excited for all the new arrivals at [oomph.] and want to share them with you. this giveaway is for two of my favorites: this tank top and this faux leather mini skirt (like the one worn here).  

i appreciate all who have followed and would like to take this opportunity to get to know you better. no complicated rules to enter, simply be a follower here and leave a comment with
the following:
1) i love red vines, what's your favorite candy?
2) what's your city (or state, or country) of residence?
3) your email address

ends saturday, november 27th, one winner picked at random.


Finder said...

can u help us to find them?:)

visit! http://howcanufind.blogspot.com

Chicca said...

thanks for your comment on my blog!i'll follow you,you follow me??:)
I want to win this beautiful leather skirt...love it!!
I love all type of candies, but marshmallow is my favorite!!;D
I'm from Italy...and my mail adress is: p_fede88@live.it


Irene De Giorgio said...

love the top!

my faves candy? uhm too much.. probably white chocolate Lindor (Lindt)

I'm from Italy!



Siân Singleton said...

Great giveaway :)

I've recently discovered Red Vines, my flatmate bought them back from her work trip. Yum!

I'm from London, England.


Kittenish Behaviour Blog

Unknown said...

Hello! Nice blog!
I am the girl who made the header for Andy from stylescrapbook and many others.
Would you be interest in a new header for your blog?
Contact me at word.up@live.it

Hope you visit my sites too!

zizi bloom said...

hi!nice blog!
let me know if you want to follow each other!
tanks for stopping by my blog!


Emilie said...

waauw that leather skirt is so gorgeous!! Congrats on the purchases :)



Unknown said...

Love the skirt!!
My favorite candy is Swedish Fish!
I live in a suburb of Nashville, TN


Heidi said...

Am so glad you've gotten lots of new followers-- you NEED to be seen!

My fave candy is Dove Dark Chocolate
I live in fair Austin, TX
My addy is heidimomeidi@gmail.com

SMD said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the comment, I am following you!
My favorite candy is Reeses, I live in Boston, MA, and my email is livingdoll96@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

love those pieces!

my favorite candy is Reeses and white chocolate coconut squares. they're amazinggg.
I live in Oxnard, California.
My email is KLe504@yahoo.com

My Own Strange Little World said...

My favourites are chocolate chips cookies!!

I'm from Spain.

Email: myownstrangelittleworld@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Happy to follow your blog!!
My fav candy is skittles, I am from Canada and you can email me here wearingareindeerjumper@gmail.com

Lisa said...

My favorite candy is black licorice and I live in Los Angeles ca. Email is sweetiesvintage@gmail.com. Thanks oomph!!! Lisa

Anonymous said...

1) gummy oranges.(;
2) california.!
3) amberchanel@mail.com

love your blog.!

Kat said...

great giveaway!! thanks!

my favorite candy is peach rings. I live in New Jersey.


Kileen said...

1). honey grahams crackers
2). dallas, tx
3). kileen@gmail.com

thank you so much for the giveaway!!

ENNAID said...

i just followed you , hope you could do the same thing :))

my favorites candy is gummy bear :)
cagayan de oro city , phil .

fingers crossed :]

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