hide and unseek.

i totally forgot about these shoes.
i bought them a little while ago and had to,
uh...hide them from scrutizining eyes.
so i shoved the bag in the depths of my laundry basket,
which really just holds stuff, not dirty laundry.
guess out of sight, out of mind, because i truly forgot about them until i was looking for a shirt that might have
actually been in said laundry basket.

had a delicious lunch today consisting of laksa, new york cheesecake, and sparkling lemonade.
this link gives you a general description of laksa, but every restaurant has a slightly different version.
wish i took a picture, but we were too hungry!

happy aloha friday, all!

cheesecake...my favorite
(shoes, nordstrom; carrie cargo pant, available at oomph; top, f21)


Ju'lia said...

I love the ENTIRE outfit.............but the necklace is breathtaking :) `

Kileen said...

i'm absolutely loving this entire outfit! from the yellow shirt to the cargo pants and that necklace. i think the best part is actually that side braid. very well done!

cute & little
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Ronalee said...

Another great post. Loving those shoes.

thepinkmateproject said...

great photos! thank you for visiting my blog :) followed you already. You might want to follow back? :)



Meri said...

hahaha- well I'm glad you found the shoes eventually! They are really cute! Your hair looks pretty with the braid!

Unknown said...

Love those wedges!
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Unknown said...

I love this look girl! have been seeing this braid everywhere, it's amazing! I must learn how to do it! gorgeous shoes and necklace :)


Imsu said...

Wow. That neck piece is really gorgeous!

Sam said...

Love your accessories so much!!! The look is really great!


Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Glad you found the shoes again! wish I had hidden stuff around the house! it would be like Christmas :) Love your necklace too :) have a great weekend

Love, Vanilla


WearIAm said...

Love the cargo pants teamed with with the bright tee! Shoes and necklace are to die for!


Mom Daughter Style said...

The hair is so creative! The necklace is a great statement piece. Love the style

Call me M said...

Love your outfit! Your jewelry, your shoes, your clothes, everything. You look great!

Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

Adoring this outfit! I often pair yellow with olive - its such a lovely color combo :) Really loving your blog! You take wonderful pictures and I'm jealous of your closet's selection :P thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments <3


Oreleona said...

i love ur outfit!! its so bright and summery!!

anne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Lovely hair style in these photos, have a wonderful day :)

Unknown said...

There's that necklace I love so much. Those shoes are so cute! I would totally wear them just because they are wedges and look so comfy!

Style Journey said...

Love this outfit! Especially the necklace. You have some pretty fantastic jewelry, I must say.

And I am on the same boat as you, sometimes I have to hide my purchases from scrutinizing eyes too, lol

Elien | dogsanddresses.com said...

Your necklace, wooow!! Love the entire look!

xo Elien


Unknown said...

I would like to try the Laska one day!! Cute shoes and I wish I was able to do my hair as you did yours!!

happy friday to u too


Alba M said...

You have amazing jewelry <3


Inly Fragile said...

Thank you for visiting my blog =)

Great outfit, I love your shoes and jewelry <33
And the cheesecake looks so yummy =D


JennaStevie said...

Looove those wedges, they're really pretty. I hate when I hide things and forget about them. I usually end up destroying my whole house in order to find it again. I really like the way you did your hair too!
Sounds like a verrry tasty lunch

Anonymous said...

the laksa sounds delicious...I'm wondering about the likelihood of finding it in the middle of the USA. The shoes are too nice to forget! And I like the braid!

Juanita said...

Fantastic casual-chic outfit. It is a very fetching look on you (one I'm inspired to "try on" when Summer rolls around)!

Those shoes are marvellous. I adore wedge heels, and those look particularly comfortable AND stylish (I hope they really are as comfortable as they look...shoe nirvana!) :-)

Bonnie said...

Those shoes are amazing. They look really comfortable, and they seem to go with quite a few outfits. It's amazing when you can find a versatile pair of shoes like that. Plus, wedges are usually more comfortable.
P.S. SO JEALOUS of those hot cargo pants. I am still looking for my perfect pair.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

kimbirdy said...

super cute hair!! i need to do some experimenting with braids. such a perfect summer look.

Kathleen said...

beautiful outfit girl! i love the bright top with the necklace. and your hair is gorgeous here! i needa learn how to braid like that :).

<3, Kathleen.

valncami said...

Love your whole outfit! I especially love that necklace of yours. hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


J. said...

Love the shoes! I just repaired the sole on a similar pair...I wear them way too much!

Emily said...

Cute outfit! Don't you love when you find something you forgot about!

I am a new follower!

Have a great weekend!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Very cute shoes. So who were you hiding them from!? Is your daughter same size as you? The day I started wearing my mom's size she had to guard all her shoes!
That 'laksa' looks yummy.
I love the big necklace over that top. And your hair braid is so cool. I really wish I was more crafty with braiding.

AzaharaJStyle (lost in Palma) said...

he! wonderful jewelry.


Lu said...

thanks for comment!!

Love your blog.

Follow you



audrinajulia said...

Love your casual look and the wedge looks great!I'm a fan of wedges and flats that's why.I'm starving over the cheesecake you got there gurl.:)

Barcelona Brunettes said...

Nice pictures! We love the yellow shirt!



Kel said...

I love how effortlessly chic those shoes are.

Don't you just love re-discovering things all over again?!

x Kel

living vicariously through pretty things at www.amuseabout.com

Tiffany said...

So, I realized when I saw your recent comment that somehow I'd been missing your posts on my blogger feed! Ugh, that's annoying. Now I have so much catching up to do! I love the big statement necklace with the baggy yellow tee. It's all so pretty together!

Luna In The Forest said...

Cute shoes! :D

Marie said...

Very nice outfit! I really love that sweater!

fashioneggpplant said...

you look so pretty in yellow! :) there was a time when i had laksa cravings at least once a week! :P

SABINNA and DAVID said...

wow, we are in love with your neckless, it looks awesome!

xx, Sabinna and David


Courtney B said...

LOVE the shoes!! And you rock the neon colors! I wish I could pull them off as well as you so because I love them!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

love your tee and shoes! you look great and the post is soo yammy!

Inside nd Outside Blog

MJ said...

Such a cute yellow top-perfect with that necklace!


Unknown said...

Love this outfit and your unique necklace! Great look! :)


Ashley said...

I like your yellow shirt with the neutral pants and the little splash of leopard in your belt. Plus, you're wearing that amazing necklace again!

Bad Joan said...

Great shoes, love rediscovering items! Love your whole look especially the necklace.


Anonymous said...

I wish I can carry off yellow, and that necklace is amazing.

Happy to found your blog. I'm now a new follower. Mila from http://hereundertherainbow.blogspot.com.

Marella said...

Love this outfit! I'm in love with everything in yellow this summer! ;)

♥byAnja said...

u look great girl! love the outfit! love u're hair and that beautiful necklace


LucĂ­a said...

Thank you for your comment, love your hairstyle in this photos!


Maja K said...

Lovely outfit. I love your shoes and necklace is stunning. Thank you for your comment:)


girl and bird said...

haha i SO hide purchases too. or, when my boyfriend says "is that new...?" i reply "no! i've had this aaages, why do you never notice my clothes?!". works every time!

awesome shoes though, glad you've unearthed them!

Annah xx


Christine B said...

such a great outfit, I love this combination with the bright yellow :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

Bre said...

That t looks perfect in SO many ways. You are looking a beautiful as ever and the forgotten about shoes are pretty cute.
Sorry I have not been coming to say hi more!

Unknown said...

I love your outfit so chic and those wedges are so cute! And OMG your hair is gorgeous.

<3 Marina

mirjam schuurkamp said...

Girl you look freaking amazing!
love the look of yours:) So Qute

New outfit post-Your boyfriend gave me this tshirt

Unknown said...

love the statement necklace...
and I have TOMS shoes/wedges JUST like that, and I LIVE in them.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Ahhahahahaha!! I do the same EXACT thing! What's worse is when the BF finds my hiding spot and I'm like: 'Oh, yeah, forgot about those' and then have to give him a sheepish grin. Great bottom of the laundry basket find. Mine is usually under my bed, in my trunk, conelled in winter coats etc.!


Hautepot said...

You beautiful braided hair makes me miss long hair!

nouchaline said...

omg i do that all the time! (hiding in the laundry basket) hahaha
Lovin everythhinnngg about this outfit! The color combination, the amazing necklace, the hair... everything :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

yes to the YES on that yellow shirt and necklace. I am pretty sure that necklace wants to come live with me.


SpryOnTheWall said...

Oh my, this is one gorgeous outfit. Those shoes, that necklace and the color of the shirt look so amazing on you!

laura said...

Adorable shoes! I am not a fan of espadrilles, most of the time, but these look really chic and totally my style! I love the peep-toe detail! :)

I've never had Laksa before. Actually, I've never even heard of it before. It looks absolutely delicious though! And spicy! Oh man.... Mouth watering alert!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Evil Nelly said...

such a pretty hair braid! wish i cud do something like that with my own haor, when i comes to hairstyles i am such a n00b ;)
i love your wedges and your bright yellow top, so perfect for summer!
what i really want is your necklace! its simply gorgeous!

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