mother nature throws our way. and for a casual outfit, this gold monogram necklace from 9th & Elm is perfect for when you need just a little something for the neckline.

monograms are one of those things you know about (yeah, they're initials), but don't really know about (there's a certain order?)...unless you had a personal experience ordering something. so if there's anyone who isn't in the know, like me (and, gawd, i hope there is), here's what i learned about monogram etiquette:

ex: jane christy parker
traditional: first LAST middle, JPC
same size: first MIDDLE last, JCP

ex: kevin michael smith
first MIDDLE last or first LAST middle, KMS or KSM

women: first MARRIED SURNAME maiden, JSP
couples: bride's first LAST groom's first, JSK

infants and children
first LAST middle

first MIDDLE last
(mainly boys; girls would be same as women)
*source: random google searches here and here

how was your weekend?
do you appreciate monogrammed items?

first visit to the first H&M on the islands, and i left empty-handed.
this is what an $80 dinner looks like at genki sushi.
only three of these plates were mine!
sunday date with mini-he.
(romper c/o Patty's Closet Mililani (808-625-6441);
Wet Seal shoes (buy))


a muted palette.

when i saw this pretty colorblock infinity scarf from 9th & Elm, i knew i wanted to keep my overall look soft. the pastels and pretty lace detail lend a feminine vibe that seemed to be enhanced by a muted palette rather than bold colors. made from viscose, this scarf is incredibly soft and thin, and definitely substantial in size. and because it's lightweight, this is one scarf you can reach for throughout the year.

these JustFab signature skinny denims in this lighter wash, blue dream, worked perfectly for this muted look. (see the darker wash here. i'm constantly rotating between these two every week...so comfortable!) i finished off the look with this faded green military jacket for a bit of color.

will you be rocking a softer palette for spring?
or do you prefer bright and bold colors?

(colorblock infinity scarf in pink c/o 9th & Elm (buy); Nine West Shoes;
JustFab denim (buy) & bag (buy) c/o; thrifted jacket; top via local boutique)

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speckled knits + laces.

news flash! new faves here!
(as if you haven't heard that before!)
it's rare that i use exclamation points, so you know i'm seriously excited when i use them. in addition to being a pretty shoe, the laces on these JustFab Vernon heels are an added bonus for my narrow feet; i can pull them nice and tight for a snug fit. plus, all of its details add oomph to a simple outfit.

it's also crazy for someone in hawaii to love sweaters, but my obsession is finally paying off this year. just as everyone else was experiencing harsh winters, we had our share of chilly weather, which provided lots of opportunities to bundle up. i love speckled knits (see herehere and here). even though i still consider them solids, like this gray one, the specks add dimension to otherwise "flat" colors.

do you like speckled knits?
do you have any impractical obsessions?

(JustFab 'Vernon' shoes c/o; Wet Seal sweater;
Pacsun denim (coupons!); ShopLately necklace; F21 clutch)

shop the look:

speckled sweaters for the guys:


east vs west [coast] style. festival.

festival season is almost upon us. while i've never had the privilege of attending one, i've seen pictures...and boy does it look fun. this week, the girls and i are rocking our festival looks with the help of Lulu's and Capwell + Co. the first things that come to mind are flowy dresses, denim shorts, and boots. turns out, the rest of the girls think so, too! my main concern at a festival (besides looking cute!) would be comfort, and from what i've seen, anything goes!

by our looks, it's obvious that comfy shoes are a must for all the walking we'd be doing, as well as light layers to keep us cool/warm throughout the day. what would you wear or have you worn to a festival?

don't forget to visit the girls.

Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
Meaghan / District Sparkle / D.C.
Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Ashley / Golden Divine / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

i'm wearing my trusty denim shorts and ankle boots for comfort as well as a lightweight sweater that's cool enough during the day and warm enough at night. i definitely want to be hands-free, so a just-big-enough bag is a necessity. for fun, i threw in my bobby glam hair extensions for some length, added some loose waves, and pinned up the sides.
this beautiful necklace is perfect for a festival look. i layered it with a feathered necklace to create a fun boho vibe.
(triple baguette & bauble statement necklace c/o Capwell + Co. (buy))
(Lulu's top c/o (buy); DIY denim shorts;
Sole Society boots; aldo bag; ray-bay aviators)

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denim grunge.

oh, monday. we meet again so soon?
the weekend was jam-packed with activities...mini-she's school fun fair followed by her freshman all-nighter, then a birthday party at a trampoline place for mini-he's friend. the latter part of the weekend was spent literally "hanging" out at the beach house (see picture below), eating, and having rubik's cube races. i talked about the cube before when i was teaching mini-she and my nephew. now, the cube has hit my niece's school, so she's learning how to do it. poor thing was learning on a tiny key-chain sized cube; i ended up buying a bunch of cubes so we could all have our own.

how did you spend your weekend?

(house of harlow ring (gold); capwell & co necklace (buy))
apparently this is called a brazilian hammock. i thought it was the funniest thing because it looks like a cocoon. definitely not what i envisioned for relaxing at the beach house, but my mom didn't know when she bought it. we joked about hanging four of these across the balcony for the kids to take their naps in!
rubik's cube racing marathon...
can you guess who's the fastest??
lips: mac up the amp + anastasia beverly hills gloss in jolene
(victoria's secret shirt; pacsun denim (coupon); converse shoes;
aviators via amazon; patty's closet flannel (808-625-6441))


marathon chronicles 03. juicing update.

it's been almost two months since i started juicing, so i thought this would be a good time to check in and see if the benefits outweigh the cost and time spent.

my main intent was to supplement mini-she's teen diet. although she has a well balanced dinner, she rarely eats (a good) breakfast, and who knows what she has for lunch at school. for myself, i wanted an overall healthy diet to go along with my training and increased physical activity.

i, personally, have no problem eating my fruits and veggies. in fact, i prefer to eat them. a huge bowl of salad is always on the dinner table, and fruits are always on hand at home. but truth is, with my typical weekday, generally eating only three meals a day, it can be difficult to get those 3-5 servings of veggies and 2-4 servings of fruit in. maybe not the veggies, but definitely the fruits.

that's where juicing works for me.

what i bought in february:
2x carrots 10lb, $7.49
3x gala apples, $8.79/$8.49/$9.99
3x organic power greens (baby kale, chard, spinach), $4.99
cucumbers, $4.49
strawberries $7.79
3x oranges, $9.79
lemons, $5.99
celery, $3.79
pears, $6.29
ginger $2.00

month total: $124.45
daily: $4.44
per person: $2.22

juicing (prepping/juicing/cleaning) in the mornings added 20-30 minutes to my daily routine, depending on whether i prepped the night before. 

tip: juice more veggies than fruits. juicing can be high in sugar, so use veggies as your base, then add a little fruit to sweeten. as a beginner, we added lots of fruits to mask the taste of the veggies. i slowly decreased the amount of fruit and actually began to appreciate the "taste" of the veggies.

tip: buy organic whenever possible, otherwise scrub/wash well.

tip: regular kale can taste bitter and smells horrible in my opinion. this green mix is a lot easier to drink...
great for beginners!

tip: drink your juice with a straw.
goes down easier without the smell.

tip: continue to eat your fruits and veggies for fiber.
in fact, have a piece of fruit with your morning juice!

favorite 'green' juice:
4-5 handfuls green mix
2 celery stalks
2-inch cucumber
1 apple (or pear or orange)
1/2 lemon

favorite 'orange' juice:
4-5 carrots
1 apple
1/2 orange (or 3-4 strawberries)
1/4 lemon
small piece ginger

*makes about 15 oz

below are some of the popular juicers:

top centrifugal juicers:

top masticating juicers:
(better if you juice more leafy greens)

my thoughts?

although i don't see any physical differences after a month of juicing, i feel better knowing that i'm getting my daily servings of fruits and vegetables. i have my juice in the morning on an empty stomach and do feel "clean" and energized...it certainly makes me think twice about what i put in my body the rest of the day. i believe the cost per drink is reasonable considering you'd pay $5-$7 at a juice bar. eventually, i'd like to incorporate other veggies, but i stuck to what was conveniently available (in bulk) at my local costco. 

overall, i would not survive on a liquid diet. i love food too much. however, daily juicing as a complement to my meals (as opposed to a replacement) works for me. i can't afford the extra 30 minutes in the morning, so i'll have to make an effort to do more prep work the night before. i will continue to juice at this point and will make another assessment in a few more months.

if you juice, what's your favorite recipe?
if you don't juice, would you consider it?


floral slip dress.

if this dress doesn't scream spring, i don't know what does! i found this little number at Patty's Closet and couldn't resist its open back. that, combined with the fact that it is totally sheer, will make it a fun cover-up at the beach house. but for a birthday tea party this past weekend, i wore a nude slip underneath. and a pair of tan shorts...just in case.

i'm rocking my bobby glam triple weft hair extensions for a little oomph. i'm only using three of the seven pieces, and you can already see a difference in fullness...compared to the party picture where i'm not wearing them. imagine what you could do with seven pieces. va va voom!

happy hump day.

photo wall...
nail station...
and the cutest tea party setup.
(Patty's Closet dress c/o (808-625-6441); JustFab bag,
Wet Seal shoes (40% off! buy); thrifted jacket)

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second winner gets $100


east vs west [coast] style. varsity.

it's here...the east vs west coast style collaboration is back! the girls and i are excited to share our takes on some of our favorite spring trends. as always, it'll be fun to see how lifestyle and location influence style across the states. we're kicking off this six-week spring 2014 edition with varsity!

the varsity jacket was seen on runways of designers like DKNY, prabal gurung, and louis vuitton. if the traditional "letterman" varsity jacket isn't your thing, you'll also find varsity jackets that are softer in shape and in feminine fabrics like silk. or ditch the jacket altogether and think stripes or numbers for a sporty look.

visit the girls to see more of their outfits.

Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
Meaghan / District Sparkle / D.C.
Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Ashley / Golden Divine / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

loving this super cute leather tank top from Lulu's. tank tops are an absolute must here, and i like this dressier option. since there's still a chill in the air, i layered my varsity jacket over it and threw on my nikes for the ultimate sporty look.
(gold & crystal pave bar necklace c/o Capwell & Co. (buy))
(leather top c/o Lulu's (buy); pacsun denim; la hearts jacket, nike air pegasus 30)

for the girls:

for the guys:

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