gravitational pull.

i usually work on black fridays and manage to stay away from the shopping madness. did make one quick stop at one store on the way home. must be some magnetic force between me and stripes. i always end up with them. actually had two striped shirts in my hand but was sensible and put one back. they were out of my size at this point on black friday, which was fine because i envisioned this shirt as a dress to be worn with my dotted stockings. got home and it was waaaay to short...damn.

(top, everly (eden in love); leggings (oomph.); shoes, f21)


tis the season.

thanksgiving weekend continues with decorating the office before the employees get here on monday. decorating. gluing. glittering. tree gets re-shaped...tried a real tree at the office before, but the post-season clean-up was not fun. another favorite dress from fighting eel. it was hard to dish out two bills for something this simple, but considering the fact that i wear this at least once every weekend, it's well worth the price.

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happy shopping.

(dress, fighting eel)


the high road.

still amazed at what i'm finding in the motherload. the latest goodie was this pair of shorts. it's a bit high-waisted, but i rolled with it for the day. snapped a few pics before heading out to the library.

(top, thrifted; shorts, bebe; clutch, f21)


Congrats to KILEEN of cute and little!

from chocolates to swedish fish (yum, forgot about these), to gummies and grahams, from italy, to philippines, to california and texas...glad i got to know you all a little better.

thanks to all who participated!


go go a cargo.

grabbed this sweater while killing time here. i liked it because it had a bunch of different textures and embelishments...it came with a longer sheer under slip/dress thing with a bit of frill. but for some reason, maybe since everyone was out shopping on this black friday and i was (and still am) working, i wasn't feeling the frill. i cut it out and will save it for another time...but for today just with a pair of cargos that i found in the motherload.

(sweater, papaya)

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gobble gobble.

spent thanksgiving with family at my sister's house...the wind was relentless in the valley. we also celebrated her birthday. bought two mulberry for target bags (of course had to get one for me), and let her choose. this is the one i ended up with. oh, and below is the traditional thanksgiving tree i started a few years ago. just a dried branch that i painted. everyone takes a leaf, or two, and writes down what they are thankful for...just so we don't forget.

(shorts, guess; shirt, max azria + miley cyrus)



to the max.

been looking everywhere for a maxi skirt, but just can't find one. dawned on me that this maxi dress, which is a little big on top anyways, could pass as one. i loosened the straps so that the empire waist actually hung at my waist, creating a waist. i probably would belt it for more definition, but i didn't have to with this fifteen year old leather vest that i'm happy to use again. it criss crosses, snaps, and cinches at the waist. threw on the fur just because i needed to get more wear out of it.

(dress, old navy; leather vest, wilsons; faux fur vest, material girl (macys))

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slippers to heels and back.

typical weekends are spent toting kids around to their extra-curricular activities, attending sports games, school events, and birthday parties, in addition to running the usual errands. sometimes these can happen all in a day and with a lot of waiting around. i'm a sucker for no-fuss dresses that can be dressed up or down by simply changing my shoes. on warm days, it's cooler than wearing jeans and a great alternative to shorts. i have this dress in three different prints, for all the reasons above.

(dress, rubber ducky)

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excited for all the new arrivals at [oomph.] and want to share them with you. this giveaway is for two of my favorites: this tank top and this faux leather mini skirt (like the one worn here).  

i appreciate all who have followed and would like to take this opportunity to get to know you better. no complicated rules to enter, simply be a follower here and leave a comment with
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snip snip + pull + cinch.

not sure if it's stripes or leaves of some sort, but i was attracted to the colors of this dress as well as its big graphic print. i envisioned this to be my "muu muu" for aloha fridays. yet again, it was too long and something about the neckline didn't sit well with me. still, i loved the dress so i made some minor adjustments. i snipped off about five inches, pulled the sleeves down and off my shoulders, and cinched it with a belt. it's also lined giving it some thickness, which hides all the right bumps and bulges. happy aloha friday, all!

(dress, collective clothing @ oomph.)

(dress in its original form)


looking back.

armani exchange never disappoints. they have a petite line which fits me perfectly, and they have an outlet store which always has small sizes. this is one of my go-to places for un-boring work clothes. each and every one of their pieces has some detail that makes it a bit edgy. this is a simple and classic sheath dress. until you turn around. ok, so maybe this dress isn't exactly office appropriate, but i brought a jacket.

(dress, armani exchange; jacket, calvin klein; bag; le lotus bleu)


wrinkled in time.

love the idea of linen. i'm reminded of advertisements with models in their flowy wide leg pants and crisp white shirts. beautiful if all you do is stand around. after the 45 minute drive to work, i'm already a rumpled, crumpled mess. can you imagine what these shorts look like at the end of the day?

(shorts, bebe; belt, bcbg; top, f21)


flutter by.

i usually don't wear this much lace, unless it's black, but this top had some oomph-worthy qualities i couldn't pass up: 1) its cream color gave it that aged, vintage-y look, 2) it's super soft lace, not stiff and itchy lace, 3) it had these flowing butterfly sleeves, and 4) it was on the "last one in the store" rack, getting me 10% off.

(top, everblue; zip pants, express; shoes, aldo)

both ends of the spectrum.

when it comes to finger nail polish, i'm sort of an extremist. i either rock black nails or barely there nudes. i have strayed a bit by including shades of gray and some super dark browns. i do wear brighter color on my toes, but for some reason, i just like a clean hand. i recently bought sally hansen's complete salon manicure in shell we dance. it's supposed to have all five steps in one bottle - base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and topcoat. at two coats it's just enough color to cover the natural nail with a slight pink tone, although three coats would be best. it's supposed to have a top coat, but the finished result was a little flat and i'll probably add a clear gloss on top of that. best part about this is the brush. it covers my nail in one sweep, and it's rounded...which makes sense.


time killer.

i had a few hours to kill on saturday, so i browsed around the neighborhood shopping center and ended up in the only clothing store there. at first glance i saw mostly the usual stuff and just went thru the motions of browsing. after realizing i made my first round of the store in five minutes with two more hours to wait, i decided to make another round. i ended up leaving with a few interesting pieces that i'm excited to try out, and a few basic staples like these. this sweater is so soft and light, plus it has the uneven hem...great for covering body cons like this skirt. luckily, the skirt was a hair too big making it comfortable and not too body conscious. 

(sweater and skirt, everblue)


big hearted.

just a couple looks with this super. duper. over. sized. tee.
if i had skin tight leather pants or even liquid leggings, i'd wear them with this big tee. but i don't, so this faux leather mini skirt was my next option. i just knew i wanted something leatherish and small to balance the big on top.

on the flip side, i went big-big with the oversized tee and oversized throw over denim cut-offs.

(Hailey Heart Tee and Shyla Skirt, available at oomph.; fair isle throw, charlotte russe)

hmmm. wondering if anyone can tell which pics were taken with the new camera...
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