hand me some color.

i'm still sick, guys.
second week of major sinus pressure headaches,
fever, and body aches.
and, my inflamed sinuses are causing my upper teeth to hurt.
(yes, my dentist told me!)
that said, i've been too achey to get creative with
outfits this week.
today, for example, a pink floral skirt with a
pink shirt to match.
totally uninspiring, i know. bear with me.
by the way, typical forever 21 skirt...wrinkled, stretched out, and lost its shape by mid-day.

let's focus on the nails, shall we?
with all this talk about color blocking,
i was inspired to do some.
my wardrobe may be lacking in the color department,
but my box of polishes isn't.

(top & skirt, f21; sweater, urban outfitters; shoes, aldo)

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the meltdown.

 who goes to the rooftop at high noon?
i do.
for you.
for the love of blog, i tell ya. 
it was so hot...
my makeup was running and my shoes warped.
i mean, i was literally. melting.
in the last two pictures, i seriously walked in the door, stripped off my jacket, and dropped down on the ground
in front of the air conditioner to cool off.

i've expressed my love for armani exchange
many times, like here and here.
this silk jumpsuit is just another example
of why i keep going back.
it's simple, but edgy.
i've already worn it and photographed it a few times, but just can't seem to capture the oomph-worthy details of this
black on black jumpsuit.

(jumpsuit, armani exchange; jacket, american rag; shoes, nine west)

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flora and fauna.

saturday was a helluva day.
really hadn't planned to do much since i was still
feeling sick...just the usual morning routine.
well, it turned out to be one of those spur-of-the-moment days
where things just kept coming up.
a bajillion pics to follow.

10:00 am
waited around for mini-she while she was at her morning class, then had lunch.
some current faves...leopard + feathers.
floppy hats.
and, stacking bracelets of all sorts.
(shirt, f21; shorts, billabong)

2:00 pm
decided to check out pali lookout.
it was such a hot day, that it was nice to come up here and feel the cool breeze.
plus, the views are ahhhmazing.
beyond this sign is the old pali road. it's now a trail.
felt so jungle-y.
i think this is mini-he's blog debut.

3:00 pm
 grabbed some frozen yogurt and jamba juice to cool off.

3:45 pm
got a call from my mother who was test driving a new car.
they came by and dropped off the car "mascot".
can you guess what car she got?

6:00 pm
then, my sister called and said they wanted
to eat dinner at the beach.
so we grabbed some food and headed down.
the sunset was beautiful.

9:30 pm
finally home to color eggs. 
my masterpiece.
hope you all had a wonderful easter!


higher power.

i've always loved the look of red + white + black.
alone, red commands attention.
together, these three colors make for a
bold combination that is always striking.
i took it up a notch and added one of my favorites...leopard.
definite power house.

what is your power house combination?

thanks to all the lovelies who left sweet comments on yesterday's guest post.

(denim & jacket, f21; shoes, victoria's secret)


quick and easy.

want to see what this became??
head on over to required 2 be inspired and check it!


thru the eyes of a fish.

i wasn't planning on an outfit post today,
as i've been feeling sick since this weekend's activities.
my sinuses are inflamed, so i'm all stuffed up.
but my nose is still runny and driving me crazy.
in short, i look horrible.
my fisheye lens attachment came today, so i had to try it out.
only had a few minutes to snap some shots while out on an errand.
will definitely be playing around with this more.

(denim, frankie b.; blouse & belt, f21; floppy, walmart)

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