weekend in photos part one.

pushing a 50-pounder
in a jogging stroller
while pulling a dog
up a hill
wearing sketchers shape-ups
kill. me. now.

i mentioned in friday's post that i wanted to exercise (like a maniac) and soak up the sun over the long weekend, and that's exactly what i did.
unfortunately, we hit my favorite (town) beach at high tide, so the already narrow sandy stretch was reduced to one-to-two feet at most. plus it was windy and the water was rough.
and, mini-he has this new fear thing about drowning...
so we went home, turned on the sprinkler, and munched on some watermelon.
foxy brown included.

lots of weekend pictures, so part 2 to follow.

how did you spend your weekend?

(swimsuit, poko pano; fedora, joe boxer)


lights camera flop.

there's nothing more disappointing than taking a gazillion photos, only to realize (when you get home) that they were all bad...for whatever reason. sometimes they are happy mistakes and make for good pictures, sometimes not.
you've all been there, right?

if you're lucky,
you may find one diamond cubic zirconia in the rough:

but otherwise, it's...
hair in the face:

hello, remote!:

monochromatic setting? who set that up?!:

zoomed in and head cut off:


wind in hair:
(dress, american eagle; denim, old navy; floppy, walmart)


friday on the brain.

it was just one of those days.
too much friday on the brain.
couldn't think of anything else except the fact that it was friday and a three day weekend.
other than a graduation on sunday night, i'm hoping to exercise like a maniac and soak up the sun while sipping icy treats. speaking of icy treats, today's thai tea
looked scarily...uh, orange?
i swear it looks different all the time;
but still yummy, and thou shalt not waste.

i scored two pairs of barely used shoes from sister #1.
she was getting rid of them, so i graciously took them off her hands and put them on my feet.
here's one of them.

happy aloha friday!

(sadie striped tee, available here; shoes, nordstrom)

mute the shine.

are sequins only for the holidays?
bought this vest last christmas, but wanted to get more mileage out of it the rest of the year.
i toned it down by layering it over a similar colored tee
and found it totally do-able for summer.

(pants, bebe; vest, f21)

a big thanks to lucia of dior bless you for the tigreton prize. she always puts together cute outfits that are simple and feminine.

seven quirks facts:
1) i hit the snooze button at least two times
2) when i find something i love, i buy it in evvry color
3) i always lose my parking ticket, then find it
4) i always choose the window seat when traveling on airplanes
5) i used to love silly putty
6) still get a kick out of blowing bubbles
7) occasionally crave (dunkin donuts) buttermilk donuts

tell me one of your quirks in the comments. 


too cool for school.

it doesn't matter how cool you are...
you're not as cool as their friends.
as we gathered in front of the water park entrance for mini-she's field trip, six of her friends wanted to be in my group because i was "the coolest mom".
i was the parent to be with.
we talked about all the rides we would ride and
how much fun we would have together.
we headed to our designated home base area, put our bags down, and i hear the teacher say to the kids, "you may go in groups of four without a chaperone."
the kids ran off so fast...before i even had a chance to say, "wait for me!"
so there i stood. alone.

these pants go against the grain of my usual
flares and floor dragging lengths.
and, to be honest, i felt uncomfortably short and wide in them.
i tried to "fix" them by throwing on a basic white tee and super high heels. can't say i'll be wearing these again,
but at least i tried them.

(pants & satchel, urban outfitters; tee, miley cyrus x max azria; shoes, victoria's secret)

some of you have been asking for feedback on
the e.l.f. products i recently purchased.
i finally had a chance to try out
this e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen.
eyeliner is key for my single asian eyelids.
while i've never had any luck with liquid liners before,
i was pleasantly surprised with this one.
the tip was slightly dry (possibly because it was the first use), making the application really easy and mess-free. the best part about it, compared to my usual pencil liners, is that it looks just as fabulous now, at 5pm, as it did at 7am this morning when i first applied it. no touch-ups needed.
and for one dollar, i'm sold.

e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen in black, #7303


feather in the rough.

a pleasant continuation of the birthday weekend.
kids' stuff in the morning,
followed by a birthday dinner with the family.
blazer and denim shorts from yesterday's shopping spree
with my sister.
(sister #1, from this point on)
originally wore my peach feathers, but i'm sporting a brown feather necklace that sister #1 gave to me at dinner. knowing that i like feathers, she (somewhat jokingly) made this out of some left over costume feathers. she also made some feather earrings, which i'll post later.

sister #2, on the other hand, always asks me for my wish list.
i'll tell her a few things just to give her ideas...
sometimes her interpretation is right on.
other times, not even close.
it's always fun to see what she comes up with.
i wanted some gold necklaces, and boy did she get me a gold necklace! picture to follow.

monday, i'm chaperoning mini-she's field trip to the water park.
oh. joy.

asian style mahi mahi
love the ruching on the sleeves.


it's my birthday and i'll shop if i want to.

shop if i want to,
shop if i want to...
you would shop, too, if it happened to you.
(sung to 'it's my party' by lesley gore)

got a call from the sister asking if i wanted to "birthday shop".
shure. don't have to ask me twice.
fun mini spree. got a few items that will pop up later.
but, first...

these are the dresses i will be living in this summer.
i say 'these' because i am going to get evvvry color and design.
i love the racerback, i love the slightly thicker t-shirt material, and i love the a-line cut.
i was a little disappointed that they were a bit short. this is the length, mentioned here, that shows my ankles and makes me look short. but, on the weekends, with slippers, they'll be the perfect length.

and, regarding my feather necklaces,
cel of spider silk stockings asked:
"That necklace is beautiful! But how on earth do you store it so that the feathers don't get all messed up?"
answer: i hang them on a cork board with thumbtacks.

(dress, local boutique; fur, material girl; shoes, payless)


put on a good face.

back in april, i won a $25 e.l.f. gift card during a giveaway hosted by oreleona of the pristine notion.
prior to the blogosphere, i had never heard of this brand,
so i was excited to try their things.
i finally got around to ordering, and boy did the $25 go far.
the prices are very reasonable, and with some items as low as a dollar, i was able to spend my card
down to the last penny without going over.
and get free shipping.
and receive my package in three days.
now, that's a good deal.
happy aloha friday!

(denim, express; top, f21; satchel, urban outfitters)
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