sunny with a chance of sweets.

want to say thanks!! to lifeanditsotherdrugs for nominating me for the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Awards.
wow, so sweet!
you can check it out here

it was a sunshiny sunday.
a dip in the pool followed by
nuggets and fries and mcflurries on the rooftop.
stopped at a local hotspot on the way home for shave ice.
this tiny place is run by two cute, old ladies. people line up from 10am - 5pm daily to get their fill of eccentric shave ice combinations.
i always get #7 which is shave ice, milk, mochi balls,
and two huge blocks of custard.
the other is a rainbow shave ice with mochi balls
and condensed cream.
you can even get shave ice with oatmeal or japanese azuki beans.
the picture was taken just before the rainbow one toppled over (while trying to get a close-up picture).
gawd...for the love of blog, i tell ya.
so i grabbed a few close-ups from yelp.com.
oh, and my mom made the most delicious chocolate mochi cake.
this week's forecast: no sweets

(tank & pants, banana republic; sweater, random l.a. store; swimsuit, vix)
(close-up photos via yelp.com)


smart alec.

i've always wanted to wear glasses.
there are so many styles from geek to chic.
either way, it totally adds character.
to my dismay, my vision is still 20/20. lol.
i should be careful what i wish for...
evvryone in my family wears glasses,
so i guess i will in due time.
these are my daughter's glasses that we bought for a
school spirit event.
she wants to do my hair and dress me up like a nerd.
so something dorky may be forthcoming.

just a continuation of yesterday's post.
after our slow cooked dinner, we headed to menchie's for some fro-yo (frozen yogurt) and movie popcorn from the theaters
next door.

(dress, 84/5; scarf, (gift) old navy; bag, sonia rykiel)



at approximately.

a chill saturday.
enjoyed the sun for a bit.
danced till we sweat.
rode tricycles till my legs went numb.
daughter made the salad.
fresh corned beef and all the acoutrements in the slow cooker.
five hours on high.
and my new favorite saying:
"dinner will be ready at approximately...6pm."

(top, local store; shorts, o.p.)



parisian chic.

i was saving this outfit for a fellow blogger's
travel-themed guest post.
i haven't travelled recently, so i thought i'd wear something that made me feel like i was elsewhere...walking around the cobbled streets of paris, sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe, taking in all the fashion and culture.
my mom gave me a bunch of vintage scarves, half of which i threw out years ago. dumb.
i try to make use of them...tied on my bags, as belts, bracelets, and, of course, as scarves.
it makes me feel le chic.
i came up with another idea for my guest post, so i'm sharing this with you now.

(jacket, rampage; denim, express; top, local boutique, vintage scarf)



ketchup + mustard.

this shirt was a gift from my sister from japan.
upon first opening it, i thought, "WTH is this?!"
but politely said, "thanks!"
it seemed a mish-mash of ruffles and ric rac...some pieces just tacked on here and there, while left hanging in other places. and it wasn't quite yellow, and it wasn't quite green.
needless to say, it was tucked safely away in the
far reaches of my closet.
running out of options one morning, i tried it on.
all of its busy-ness actually gave my fitted bottoms
a nice balanced fullness on top.
props to the sis.

(pants, bebe; blazer, express; top, gift from japan)



earlier this fall season i picked up a few sweaters when big shoulders, defined with shoulder pads, made a short-lived comeback. i have since snipped the shoulder pads out of them for a softer, less pronounced pouf.
now i don't feel like a football player anymore.

i must say i'm pleasantly surprised with essie nailpolish.
it lasts a long time without chipping.
i'm usually forced to change my polish because it's chipping...but now that i actually want to change it and try all the new colors, i can't. the polish still looks decent, and i feel like it would be wasteful to remove good polish!

(skirt, bcbg; tank, old navy; sweater, f21; shoes, jessica simpson; belt, uo)



this long weekend was one of firsts and discoveries.
spent most of it poolside or at the beach,
or just hanging out at home.
i think i even picked up a germ or two as i'm feeling a cold coming on.
so, here's my weekend in photos.

oh, received a comment about the cape cods in my last post here. in case anyone else doesn't know what a cape cod is,
it's vodka + cranberry juice.

noticed that evvry branch of our orange tree is covered with webs.
so eerily cool.
(striped top, f21; shorts @ pacsun; purse, mulberry for target)
made my first slow cooked meal. picked an easy recipe to start;
pulled beef, peppers, and onions served in warm tortillas with mexican rice and black beans.
it was decent, but look forward to trying something else.
send any great recipes my way, please!
(top, local boutique; vintage necklace)
these tomatoes don't stand a chance. as soon as they turn red, my dog eats them.
shave ice with ice cream at our favorite north shore general store.
(tunic, sunny leigh)
i want to try this...anyone have a pair of shoes i can borrow?
attended my first turbo kick class. it was the longest hour ever. today, evvry muscle in my body is aching.
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