a week of summer essentials. hydration.

*oops, we were having too much fun enjoying summer last week that these never made it to the blog...so i'm continuing last week's a week of summer esssentials this week.

now that we've covered protection from the sun and are out having a great time, it's important to stay hydrated. the sun, salt water, and chlorine eventually take a toll on our bodies, drying out our skin and hair. i'm always on the lookout for good products, so feel free to share some of your favorites. here is what i'm currently using to combat dry skin and hair this summer:

my hair stylist scolded me for not using a leave-in conditioner, so i went on a mission to find one. i had a sample of this suave professionals natural infusion with awapuhi ginger strengthening leave-in cream and loved it enough to purchase it. you can apply it to wet or dry hair, and i love the convenient pump. for best results, i apply it to towel dried hair at night and wake up with super silky hair. did i mention it smells amazing?

you can sample the suave natural infusion products here, and if it's the same thing i had, they are generously-sized foil packets.

my hands take a beating with all the hand washing i do, so i always follow up with hand cream. this mary kay peach hand cream really does make your skin feel satiny smooth. it's light, not greasy, and did i mention that it smells delicious?

lubriderm daily moisture moisturizer with sunscreen is my go-to everyday body lotion; i've been using it for years. with our warm weather year round, i'm extremely picky about my body lotion because i hate feeling sticky or greasy throughout the day. lubriderm is absorbed easily, doesn't feel heavy or greasy, and the SPF 15 is perfect for protecting my skin during the drive to and from work.

i wasn't sure what to expect from a hydration spray lotion. i was hoping for the convenience of a mist/spray-and-go [without having to use my hands to rub it in], but st. ives hydration lotion is a heavier spray that needs to be rubbed in. it's on the greasy side, which is good for my skin, but not for my hands since i have to wash them after each application...and then we're back to dry hands and my peach hand cream. but, i've found a way around it by applying it as soon as i get up in the morning, rubbing my arms together (crossing them over) to spread the lotion, and same with my legs. that way i don't have to get my hands greasy, and it has time to soak in before i get dressed. it does give your skin a pretty shine, and did i mention it smells amazing? has anyone tried other brands of spray lotions?
my face is already extremely dry and eczema prone; add to that the effects of summer sun, and now i'm desperate for a good hydrating mask. so i picked up glam glow thirstymud hydrating treatment after hearing some good reviews. it can be used as a 20 minute mask or left on overnight. at $70 a jar, i couldn't see washing this product down the drain after 20 minutes, so i use it as an overnight treatment. my glam glow conveniently arrived right after i spent a weekend in the sun...my sunburned forehead and nose were just beginning to show signs of peeling. after two overnight treatments, the peeling didn't progress...in fact, i forgot that i had even started to peel. i am enjoying this mask so far, but i'm sure there are less expensive alternatives. if you have a fave, let me know. oh, and did i mention how good this smells?

products can only do so much...make sure to also keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. but if you need some extra help like me, do try some of these great-smelling products. the lingering scents will have you day dreaming of summer fun. scroll down to enter the ulta beauty giveaway where you can win a $250 gift card to stock up on all your summer necessities.

details here:

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a week of summer essentials. UPF clothing.

summer is all about being outdoors, doing what you love, and soaking up the sunshine. but at some point, you have to cover up and protect yourself from the rays. just as sunscreens have an SPF (sun protection factor) rating, clothing has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating. they have to have a rating of at least 15 in order to be labelled as sun-protective and a minimum rating of 30 in order to have the skin cancer foundation's seal of approval. UPF 30-49 is considered good protection, 50+ is excellent.

look for this seal.

your typical white tee has an average UPF of 7. once it gets wet, it drops to 3. fabric that is stretched out also loses its protection as light can seep through, so make sure to replace them as they wear out.

whatever your passion, there is something cute made just for it. here are some options for keeping you protected while still looking stylish.

swimming / surfing / paddling

surfing / volleyball

poolside / running

hiking / farmer's market

walking / water park

lunch or coffee with friends

there's also a laundry additive, Sun Guard, that washes UPF 30 sun protection right into your every day clothing!
it's good for 20 washes.

how far do you go for sun protection?
do you wear UPF clothing?

in case you missed it:


a week of summer essentials. sunscreen.

sunscreen is an integral part of my daily routine, even more so during summer months when we are outdoors more often. year after year, it's easy to get lazy and sloppy about our application, so here are a few simple reminders and myth-busters.

how much SPF should you wear?
a sunscreen with at least 15-30 SPF is recommended.
higher SPFs offer little additional benefits. they may create a false sense of security - making you think that since you aren't red or burning, you are not damaging your skin, or that it's ok to stay in the sun longer.

when should you use sunscreen?
always. sunny, rainy, or cloudy, you should always wear sunscreen.
the sun is there, doing its damage, even if you can't see or feel it.

how much sunscreen is enough?
nickel size each for face and neck. don't forget your ears!
one ounce (shot glass) for your body, more or less depending on your size.
most people apply only 1/4 of what is needed and aren't getting the full SPF protection stated on the label. if you use the same tube for the entire summer, chances are you aren't using enough! if you have left over after summer, chances are you didn't use enough!

here's an example for the products i'm currently using:

how often should you apply sunscreen?
apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure, then generally reapply every two hours.
reapply more often with excessive sweating or swimming.

does layering products increase SPF?
no. the product with the highest SPF is what you would get - in this case, 55.
however, it's likely you're not using enough foundation or powder to get its full SPF, so don't count on them solely.

order of products: ideally, your sunscreen should go on last. if you are wearing makeup, moisturize first, apply sunscreen second, and makeup last. give each layer ample time to soak in (3-5 mins).
mixing products: adding moisturizer (with no SPF) to a foundation with SPF 17 will dilute the foundation, and you may not get the full SPF 17 protection. make sure each product has a minimum of SPF 15 to maintain their effectiveness.

what research is showing...
sunscreen does not provide 100% protection. harmful infrared radiation can penetrate UV filters (our typical UVA/UVB sunscreens) and cause damage to the skin. try layering an antioxidant serum under your sunscreen for greater protection.

try these:

it happens.
even with our best intentions, we sometimes forget to reapply sunscreen or miss a spot and end up with a nasty burn. take cool showers and apply an after-sun care product with aloe to cool and prevent peeling.

my favorite:

do you have any sunscreen application tips?


the beach tote.

it's the freakin weekend!
i have beach, sand, and sun on my mind, so it only seems right ending the week with a casual beach outfit. my friends over at sisters marie sent me this cute beach bag. it reminds me of one i had years ago that i absolutely loved. it's both functional (holds all the beach essentials and more) and fashionable (love the colorful stripes).

the bag wanted all the attention, so i kept the outfit neutral but added oomph with visual texture (heathered tee) and physical texture (lace shorts). throw in some beachy waves, grab your sunglasses, and head to the water. see you there!

and with summer here, there are tons of makeup and beauty products to try...sunscreens, bronzers, protective hair sprays, tanning lotions, and summery nail polishes to name a few. enter the Ulta giveaway for a chance to win a $250 gift card.

what product would you like to try this summer?

(sterling silver anchor ring, the collegiate standard)
nails: wet n wild megalast in 'innocent'
(old navy tee; patty's closet shorts; billabong bag;
sole society sunglasses)


feather lite.

on saturday, i went to the grand opening of Patty's Closet's newest location here in hawaii. after months of working with the brand, i finally had the chance to meet Patty. she is down to earth and just as pretty in person as she is in all of her instagram photos. you can check her out here.

the store was filled with lots of cute stuff, but the only things i had on my mine were loose and cool. in this summer heat, the last thing i want to put on is anything heavy and fitted. i loved the bright print and color of this top, and it fit the bill of being cool and breezy. i'm wearing it with parachute pants that are equally cool and loose-fitting. on the weekends, i'll definitely be throwing this top over my denim cut-offs.

how do you stay cool in the summer?

(Patty's Closet top; PacSun pants; Sole Society shoes)



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keep it stylish on the go.

[This post is sponsored by Huggies;
all dirty hands and opinions are our own.]

hope everyone had a nice weekend celebrating with or remembering the fathers or father figures in your lives. the guys in our family just wanted to be near the tv at 2pm (NBA game), so we just hung out and ate. 

over the weekend, i picked up a couple new clutches that i wanted to share with you. i loved the fun bright prints and thought they would be perfect for summer. in addition, they have wrist straps in case i want to go hands-free or even hook them onto a bigger bag. but, the absolute best part about these clutches is on the flip side. scroll down to see what i'm talking about...

wait, what's that?
seriously, though, how cute are these? this clutch comes in three adorable designs and can be refilled with your favorite baby wipes. when you're on the go, no more lugging around the big tub or those hard cases, nor do you have to be inconspicuous when making a diaper-change run to the bathroom. you can proudly flaunt these stylish baby wipes.

i know many of my long-time blog friends are new moms, so here's to keeping it stylish as you transition from fashionistas to fashionable moms (and dads!).

obviously, we had to move...
foxy brown was about to chomp that cookie!
mini-he is well out of diapers, but his messes keep on coming. i'm always needing a wet napkin, and these work perfectly.
in addition to changing diapers, these baby wipes are also great for cleaning sticky hands, messy faces, and the table when you're done, wiping down shopping carts, and even removing makeup.

click to learn more about Huggies® Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes and see how you can keep it stylish while on the go. which design would you choose?



just another black dress.

finding the perfect basics, like a simple black maxi dress, can be an expensive task. you might purchase several wrongs before you find that almost perfect one. i would consider this the perfect black maxi dress except that it's two sizes too big. i have the straps tied up in knots, but i'll eventually sew them properly. until them, here's to another almost perfect black dress.

happy father's day to all the dads out there. and if you ladies want a simple side dish to add to your father's day meal, scroll down for a recipe.

what's something you buy repeatedly until you get it right?

roasted squash
- butternut squash, 1" cubes, 2-3 cups (find it at costco)
- minced garlic
-salt & pepper
- olive oil, 2-3 tbsp
- onion

toss squash/onion with oil and garlic, salt & pepper to taste, bake on cookie sheet at 350° for 25-30 mins.

(dress via local store; sole society shoes; darby smart bag; 9th & Elm necklace)
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