a week of leggings. animal prints.

prints are a great way to camouflage unsightly bumps and bulges that could normally be seen with solid colored leggings. i also think that prints help to visually widen the legs and balance out a loose top. with the addition of my leopard shoes and bag, i think this outfit also falls under my experimenting with extremes: animal prints catagory.

do you have printed leggings?
what's the boldest print you would rock?

jello cups with fruit and a marshmallow for mini-he.
(sweater, express (similar); leggings, local boutique (similar);
shoes, victoria's secret; bag, nine west)

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a week of leggings. sequins.

gah...the dreaded legging. you either love them or hate them. i've seen enough faux pas to make me want to stay away from them...from too-tight-it-shows-too-much to the so-faded-and-thin-it-shows-evvrything-in-bright-daylight to the it-just-shows-to-darn-much. i mean, you get the point. but there's an occasion for everything, and sometimes you want the comfort and ease of a simple pair of leggings. so when choosing a pair, i try to look for ones with patterns and prints, texture, or some detail that makes them appear thicker, and i always, always try to cover a portion [if not all] of my derriere. this week i'm busting out these tricky bottoms that rarely get worn. i bought this sequined pair for a christmas party a couple years ago...dressed them down here with just an oversized tee and simple heels.

are you comfortable wearing leggings? how do you wear yours?

(hailey heart tee via oomph (buy); leggings, charlotte russe)

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raw fingers.

while cleaning, i came across an old belt that i used once for an 80s halloween party. the pyramid studs were perfect for the DIYs i've been meaning to try with all my jeans from the motherload. removing all those studs from the belt was a b!tch, let me tell you. and applying them to the jeans through the denim but under the lining was a bigger b!tch.
but ten raw fingers later, i had the beginnings of some potentially wearable pieces.

have you studded anything? what kind of tools do you use, if any?

finishing off photos from last weekend...mini-he and his
friend had fun sliding down the big hills [on cardboard]
at kaka'ako park.
i asked my friend for a cookie...he brought the bakery.
thanks, d!

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ballroom dancin.

last month i talked about my collection of party dresses. here's one from the bunch, and luckily i was able to barely zip this one up. i'm not even sure i wore this one out, but i love
the feel of it. makes me feel like i should be
dancing with the stars. haha.

true story. my mom and i took ballroom dancing lessons years ago, way before all these dance shows popped up. since we wanted to go together, we signed up for a "couples" lesson....meaning we had to share one instructor. pretty awkward having to take turns. then every friday they had a dance night where you could come and practice your dancing with other students. nowadays, with all the popular dance shows on tv, there's a much younger generation showing interest in ballroom dancing. back then?
not so much. and being asked to dance by grandpas?
now that's pretty awkward.

have you tried ballroom dancing?

continuing on with the weekend photos, saturday was girls'
night out at a restaurant where everything is $3.90.
great atmosphere, friendly staff, and good food and drinks.
yuzu cyu-high (some kind of alcoholic beverage that
tasted like lemon-lime soda) and hot tea.
fried musubi & soup.
(dress, armani exchange)

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oomph + fashionation street.

following bear's birthday on friday, i had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow hawaii blogger, jackie of fashionation street. the first time we met, i was in hilo for work. this time, she came to oahu for the weekend. we spent the afternoon shopping, lunching, and taking pictures. the bright afternoon sun and shadows presented a bit of a challenge, sending us running all over the place trying to find the best spot for pictures. in the end we had a great time and parted ways
with another blogger meet-up under our belt and
more memories for the books blog.

i'm wearing one of those dresses i was crushing on a couple weeks ago here. i took the advice of some by "sleeping on it"...and woke up still wanting it. so i got it. it was perfect for all the walking we did that day and casual-yet-dressy-enough for a dinner i was headed to that evening.

chicken salad sandwiches, creamy crab soup, and strawberry italian sodas at the neiman marcus espresso bar.
shopping, prepping for photos, and bubble drinks.


a little bit.

so hard to get back into the swing of things after the weekend
i had. a little bit of girl time, a little bit of fun for the minis, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll know that i did a little bit of travelling, too. i'll post pictures throughout the week, but what i can tell you now is that i ate. a lot. starting off the weekend, it was bear's 1st birthday. his sister, teddi, came over for some birthday cake cookies and presents. hard to believe they were once this tiny!

i heard on the radio this morning that apple's iphone 5 is supposed to be the biggest selling iphone. not sure what kind of upgrades it will have, but i'm seriously considering it. the GPS, bigger screen, and instagram would have come in handy on my trip yesterday as there was a lot of waiting around. it comes out in october, so i have until then to decide.

what features are important to you when choosing a phone?



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