blogger meet-up: hilo.

 i flew up to hilo for work yesterday, so i took the opportunity to meet up with a couple of bloggers in the area. along with sara of aqui and jackie of fashionation street, i had a blast chatting about our favorite blogs, exploring the town, and, of course, taking lots of pictures. we checked out a new boutique in town and made it on their facebook page
for "look of the week".
this was my first ever blogger meet-up, and it was so much fun.
here's our afternoon in pictures.

first stop, lunch.
it was unbelievably hot here...
we stopped in this cool alley to snap a few pictures and had to endure the stares of many passersby.
sara (aqui) and jackie (fashionation street).
a couple of purchases.
getting some detail shots.
thanks to sara and jackie for taking my pictures! 

check out more photos from our meet-up here:



my latest craving is simple oversized tees.
i recently saw a picture of a loose white tee, cut up on the sides with a small navajo inspired print on the front. can't find the picture, but i can't stop thinking about it either. i was saving this black tee to make this one...as soon as i can figure out how and what to use for the cross. suggestions welcome. in the mean time, i widened the neck, chopped off the bottom, and fringed the sleeves to satisfy this morning's craving for something similar to the vision of the white tee
in my mind.

(denim, frankie b.; men's hanes tee, DIY; bag, lucky brand via zappos)



this is the last of last week's photos with the coffee tray.
i make no promises, but you won't be seeing the tray at least for a little while. mini-she spent the week at the office which is why i made it a point to take an afternoon break
and get her a treat.

i feel like my outfit posts have become few and far between.
summer is coming to an end here with
the minis starting school in august...
so, we've been spending our weekends and
even week day evenings at the beach.
if i'm not in my swimsuit, i'm in one of my favorite summer dresses or denim cut-offs...all of which you've already seen.
so bear with me as i soak up the last of summer.

mini-he loves his starbucks, too.

cheese with that wine.

i was sad to get the email last week
that borders is going out of business.
i'm a page turner.
always have been, always will be.
 i know i can click and ship, but it's not the same experience as browsing the shelves, flipping thru the pages
to make sure the print isn't too small,
reading the back cover...
almost as tragic as amy winehouse.
her music will live on in my car.


slather your veggies.

not sure why i'm drawn to suspenders,
but i thought this denim get up was a fun, updated version.

ok, i admit i bought this yes to carrots moisturizer
only because it said oomph.
but it does have SPF, and i'm a sucker for anything with SPF.
plus, i've seen this brand around and have always been intrigued by the simplicity of its clean white packaging and burst of orange.
i finally had a chance to read up on it, and it seems to be good stuff. there's also yes to blueberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
this hydrating lotion is super thick, almost like clay. normally, i hate the heaviness of lotions like these, but i wasn't bothered much by this one. it's also odorless, so you can still wear your perfume without clashing scents.
have you tried yes to carrots?
click here for 35% off.

(denim w/suspenders; f21; top, thrifted; shoes, jessica simpson)


laugh out loud.

told you.
here's the starbucks tray again.
this fire lane is so windy that depending on which way you are walking, your hair is either super flat if you are facing the wind, or full and in your face if your back is to the wind.
impossible to get a decent shot when you are constantly trying to get the hair out of your mouth.
i'm having a hard time getting dressed up this week. maybe 'cause i have too much beach on my mind. easy tees with oomph-worthy details like this are perfect for days like these.

i just heard on the radio that women who shop at least
five days a week outlive women who don't shop.
doesn't matter if you buy anything.
how you like them apples?

coffee crumb cake.
(top, gift; watch, YoT via ideeli)
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been caught treating.

don't be surprised if you see me carrying this tray of coffee everyday this week. starbucks is doing their treat receipts again. my co-worker usually grabs his morning coffee and gives me his receipt. i've been good about bringing home-brewed coffee to work in the morning. unfortunately, it's weak (not by choice!)...so when the afternoon rolls around,
i'm usually jonesing for a strong cup.
it works out.
i hope he gives me his receipt tomorrow, too.

we're heading to the beach after work for dinner. on a weekday.
i love summer.

treat receipt.
a co-worker's wife made this lavosh...so good.
she's the same one that made these delicious scones.
(dress, f21; vest, macy's; watch, YoT via ideeli; shoes, jessica simpson)
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stilettos and sunsets.



don't get waisted.

 the weekends have been flying by.
the good thing is that they have been filled
to the brim with good times.
in between the weird summer rain showers,
we have been blessed with glorious sunshine as well
and have been taking full advantage of it.
we spent both days at the beach swimming, stand-up paddling, body surfing, and picnicking.
i was even able to meet up with some friends
for an adult beverage...or two.

i got these shorts during the birthday shopping spree a couple months ago. it was a down-to-the-last-second impulse grab that i knew i probably wouldn't wear. although i love the look of
high-waisted shorts, it makes my already short torso
look even shorter.

 (shorts, f21; shoes, aldo; hat, jessica simpson; bag, lucky brand via zappos)
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