crissed and crossed.

my sister bought this top for herself but couldn't figure out how to wear it. at mid-hip it's an awkward length for a form fitting shirt...it either needs to be a few inches shorter or a few inches longer. i jokingly told her i would take it off her hands, and she gave it to me. score. i tucked it in to solve the length issue and kept eveything else simple. i love that the straps go across the entire back and not just across the opening. it's the little oomph-worthy details like that...

(top, bailey 44; skirt, bcbg)


for the love of flare.

i'm a big fan of bell bottoms. the bigger the bell, the better. so it was stressful to watch pant legs dwindle down to...uh...jeggings. and although i've come to appreciate the skinny jean, i was thrilled to find these flares amongst them. they're perfectly fitted thru the knees flaring out only at the bottom, and i like the clean, simple lines created by the unembellished, super dark wash.

(jeans, express; shirt, abercrombie & fitch; cami, @ oomph)


don't fail me now.

ugh...just when i thought these boots were perfectly dinged, scuffed, and worn-in. i shrieked this morning when i put them on and thought my right foot touched ground. the 11" shaft height is proportionate to my height, and the smallish 13" circumference is just wide enough for tucked in jeans but slim enough where my legs aren't swimming. this alone makes finding boots an impossible task. the color is close to my skin tone helping to elongate when worn with shorter hem lines. add to that the chunky, lower heel, which makes them very wearable, and you've got my perfect boot. so until another one comes along, these will have to last.

(boots, nine west; tights, f21; top, fighting eel; cardi, shae)

tattle tail.

from the front this looks like just your average t-shirt. a closer look and you'll find an uneven hem that's longer in back, cut-outs at the shoulders, and a roomy fit perfect for layering...all oomph-worthy details i'm loving right now. it's comfortable and versatile enough to be worn out over leggings or a maxi skirt, or to be tucked into a pencil skirt. so...go ahead, take a look. i won't tell.

(Sadie Striped Tee, available at oomph. )


what's your color.

i love jumpsuits and rompers (or whatever you call them) because they are instant outfits...great for lazy days when you can't put much thought into getting dressed. while i love this one-piece just the way it is, it's fun to throw a little color into the mix now and then. nothing like an unexpected pop of color to brighten an otherwise monochromatic outfit. i've tried other colors, but i always come back to my trusty yellow sweater that i found in a random L.A. shop because it's vibrant and just so...bright. 

(jumpsuit, eden in love)

(photos: styleontrack, pubsub, tessaboo, flavourofstyle)


scorpion disco + apart

i can't say that i've never won anything. in high school, i was the big winner of $500 at our after-graduation party. it was probably supposed to go towards college, but 18 years old and $500...i can't even tell you where the money went. 

well, this weekend i was surprised to find that i was a winner of scorpion/disco's $50 giveaway to apart. i've never heard of apart prior to this, but they have some pretty cool stuff...from rockin' leather skinnies, to amazing furs, to cozy knits and some oomph-worthy jewels. i can definitely tell you where this money is going...the sheer leopard tunic, the long satin bohemian dress, or the riveted cuff. stay tuned for the final pick!

tHAnkS again to scorpion/disco. oh, and if you're looking for a statement piece of jewelry, check out their etsy shop currently showing some necklaces and pendants constructed of crocheted wire. i'm eyeing brunch at tiffany's.


new heights.

i bought these shoes over a month ago when they first came out as part of Aldo's fall collection. even though i needed them, i couldn't get myself to wear them for two reasons: 1) it seemed like too much shoe for me, proportionately, and 2) i am deathly afraid of tripping and/or twisting my ankle. well i finally braved them and found that these zip leggings, when left open, fall nicely over the shoe covering just enough to balance out the proportions. they are also super comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. baby steps, baby steps...

(shoes, aldo;  leggings, express; sweater, shae (ideeli))


substantially nondescript.

sometimes it's the little things that make a big impression. this dress is full of subtleties from the neutral gray, to the muted trims at the hem and shoulders, to the ever-so-slight peek-a-boos that can only be seen up close. the silk-cashmere blend is lightweight and soft and surprisingly kept its shape throughout the course of the day. i recently acquired a few sweaters from shae, and all have exceeded my expectations.

(dress, shae (ideeli))


hidden assets.

with all the leggings and stockings we'll be wearing in the cooler months to come, it'll be nice to have some different options to cover-up our behinds. while oversized knits and tees are a definite first choice, most styles are shorter in the back, longer in the front. this lightweight sweater has a "tail" making it a great match for leggings.

(Candace Sweater, available soon at oomph.)


knee highs + heels

again with the japanese magazine inspiration. i originally pulled this photo for the hairstyle but realized i liked her outfit equally as much. although i had most of the components of her outfit...the skirt, tank top, belt, even the white bag, i needed something a little more office appropriate. started with a neutral base of browns, then added the black belt and jacket to balance the dark socks.

(jacket, f21; socks, nine west; shoes, aldo)

(photo: glitter mag)

japanese inspiration.

one of the things i love about going to my salon is being able to peruse the pages of japanese magazines. from cover to cover they are jam packed with information and inspiration of every kind. even the hair stylists, with their flawless faces, to their perfectly coiffed hair, to their perfectly-put-together outfits, look like they walked right off the pages
of the magazines...

(most of the japanese magazines were sitting on my lap!)


countless ways.

this super comfy, oversized sweater has tons of possibilities. the buttons across the entire top of this sweater allow you to show off as much or as little as you want. worn casually here with some super old high-waisted shorts found in the motherload (in a brand that should be considered vintage!)...or dress it up with leggings, black satin-y shorts, or a leather skirt and boots. and with a neckline like this, don't forget to pile on the necklaces.

(Samantha Sweater, available soon at oomph.)


blurring the lines.

on two separate occassions, some lame guy has made some lame remark about me wearing my prison suit.  while wide black and white stripes have been a uniform of the paaast, i have 1) never been to prison and 2) have no idea what they actually wear there...but bright orange comes to mind.

something about stripes always catches my eye, and while i don't shop with a plan to buy stripes, i always end up with them. just like animal prints, they're visually stimulating...a sort of eye candy. keeping it simple and neutral, stripes are a refreshing classic. they stand on their own requiring little to nothing else to make a statement. prison i think not.

(dress, 5/48)


nip and tuck.

when i first looked at this shirt (dislike the word tunic), the arm hole cuffs were crooked, them hem was uneven, and the front had this extra material...or so i thought? turns out the cuffs were purposely twisted, the hem was awesomely longer in the back, and there was a snap at the chest to create an eye-catching drape down the front. all the oomph-worthy details i look for...not to mention the cute chains hanging from the belt. worn here as a dress, but i can see this with leggings on a chilly evening. this is definitely a keeper.

(Demi Drapey Dress, available soon at oomph.)


the motherload.

over the years, i have built up quite a collection of jeans in my search for the perfect pair. i've been storing them in the parents' garage, and i am often reminded to go through them. hint, hint...get rid of it. finally had a chance to look through a couple of the containers, and...whoa! i knew i had a lot of jeans, but didn't realize it was a LOT! hundreds, literally, of different brands, colors, styles, and embellishments, with some other things mixed in. this denim jacket was one of my happy finds. more posts to come as i try to re-work these oldies but goodies.

(denim jacket, old navy; dress, bamboo sky)


white bright.

bought this white blazer as part of a white pant suit, but couldn't get myself to wear it. it was just too...white. over the years it's been in and out of storage, in and out of the donation bag, and finally hung up again. i knew this white blazer had a calling...i just didn't know in what shape or form. when i saw this photo montage by Kitson, i knew there was hope. by simply rolling and pushing up the sleeves it instantly felt casual and wearable. pairing it with shorts and neutral colors helped to tone down the brightness.

(white blazer, rampage; shorts, gap; boots, nine west)

(photo: Kitson)


comforts of home.

last week i posted photos of blanket-y capes in nordic prints that i've been craving. finally found one in a drapey cut and in a design that wasn't reminiscent of a bad Christmas sweater.  bought the large for a looser fit and longer length. worn here over a silky slip dress, it's the perfect combination of comfort. even though i'm sitting here in my office, it feels like i never got out of bed...

(silk & lace dress, armani exchange; sweater, charlotte russe)

try this: Fiona Fair Isle Sweater, available at oomph.

the un-sweatshirt.

prior to receiving this dress, i had only heard of Norma Kamali. but in taking the time to look into some of her collections, i found them to be inspiring and totally wearable. i love all things comfortable and stylish, and her terry collection is just that. i could see myself in everything...i wanted everything! with her super affordable line, Norma Kamali for Walmart, i just might be able to have it all.

(french terry tunic, norma kamali for walmart)


second chances.

a few months ago i finally "let go" of a bunch of clothes that i haven't worn in a while. now i'm kicking myself for throwing out the tweed jackets and sweaters i'm so longing for now. maybe that's the reason several more bags of clothing are encroaching on the walk-in area of my closet; i'm hanging on to them because i might want them...again. like this dress. the extra material on the sleeves hung off my shoulders creating a very boxy, square torso from behind. by simply hiking the sleeves up on my shoulders, like a tank dress, it looked slimming and more visually appealing. this dress just might make in back into rotation of wearable favorites, because everything deserves a second chance.

(dress, can't remember; boots, nine west)



i can just feel the warmth of these blanket-y capes
in chilly nordic prints. 

(photos: instyle, fashionising, stylehop)



woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain. dressed warm and headed out...only to be greeted by sunny skies when i got to town. luckily i had a pair of shorts in the car. has just the right amount of sheen to feel dressy but not overdone, and transitioned well for the night out.  keep one of these on hand and you'll never come up short.

(shorts and sweater, express)

try this: Sonya Sweater and Carmen Shorts, available soon at oomph.


change in forecast.

i do a lot of sky gazing during my afternoon drives home. this week was particularly interesting. sky went from clear blue with hardly a cloud in sight to full on cloud cover. 
cool but eerie at the same time.

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