[oomph.] eats. goen dining + bar.

there's a new restaurant, my sister says...want to try it?
sure, i say.
one condition, she says...you have to eat their impossible burger.
*insert ewww emoji*

while i'd been hearing the name, impossible, i didn't pay much attention to the commercials and assumed it was just a big burger that was impossible to finish. i recently discovered it was a brand of plant-based [meatless] meat. i also read and heard reviews, including my sister's, that it tasted just like meat!

ohhhkay, then...i'm goen for it!

i'm goen to need a cocktail to wash this down! 

we started with the mushroom fries. they were really good, but i was starting to wonder when the real food would show up!

we ended up sharing an impossible burger which truly was impossible for me to finish...even half of it. but, whew, real potato fries here!

first bite was great...just like a hamburger. as i continued to eat, my mind wanted to taste the plants, but the patty was seasoned well enough that i couldn't taste a difference while eating it altogether with the bun and tomato and lettuce and fries. however, there's a very slight difference in texture which might give it away if you ate the patty alone. it's moist and doesn't have the same toughness or chewiness as meat sometimes has.

overall, the impossible burger at goen dining + bar was tasty and enjoyable; i would order it again. i can't promise a fast food version will be as good.

goen lychee martini.

weekends are for brunch...these are their waffles.

have you tried the impossible burger yet?
tell me your thoughts on it!


pumpkin patch.

ahh, the obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch.
if you follow me on instagram, i already expressed my feelings about pumpkin patches in hawaii. i love the idea of them, but it's just too hot. still, i return every year in hopes that it'll be more enjoyable...less hot and sticky, less crowded, ha. in all seriousness, though, i enjoy the hay rides, i like feeding the farm animals, but really, i'm there for the food.

this year we visited waimanalo country farms, one of two farms that hosts a pumpkin festival. this one is small and simple with only one food booth serving up burgers and hot dogs, a low boil, lemonades, and their very own buttered corn on the cobb. nothing wrong with simple; everything was delish!

waited in line for 20 minutes to get this lemonade!

i wonder how much this guy would cost?!

the pumpkin patch left us in a festive mood...
stopped for a pumpkin cream cold brew.

*     *     *

did you go to your pumpkin patch this year?
tell me about yours!

shop the look:


très chic geek.

i admittedly spend a lot of time on my computer and phone for work and personal use. with all the concerns surrounding electronics and screens and the blue light they emit, i'll do whatever i can to prevent damage to my eyes.

these blue light blocking computer glasses from sojos not only help reduce eye strain, headaches, and poor sleep associated with prolonged computer exposure, they're also affordable and stylish. i've been trying to make it a habit to wear my glasses each time i get on the computer.

do you use a computer for work?
how much time do you spend in front of a screen?

these frames have a nice weight to them and can be used for prescription glasses.

the glasses arrived in great condition, they were packaged well, came with lots of accessories, and, most importantly, looked great!

are you concerned about blue light?
would you try blue light blocking computer glasses?
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